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2nd Dynasty
Short Description: This is a 3D Modeler turned terrain maker. He has now launched 3 Kickstarters. Follow the Drivethru Link below to purchase his models.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): 2nd Dynasty on DriveThru RPG
My Mini Factory Profile: 2nd Dynasty on My Mini Factory
More Information: 2nd Dynasty Discord Server
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Cross Lances
Short Description: Makes Miniatures and board games for 3D Printing. They have recently branched out into scenery as well.
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GameScape 3D
Short Description: Jeremy makes 3D Printable "strongholds" based on different themes. So far, a borderlands version and elf version, and now a medieval version
Website: Gamescape 3D
Thingiverse Profile: GameScape3D on Thingiverse
More Information: Gamescape 3D on Instagram
Long Description:

RM Printable Terrain
Short Description: RM Printable Terrain has released their first set of terrain that is very fantasy centric. Beautifully looking ruins that look like they came right out of a book or video game. If you play any fantasy based game, you will want this terrain for your table.
Long Description:

#1 – The Tabletop 3D Printing Guild
Short Description: The #1 3D Printing Terrain and Miniatures group on Facebook. Definitely start here.
3 Mates Games
Short Description: 3 Mates Game is starting out with a 3D Printable dice Tower
Website: 3 Mates Games
3D Alien Worlds
Short Description: 3D Alien Worlds has a wide range of 3D Printable terrain. From the Samurai / Japanese themed buildings and terrain to Necron, to High Elves and soon to be some vehicles. He pretty much covers it all.
YouTube Channel: : 3D Alien Worlds on YouTube
3D Browser for 3D Users
Short Description: 3D Browser is part of a suite of Digital Asset Management solutions. 3D Browser for 3D Users is the one I personally use for keeping my files cataloged.
3D Forge
Short Description: 3D Forge has a number of different pieces of scatter terrain for fantasy and science fiction wargames. Even Bloodbowl transportation bases. One of the more diverse Patreon creators out there, which is a bonus in my book.
Patreon Site: 3D Forge on Patreon
Facebook Page: 3D Forge on Facebook.
Short Description: From his Kickstarter: Since 1998 I am in business making terrain for gamers and modellers.
Former in classic production of resin models, I started to create buildings as 3D models.
Kickstarter: Kickstarter Page
3D Printed Terrain & Miniatures Group
Short Description: Page for the 3DP'd aspect of miniature wargaming.
3D Printing For Gaming Terrain
Short Description: This group is to talk about the use of 3D printers for RPG and wargaming terrain, showing pics of terrain and minis printed, and sharing information about OBJ/STL files and 3D modeling.
3D Printing Miniatures and Terrain
Short Description: This group is dedicated to all things D&D and Roleplaying games related for the purposes of 3D Printing.
3D Printing Tabletop / Danny Herrero
Active Kickstarter: : The Lost Adventures Kickstarter
Short Description: 3D Printing Tabletop's first foray into the modeling world is the Lost Dragon's set of beautifully sculpted dragons for your fantasy games. Danny is also known as the 3D Printing DM.
3D Resin Printing for Enthusiasts, Model Makers and Miniature Gaming
Short Description: 3D Resin Printing technologies, Model Making and design for the enthusiast, Miniatures, terrain, jewelry making, industrial prototyping, and more.
3D Tabletop Models / Sean Creed
Short Description: Their first Kickstarter features a number of fantasy buildings for tabletop wargaming.
3D Wargaming
Short Description: 3DWargaming specialize in 3D printable vehicle miniatures. All our models are designed to reach a quality similar to injection molding even when printed a on low end 3D printer. A good design makes all the difference.
Website: 3D Wargaming
YouTube Channel: : 3D Wargaming on YouTube
Short Description: 3D-Printcraft is the partnership of Iain Lovecraft, Matt Finch, and Zach Glazar. All of us have years of experience in the gaming and miniatures business, and we're excited to be working together to make the best possible models for tabletop games.

Website: 3D Printcraft
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3D-printed Board Games
Short Description: 3D-printed Board Games discussion group
3DBreed Miniatures
Short Description: Digital sculptors with several years of experience, specialized in miniatures for board games and wargames.
Long Description:

Short Description: A complete range of STL-files of various Alsatian-style timbered buildings, printable on your 3D printer
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Short Description: Newer miniatures maker. He has a few cool looking designs.
More Information: 3DeezNuts on Etsy
3DHexes Printable Tabletop Scenery
Short Description: 3DHexes is best known for their line of "Tangled Realm" scatter terrain. It is a kind of universal terrain that could be used in most settings. He's also got a line of texture rollers for building scenery.
Website: 3DHexes
Facebook Page: 3DHexes on Facebook
Gumroad Profile: 3DHexes on Gumroad
Short Description: 3D Layer Scenery is making fantasy/medieval buildings.
Thingiverse Profile: 3DLayeredScenery on Thingiverse
Short Description: We are partners with a passion for 3D design and printing. We have been in the 3D printing and modeling business for over 7 combined years. As our own customers, we make models that we would want to use. You will always get good quality models from us, because we make them for us!
Short Description: Abrakadavra Dark Arts Creations, a multidisciplinary art studio where; games, illustrations, tattoos, magic and dreams coexist within the thinnest layers of reality
Long Description:

Aether Studios
Short Description: Aether Studios has a very large catalog of 3D printable terrain available from Drivethru RPG.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Aether Studios on Drivethru RPG
AGA Games – Chris Sheldon
Short Description: AGA Games creates scatter terrain for wargames.
Alloy Models
Short Description: Specializing in 3d modeling and design for CNC and 3d Printing related activities.
More Information: Alloy Models on Instagram
Antenociti’s Workshop Ltd
Short Description: Makers of great terrain and vehicles for Infinity and other sci-fi games.
AntiM[atter Games
Short Description: Antimatter Games is the company behind DeepWars and ShadowSea miniatures games. They have a number of resin models, but they also have a few terrain pieces for sale that are STL files.
Antonio 3D Models
Short Description: Antonio is creating models for RPGs and Wargames. He is getting off to modest beginning.
ANVL Miniatures
Short Description: The newest custom miniature making site. Along with several printed versions, you can also get the download and print your own.
Website: ANVL Minis
Facebook Page: ANVL on Facebook
Apocalypse In Plastic / Andi Gordon
Short Description: Andi Gordon is a phenomenal miniature modeler. Check out her models for Star Wars Legion
Thingiverse Profile: Andi Gordon on Thingiverse
More Information: Andi Gordon on CGTrader
Arcane Octopus Lab
Short Description: He creates Tabletop RPG terrain, STL files, miniatures, maps and more. He has a Patreon that is focused on gaming, but has a pretty wide swath of materials. He's also doing something interesting and different. He is creating terrain from scratch (On YouTube) and then 3D scanning it for release.
Archangel Design
Short Description: Creator of 28mm Mall, perfect for zombie apocalypse games.
Arid Hills Gaming
Short Description: At Arid Hills Gaming we aim to provide you, the gamer with the tools to create truly memorable gaming experiences. We also know that whilst tools are important, they're not as important as the finished product. That's why we emphasize simplicity of use in our products, so that you can spend more time on that memorable session.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Arid Hills Gaming on RPG Now
Ars Moriendi 3D
Short Description: Ars Moriendi 3D is formed by Søren Berg Pedersen, Founder and Lead Modeller alongside with Co-Founder and Webdesigner Maria Fahrion. We focus on making 3D-printable accessories. Designing and creating models and props that can add to people's game experience truly brings us joy, as we hope they will do for everyone else!

Long Description:

Art of Mike
Short Description: Art of Mike is a Patreon that specializes in terrific looking sci-fi terrain, miniatures, and vehicles.
Artisan Guild
Short Description: Hello there, we are Andrea Tarabella and Francesca Musumeci! We are passionate about sculpting fantastical creatures from other universes. We are creating 3d printable extraordinary Miniatures for your favourite rpg/wargame/boardgame to print at you home, paint and collect. Print and play, or scale up our miniatures if you need fantastical big figures!
YouTube Channel: : Artisan Guild on YouTube
My Mini Factory Profile: Artisan Guild on My Mini Factory
Short Description: They have a concentration on Warhammer 40K. With miniatures and Terrain for the game.
Website: Aus30K
Facebook Page: Aus30K on Facebook
Autodesk Meshmixer
Short Description: Do you need to clean up a 3D scan, do some 3D printing, or design an object that fits something else? Meshmixer can help. Think of it as a sort of "Swiss Army Knife" for 3D meshes.
Short Description: Netfabb is used extensively to convert models into 3d printed parts. It cleans up 3d models to make them printable.
Autodesk Tinkercad
Short Description: Lightweight, online CAD design software
Axolote Gaming
Short Description: 3d printing scenery and tiles for rpg and wargames.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Axolote on Drivethru RPG
Facebook Page: Axolote on Facebook
B&B Game Designs
Short Description: We are Brett & Bryan, a Father/Son team. We have had a love of gaming for years. Recently discovered 3D printing.

Brett - 40 years of gaming, Background in Project Management, Operations Management, Hobbies include Board/tabletop gaming & game design.
Short Description: The designs focus on wargaming models, creatures, terrain packs, and characters. There is absolutely something for everyone with an interest in 3D printable miniatures.
Battle Boss Heavy Industries
Short Description: Designer of 3D terrain. Check out his Etsy shop.
Website: BCN3D
Long Description:

BCN3D has a number of printers with different form factors.

Bear Clan Creative
Short Description: Bear Clan Creative designs and manufactures toys, model kits, and gaming miniatures using 3D printing technology.
Ben Komets
Short Description: My name is Ben Komets and I am a professional miniature artist based in Berlin, Germany.
Patreon Site: Ben Komets on Patreon
YouTube Channel: : Ben Komets on Youtube
Black Magic Craft – Youtube Channel
Short Description: Easy ass projects for tabletop gaming. We focus on terrain and dungeon tiles that have all the bad ass look and feel of 3D but with the playability of 2.5d.
Patreon Site: Patreon Page
Black Magic Pixels
Short Description: Their first release is a major High Elven inspired building set.
Black Omen
Short Description: Creating nice looking fantasy miniatures for the community.
Website: Black Omen
Patreon Site: Black Omen on Patreon
More Information: Black Omen Discord
More Information 2: Black Omen on Instagram
Black Scroll Games
Active Kickstarter: : City of Tarok
Short Description: My mission is creating scenic accessories for every Game Master and gamer.
Patreon Site: BSG on Patreon
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): BSG on DriveThru RPG
Facebook Page: BSG on Facebook
Short Description: Free and Open 3D Creation Software
Website: Blender
Facebook Page: Blender on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : Blender on Youtube
Bold Miniatures
Short Description: Small company with a very simple vision, to produce miniatures with the highest quality for you to enjoy on every brushstroke and admire in your cabinet.
Brayan Nafarrate
Short Description: He is up to 5 Kickstarters covering a multitude of genres and types of models.
Callum Rowley
Short Description: Callum has created an ice-based miniature and terrain Kickstarter
Camaleón 3D
Short Description: Lovers of sci-fi board games. Applying our knowledge in 3D design to create new scenarios.
Captain Carl
Short Description: Making an interesting new concept in vase mode scenery.
ChiTuBox SLA Slicer
Short Description: Chitubox makes a robust slicer for SLA printers.
Facebook Page: ChiTuBox on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : ChiTuBox on Youtube
Connector by Design Connected
Short Description: Digital Asset Management for 3D Models - Free
Website: Connector
Contact Front Games
Short Description:
I am long time Gamer and designer, I am always looking for new rewards and new adventures!
Long Description:

Corvus Games Terrain
Active Kickstarter: : Sector Corvus Prime
Short Description: Maker of sci-fi terrain for all kinds of games like Star Wars Legion, Kill Team, Necromunda, Infinity and more.
Long Description:

Creality makes the CR-10 DIY printer kit.  It is fairly inexpensive, with a large print area.  I could not find a good URL for them.

Culverin Models
Short Description: We are a small company that makes 3d printed terrain for 28mm "heroic" scale wargames
Cura 3D
Short Description: Cura 3D is created by Ultimaker. It is (right now) the most popular slicing software on the market.
Website: Cura 3D
Curated Thingiverse Categories
Short Description: This is my account on Thingiverse. I curate several collections and try to add well-made models to the collections.
Curated Thingiverse Collection for Miniatures
Short Description: This is my Thingiverse profile for Miniatures. Terrain, bases, and more.
Dark Realms Forge
Short Description: The theme behind this campaign is set in a medieval world, inspired by historic buildings and objects. This was his first Kickstarter
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Dark Realms on Drivethru RPG
Kickstarter: Dark Realms Forge
Daryl Macleod
Short Description: His first release is a series of ruined WWII or modern buildings and some rubble piles.
YouTube Channel: : Daryl Macleod on YouTube
Long Description:

Short Description: DasTri has come out with 3D Printable train tracks in various popular gauges.
Website: DasTri
Day 1 / Steve Hampson
Short Description: Steve Hampson creates modeling tutorials and books to help new modelers get a start.
Facebook Page: Day 1 on Facebook
Deadly Print Studio
Short Description: Their first project on Kickstarter is a series of special effects to add to miniatures and terrain.
Desktop Hero
Short Description: Easily design your own 3D characters - choosing gender, clothing, pose and weaponry. Then download them for free and have them 3D printed!
Thingiverse Profile: Desktop Hero on Thingiverse
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Devious Dungeon’s Denizens
Short Description: A community page for miniature painters, terrain builders, mapmakers and tabletop gamers. Focused on growing the hobby and helping others develop skills and share ideas.
Dicey Ventures Studios
Short Description: A small studio exploring the riskier side of gaming & such things. Makers of The Elemental Village-28mm terrain for board games, wargames, and TTRPGs
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Dicey Ventures Studios on Drive Thru RPG
More Information: Pinterest Page
Diego Pisa Artworks
Short Description: Diego Pisa Artworks creates RPG items. His latest Kickstarter included a Mini, a sword and a Tome to print.
DM Dojo
Short Description: DM Dojo is all about 3D Printing and Crafting for your miniatures games. Stop by and check out this new channel by a great personality.
Facebook Page: DM Dojo on Facebook
Dobbel Dragon
Short Description: bbel Dragon is an idea of Albert Koffeman. He's been working as a design engineer for the last 10 years, loves rpg’s and wargaming and thought it would be a good idea to put his love for geekery out into the world for everyone to enjoy.
Doc’s 3D Printable Buildings
Short Description: Custom terrain for Warhammer, 40K, Mordheim, Dungeons & Dragons, more ...
Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic
Short Description: Everything you want to know about painting miniatures and building scale models.
Patreon Site: Patreon Page
Don Stouffer
Short Description: Don creates Dungeon Tiles that are Open Lock compatible
Thingiverse Profile: Don Stouffer on Thingiverse
More Information: Don Stouffer on Instagram
Draco Studios
Short Description: We love RPGs and miniatures.
Creating new IPs for the world.
Draco Studios was born in 2017 and incorporates 3 groups:
Draco Gaming: Content creator and publisher
Draco Forge: Resin miniatures manufacturer
Draco Games: Distributor in Mexico

Website: Draco Studios
Dragon Workshop / Christ Hunt
Short Description: Dragon Workshop has released their first Kickstarter for a massive modular ship.
Thingiverse Profile: Dragon Workshop on Thingiverse
More Information 2: Dragon Workshop on Etsy
Duncan ‘Shadow’ Louca
Short Description: I'm a digital artist and super passionate about sculpting.
This is why I enjoy providing the 3d printing community with free printable files and love seeing people printing and enjoying my work.

-- Editor Comment: Duncan is awesome. There is some terrain but a lot of models. Check it out, and support the artist.
Patreon Site: Patreon Page
Dungeon Works / Game Decor
Short Description: Dungeon works is a Dungeon Tile Company that has a very extensive set of tiles that use the Infinity Lock.
More Information: Game Decor on Facebook
DungeonWorks Architects
Short Description: A group for sharing DungeonWork prints, tips, and tricks.
Dunkley Designs
Short Description: From Kickstarter: I'm a high school teacher and an amateur author. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy writing books and designing 3D scenery to use with tabletop RPG's like D&D.
Dustan James Ross
Short Description: I'm a stay-at-home dad looking to keep the dream alive. I've worked with Warlayer and Imperial Terrain on various projects but this time I'm doing one of my own. I have over 10 years of experience using a range of creative software and I love collaborating with other artists.
Short Description: East 3D has come out with their first printer, the Core XY based Gecko.
EC3D Designs / Evan Carothers
Short Description: Tons of great fantasy goods from flying ships to massive trees to dungeon and building dressings. His latest Kickstarter ads tons of Dark Elf scenery to the mix.
Thingiverse Profile: EC3D Designs on Thingiverse
Eldritch Foundry
Short Description: They create custom miniatures using an online designer. As of right now, you can only order pre-printed miniatures ,but they have said 3d printable STL files will be available in the future.
Epic Gaming Tiles (Dungeon & Sci-Fi)
Short Description: Epic Dungeon Tiles offers OpenLOCK compatible fantasy dungeon tiles and fantasy traps for your 3D printer. They have since added sci-fi tiles scatter and some modern scatter terrain.
Epix Haven
Short Description: Epix Haven is a maker of fantasy / medieval terrain for a keep and surrounding town.
Website: Epix Haven
Facebook Page: Epix Haven on Facebook
Eskice Miniature
Short Description: Wargame Scenery - Scatter terrain.
Website: Website
Eslo Terrain
Short Description: From Kickstarter:
For 16 years, I have been producing scenery, terrains and buildings for tabletop games and models in my company The production takes place on CNC milling machines and laser machines and for a year also on 3D printers. More than 700 products have already been designed by me.
Website: Eslo Website
Facebook Page: Eslo on Facebook
Kickstarter: Eslo on Kickstarter
Short Description: We are a tabletop games company based en Galicia, Spain who loves fantasy, rol games, D&D and cool ideas to have fun.
More Information: Enternalverse on Instagram
More Information 2: Eternalverse on Linkedin
Long Description:

Evocatus Miniature
Short Description: 3D-design of miniatures for table games and wargames since 2015.
Short Description: Fabio creates fantasy terrain for print. Most of his models are pretty universal representing trees, rock formations and ruins.
Fabio Schizzo Miniatures
Short Description: Fabio creates a great deal of character based miniatures. These are highly detailed models that he releases on Patreon and then his website.
More Information: Fabio on Art Station
Falkenwelt Modellbau
Short Description: Falkenwelt Modellbau - 3D Design / Scan / Print - Mold Making Our portfolio includes building blocks, kits, models and board game accessories made of high-quality resin, ceramic casting or dental plaster and is aimed at collectors, model makers and players who want to enrich their hobby by using detailed models. Falkenwelt Modellbau was founded in April 2012 by Thorsten Brandes. Since then, the goal has been to make the building blocks, 3D game materials for board games and models for table top games and dioramas made of ceramic casting material or resin previously only available for projects in the vicinity, accessible to other interested people. In the meantime, the small webshop includes not only the licensed blocks / models / kits from Hirstarts, but also its own components and models, silicone molds, brushes, colors and model accessories. Our motto: "We create worlds"
Long Description:

Fantasy RPG Terrain
Short Description: For discussion and sharing of ideas on using, building, and collecting miniature terrain for use in fantasy roleplaying games.
Fat Dragon Games
Short Description: From their Website: Fat Dragon Games has been in business since 2005, delivering the highest quality ‘print-and-play’ terrain for gamers for more than a decade. In addition to the tile system, they have recently branched out and created a terrific miniatures game, World War Tesla with all parts printable.

Tile Connection Method: Dragon Lock
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Fat Dragon Games on DriveThru RPG
Fickle Fiend Studio
Short Description: Fickle Fiend has had two Kickstarters featuring vehicle miniatures. The first one featured cars, and the 2nd one featured airplanes.
Long Description:

FlashForge is a mid-market printer manufacturer. 

Forlorn Hope Soldiers
Short Description: Creates scatter terrain for historic/fantasy games - Roman fort so far.
Short Description: My name is Freddy, located in the Netherlands, and I'm very happy you're here! For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by monsters and mythical creatures. Right now, I'm working on a dream that '10-year old Freddy' had; Making monsters for games! It is a passion that I'd be glad to share!
Patreon Site: FreddyND on Patreon
Facebook Page: FreddyND on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : FreddyND on Youtube
More Information: FreddyND on Twitch
Short Description: CAD, CAM and CAE software for designing 3D Models
Game Tree 3D Print Scenics
Short Description: 3d printing and visual artist retreat based in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. I provide unique and modular designs for tabletop and wargame enthusiasts on a budget.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Game Tree 3D Print Scenics on DriveThur RPG
Long Description:

Short Description: GameMats sells Game Mats to play on and a number of STL files for various games including Star Wars Legion and other Sci-fi games.
Website: GameMats
Facebook Page: GameMats on Facebook.
Short Description: From their description: We are a new reality that develops new miniatures for various types of games and also for collectors or for lovers of painting ... we hope you like our work!!
Gaming Terrain by Matt Mason
Short Description: Awesome Star Wars Legion terrain for your gaming table. Matt is also the brains behind the Loot Box terrain on Thingiverse. His models are also very sci-fi looking beyond Star Wars specific.
Thingiverse Profile: Syllogy on Thingiverse
Generic Miniatures
Short Description: Freelancers that are coming together to form their own Kickstarters. First one features a fantasy miniatures football team.
Germania Figuren – Michael Cremerius
Short Description: Producer of miniature figure and Vehicle in the last 20 years. Casted in Resin and handsculpted. 3 Years ago I Change to 3D sculpted figure and Vehicle.
Gleb Suhov / 3D Graphics / 3D_art
Short Description: I am one of the main 3D artists of my favorite work. Creating 3D models for Board games is my favorite hobby. I will be glad to see you on the vastness of my kickstarter page.
Patreon Site: Gleb Suhov on Patreon
Facebook Page: Gleb Suhov on Facebook
More Information: The OTHER Kickstarter Page
GloomyKid Minis
Short Description: Creating fantasy models for D&D, Pathfinder and other tabletop games.
Goblin Toe Games
Short Description: So far, he's created a couple of nice looking miniatures for use in various games. Check out his Kickstarters to see his work.
Goobertown Hobbies – Painting Tutorials – Has a great starting point video
Short Description: He's a painter and a chemist. Teaching and showing techniques for painting miniatures. He is also a chemist (Cool) and will help us understand what different things do, and how they work (thinners, glues, etc).
Gozer Games
Active Kickstarter: : Gozer Games on Kickstarter
Short Description: Gozer Games, was founded in 2007 on the idea that games should be funny as well as fun. Gozer Games has published several games since then, including the award winning Zombie Ninja Pirates, Vampire Werewolf Fairies, and Titans of Industry.
Website: Gozer Games
Gustavo Saavedra
Short Description: Gustavo has created a line of Japanese Village files in 1/12 scale (about 25mm)
Hatchin’ Toys
Short Description: Hatchin' Toys has a number of figurines/miniatures and some terrain pieces.
Website: Hatchin' Toys
Hayland Terrain / John Haywood
Short Description: 28mm Modular Buildings Is our latest Kickstarter, Providing you with Modern, Western, Steampunk & Wasteland Modular Buildings Using the OpenLOCK Connecting system for 3d printing. Hayland also makes a bunch of different tiles and scatter terrain as well as Gaslands Car parts. It covers pretty much all genres.
Facebook Page: Hayland on Facebook
Heresy Lab
Short Description: Heresy Lab makes nice looking miniatures and terrain. His tanks and terrain look and print great, his latest, the Heresy train looks amazing.
Website: Heresy Lab
Facebook Page: Heresy Lab on Facebook
Hermann Hillmann
Short Description: So far, he has a Kickstarter called Derelict Spaceship. It is a spaceship tile set for 3D Printing.
Hero Forge
Short Description: We're a recently Kickstarted company with one ambition: to provide amazing, detailed, and inspiring 3D printed, customizable miniatures. They now offer downloads of your mini to print at home.
Facebook Page: Hero Forge on Facebook
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Hero’s Horde – True Tiles
Short Description: Hero's Horde sells a number of different items from buildings to Wyloch's True Tiles, to other fantasy pieces. It is a collaboration between Evan Carothers and Ryan Beasecker.
Website: Hero's Hoard
Historic Origins Studios
Short Description: 3D Printable Painting supplies.
Patreon Site: Support on Patreon
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
YouTube Channel: : YouTube Channel
Hite Studios
Short Description: Hite Studios is making their first terrain Kickstarter featuring the bio Craft. It's a sci-fi based tile dungeon.
Website: Hite Studios
Hobgoblin 3D
Short Description: Hobgoblin-3D LTD aims to deliver high quality, affordable 3D print blueprints for the table top games market.
Website: Hobgoblin 3D
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): DriveThru RPG Page
Pinshape Profile: Hobgoblin 3D on Pinshape
Short Description: I love playing Warhammer 40k and I have recently started designing 3D printed scenery
Website: Hodge3Design
Long Description:

Hyper Miniatures
Short Description: Hyper Miniatures is creating a robust set of Chibi miniatures for 3D Printing
Thingiverse Profile: Hyper Miniatures on Thingiverse
Ill Gotten Games
Short Description: We're making tabletop gaming inclusive, creative, and fun. How? By innovating our own games and incorporating accessible 3D printing technology.
Thingiverse Profile: Arian Croft on Thingiverse
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Imperial Terrain
Active Kickstarter: : Cochin Industrial District
Short Description: Imperial Terrain makes awesome terrain for Star Wars Legion. Their tagline is Imperial Terrain - "Terrain for your Galactic Civil War". This is the best site to find purely Star Wars Legion or Imperial Assault terrain. It also works for other Sci-Fi games as well. Many designs would work for Tau armies. If you don't own a printer, he also prints and ships pieces.
Thingiverse Profile: Imperial Terrain on Thingiverse
YouTube Channel: : Imperial Terrain on Youtube
More Information 3: Youtube Review by StarRapter
Infinite Dimensions Games
Short Description: Their first kickstarter features a printable medieval monastery
Iron Wolf Art
Short Description: We are Iron Wolf Art
We Draw, print, paint and collect figurines and miniatures and discovered that there was no real miniatures that depict Giants through the ages. We are working on new and different figures so we can offer a great range of miniatures.
Website: Iron Wolf Art
Short Description: Making $1 miniatures. Starting out with a line of vikings and expanding from there.
Website: Iungo Games
Jack of Clubs Painting
Short Description: Painting tutorials and hobby guides for painting your wargame figures.
Jay Adan – Miniature Painting
Short Description: This is a terrific Youtube channel for those that print terrain, miniatures, and paint them. He has a playlist that is called the 3D Printed Gamer, and also has a number of miniature how-to's plus other videos on other miniature topics
YouTube Channel: : Jay Adan on Youtube
More Information: The 3D Printed Gamer
Short Description: Optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers based on the Arduino platform. Configured for Tevo Tarantula
Juan Lerma
Short Description: 3d Miniatures Sculptor
KafArt Studio
Short Description: 2D/3D amateur artist, passionate about gaming, miniatures and 3D printing technology adept, I launched a small range of miniatures in 2016
More Information: KafArt Studio on CG Trader
Kieran Billings Terrain
Short Description: So far, he has released a wizards tower.
Short Description: KISSlicer is a powerful, easy-to-use, ​and fast cross-platform app that slices STL files into printer-ready G-code files
Website: KISSSlicer
Short Description: The team behind the "Lost Corridors" project is composed of independent multimedia creators. But above all, we are Tabletop RPG gamers and fans of fantastic universes.
Long Description:

Kore Aeronautics
Short Description: Kore Aeronautics makes vehicles for various games/scales. Fom 40K monsters to modern street machines.
Kraken 3D Studios
Short Description: Kraken 3D Studios has released their first set of space-based tiles for creating spaceships, and other sci-fi installations.
Kraken’s 3D Print Workshop
Short Description: 3D printable accessories for wargames and tabletop games by Luther Blissett.
La boîte à rabiots
Short Description: He is creating terrain based off of the Dawn of War game.
La Louvve 3D
Short Description: Creator of various fantasy miniatures for 3D Printing. As of creating this, she doesn't have a large selection, but they look good.
Laser Dream Works
Short Description: So far, they have had a kickstarter that features a Vauban Fortress Files.
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Laser Shark Designs
Short Description: Bringing alien themed science fiction terrain to the tabletop.
LOOTgames / Alexandros Stamateas
Short Description: Alexandros' first Kickstarter features a TON of Sci Fi and Post-Apocalyptic terrain.
Facebook Page: LOOTgames on Facebook
Long Description:

Lovecraft Design and Manufacture – Iain Lovecraft
Short Description: Designer of fantasy terrain and Blood Bowl pitches. Also sells resin casts. Amazingly detailed models that look amazing on the table.
Long Description:

LULZBOT is a maker of higher end printers.

Lunesdargent Workshop
Short Description: Creators of dungeon tiles. Their first Kickstarter features Egyptian Themed tiles.
Kickstarter: Kickstarter Page
Lv427 Designs
Short Description: They create starship/star base corridor sci-fi tiles.
Website: Lv427 Designs
Short Description: M3 Studios creates a number of terrain pieces for scifi to historical time periods.
Facebook Page: M3 Studios on Facebook
Madcap Miniatures
Short Description: Our small but mighty group is filled with lifelong gamers. We reminisce of growing up playing 2nd Edition D&D (yes, we are dating ourselves), argue about the best superhero, Wolverine of course, and discuss all things bringing people to huddle around a table no matter the hobby.
Mark Geoghegan
Short Description: Mark's first Kickstarter features a number of 3D Printable dice boxes.
Kickstarter: Mark on Kickstarter
Masterwork Tools
Short Description: Masterwork Tools was founded by Devon Jones. Evan Carothers (EC3D) also releases items through it. His biggest claim to fame, is the incredible Open Forge set of terrain. These are fully free (from Thingiverse) dungeon tiles. They are Openlock compatible and the bases even have spots to put in bucky ball type magnets to hold them together. (Personally, I use these bases, and scale them up to wylock scale).

Beyond the Open Forge tiles, he has all kinds of other terrain pieces as well.
Thingiverse Profile: Devon Jones on Thingiverse
Mean Gummy Lizard Production
Short Description: Their latest kickstarter features a number of desert dwellings in 28 - 32mm format.
YouTube Channel: : Mean Gummy Lizard on Youtube
Medusa Miniatures
Short Description: Medusa Miniatures makes minis. The latest Kickstarter features 13 various sculps of villains.
More Information 2: Medusa Miniatures on Shapeways
MGStudio – MiniGrinder Studio
Short Description: MiniGrinder Studio makes a selection of hex-based terrain. It can be used for most kinds of games.
Mia Kay – M3DM
Short Description: Mia Kay makes great looking miniatures via Patreon. She has a TON of beautiful samples on Thingiverse too.
Patreon Site: Mia Kay on Patreon
Thingiverse Profile: Mia Kay on Thingiverse
Facebook Page: Mia Kay on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : Mia Kay on Youtube
Kickstarter: M3DM On Kickstarter
More Information: M3DM Prints on Twitch
More Information 2: M3DM Prints on Instagram
Michael Dayan
Short Description: The supporter of artists behind "The Mines" project
Michael Novelo
Short Description: Digital 3D Artist from Germany. I create Game Assets for Game Engines like Unity3D and Unreal-Engine.
Miguel Zavala
Short Description: I'm a big fan of DnD just sharing my work with the gaming community! Log in, download the models you need, and enjoy!

-- Editor Note: You can download just about every monster from the monster manual here.
Short Description: My channel is concentrated miniature figure fanaticism. Everything from educational content to humorous skits, expect everything to be linked by one thread: a deep love and excitement for minis. The videos are a window into my journey in the miniature figurine world, so come along with me and enjoy!
Patreon Site: Miniac on Patreon
Facebook Page: Miniac on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : Miniac Tutorials on YouTube
Miniwargamer Jay
Short Description: Creating painting Tutorials as well as other aspects of the gaming hobby.
YouTube Channel: : Miniwargamer Jay on YouTube
Modular Games HQ LLC
Short Description: Modular Games HQ LLC is a modern gaming company set to revolutionize the industry. Our aim is to offer top-of-the-line miniatures with immersive game systems that are both challenging and rewarding to players.
YouTube Channel: : Modular Games HQ on YouTube
Website: Monoprice
Long Description:

The Monoprice creates a low-cost family of printers including the Maker Select and Maker Ultimate. 

Mystic Realm
Short Description: Maker of scatter terrain for fantasy games, though some would work for modern caves/sewers as well. Check out their YouTube channel for videos on prepping and painting their files. (These videos would work for any natural terrain like this)
YouTube Channel: : Mystic Realms on YouTube
Short Description: Printable block type concept that uses foam core board, dowels, and other hobby materials as the base with the Necroplex bits on the edges and top to give a pleasing appearance.
Website: NecroPlexus
Thingiverse Profile: Necroplex on Thingiverse
Facebook Page: Necroplex on Facebook
Neil Billings
Short Description: An animator, illustrator and 3D-modeller for the past decade, Neil has extensive experience bringing the imaginary and make believe to life.
Nemoriko 3D Design – Dennis Graf
Short Description: Creates STL files for wargames. Hist first Kickstarter features a sci-fi tile set.
Long Description:

Next Level Painting
Short Description: Next Level Painting specializes in "do it your self tutorials" for hobbyists, role players, table top strategy gamers, & miniature war gamers. We focus on products like Warhammer 40, Infinity, Vallejo, Iwata, & Hobby Supplies. The host "Kenny Boucher" has a unique and laid-back approach to teaching both airbrush & paint brush techniques as well as general hobby tricks.
Nickey’s Hatchery
Short Description: Nickey's Hatchery creates miniatures and terrain for gaming tables.
Nik F. Terrain Maker
Short Description: So far his first Kickstarter features modular walls, doors, and windows for a sci-fi setting.
Nillabean – Youtube Channel
Short Description: Everything from 3d Printing to Lock Picking, Online and Retro Console Gaming and Mods, Table Top Gaming, Opinion Pieces and Product Reviews.
YouTube Channel: : Nillabean - Youtube Channel
Omegames Miniatures
Short Description: Omegames creates fantasy terrain - both STL files and physical versions.
Open Dungeon Tiles
Short Description: Free Dungeon Tiles
Short Description: Welcome to the OpenForge 2.0 discussion forum, where we talk about OpenForge gaming tiles, as well as other gaming tiles and terrain.
Open Forge Painting Tutorials
Short Description: A number of printing tutorials for Tiles and Terrain by Open Forge
Orbital Games
Short Description: We're working on producing our own 15mm sci-fi game. We want to do it as a print and play model that gives supporters access to the game and figures as we churn them out. We'd also love playtesting and feedback throughout the process.
Panhandle 3d Printing / Greg_FL’s Youtube Channel
Short Description: Hobby Related talk and projects including: 3d Printing, 3d Dungeon Tiles, Printer and .Stl file reveiws. Plus Hirst Arts, Warmachine, Flames of War, board game reviews and terrain building
Papa’s Best STL Thumbnails & STL viewer
Short Description: Papa's Best has a couple of optimized tools for viewing your STL files and for viewing their thumbnails in Explorer. I always appreciate someone that looks at application performance in their work.
More Information: Papa's Best STL Viewer
More Information 2: Papa's Best RSS Feed
Short Description: Paul makes a number of HO scale, old west printable scenery (Buildings, and other pieces).
Thingiverse Profile: Paul's 3D Models on Thingiverse
Phoenix Miniatures
Short Description: Phoenix Miniatures makes a Hexagon terrain called HexT. It can be used to make gaming tables with different looks that is modular, or can have 1" hex grids embossed on it for miniatures games.
Pixologic Sculptris
Short Description: Entry level digital sculpting - Free software by the makers of Zbrush
Facebook Page: Pixologic on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : Pixologic on Youtube
Plastic Alchemy
Short Description: Creating tabletop board games, digitally. Fully 3D printable. Their first game is Kordran Conflict
Printable Nerd Gear – Joel Loughrin
Short Description: Hi, I'm Joel. I'm a husband, father, entrepreneur, 3D modeler, project manager, and tabletop gamer.
Printable Scenery
Short Description: Great site for tons of scenery and tiles across all time frames and types.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Printable Scenery on DriveThru RPG
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
YouTube Channel: : Youtube
Kickstarter: Kickstarter
Printed Obsession
Short Description: Printed Obsession creates miniatures and terrain for 3D Printing. Their first Kickstarter, Hell Hath No Fury exploded out of the gates.
YouTube Channel: : Printed Obsession on Youtube
Printer Forge 3D
Short Description: Program to create mechs for your games that are 3D Printable.
Thingiverse Profile: 3D Printer Forge on Thingiverse
More Information: Printer Forge 3D on Steam
Project Mobius
Short Description: Project Mobius creates great looking terrain for Sci-Fi games.
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Long Description:

The Prusa is a popular printer that many others copy.  This is the genuine printer.  

Prusa Slicer
Short Description: Prusa's slicer based on the open source Slic3r project.
Website: Prusa Slicer
Short Description: I'm self-taught in the area of 3D modelling and animation. Since the recent proliferation of affordable home 3D printing slicers, I've focused those skills towards making the best possible digital assets for tabletop gamers.
Red Beard Baron
Short Description: A young father's attempt to find stress relief by playing with toy soldiers.
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Resin Lab
Short Description: Creator of 28mm of sci-fi grim dark miniatures.
Facebook Page: Resin Lab on Facebook
Short Description: Just a 3d modeller that loves to create models for ready print.
Long Description:

Rocket Pig Games
Short Description: From their website: Rocket Pig Games offers top-quality .stl files for you to 3D print on your home 3D printer or to send off to get printed by a 3D printing service.

Tile system: Tilescape
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Rocket Pig on Vault Network
YouTube Channel: : Rocket Pig Youtube Channel
Long Description:

Rocketship Games
Short Description: Rocketship Games has a small selection of STL files for Sci-Fi games.
Thingiverse Profile: Rocket Ship Games
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Rocketship Games
Long Description:

Rocketship Games has a small selection of STL files for Sci-Fi games.

Rogue Sculpts
Short Description: I started playing D&D when I was only nine years old. It was a magical experience full of adventure and wonder. Needless to say, I was hooked. It didn't stop there, I expanded out to find other tabletop experiences. Warhammer, 40k, and others. But I wanted more than just assembling and painting miniatures. I wanted to create. So I got into terrain crafting. Soon I was creating amazing scenes from nothing, making my experience that much better. As I got older I wanted to share my skills with my gaming community, so I created my store. I started sculpting monsters and creating unique terrain for sale. I ever strive to bring art to the tables of gamers everywhere.
Website: Rogue Sculpts
More Information: Rogue Sculpts on Etsy
Long Description:

RPG Tools, LLC / Kevin Rau
Short Description: Maker of a wide assortment of 3D models for fantasy games.
Short Description: SableBadger has amassed a huge collection of free files on Thingiverse and has recently moved to Patreon to get further support.
Samantha Patterson / Roman Judea Wargaming Tiles
Short Description: In her description, Samantha says she combines her love of history and love of design to create printable tiles with historical context.
Saturnalia Studios
Short Description: Design studio dedicated to the creation of 3D printable board games.
Sci-fi RPG Terrain
Short Description: For discussion and sharing of ideas on using, building, and collecting miniature terrain for use in Sci-fi roleplaying games.
Short Description: SelfCAD is a fully-featured, fully integrated, user- friendly, online 3d modeling application
More Information: selfCAD on Instagram
Simplify 3D – FDM Slicing Software
Short Description: Simplify 3D is the most popular paid slicer on the market. They have lost a lot of ground to the free slicers Cura and Prusa over the past couple of years.
Website: Simplify3D
Sinyador Terrain
Short Description: Sinyador Terrain makes some cool fantasy floating terrain. I am sure he will expand his offerings as time goes on.
Skull Forge Studios
Short Description: Skull Forge Studios creates a number of terrific alternate sculpt miniatures for Star Wars Legion. Including a Spaceballs themed set.
Pinshape Profile: Skullforge on Pinshape
Short Description: Open Source slicer
Website: Slic3r
Snake Eyes Gaming
Short Description: Snake Eyes Gaming is a game company, founded in 2015 by Nicholas Smith that creates various gaming products.

Guided by our passion for gaming, it is our primary goal to produce fun and enjoyable products for our customers.
Sorastro’s Painting
Short Description: This channel is currently focused on delivering high-quality miniature painting tutorials designed to help beginner to intermediate painters. I am currently producing a set of painting tutorials for Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars Imperial Assault along with some Descent 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Black Plague, and Blood Rage.
Patreon Site: Support on Patreon
Spencer Olsen 3D
Short Description: His first Kickstarter features a number of dice boxes that can be printed.
Long Description:

Squid-Inc Figurines
Short Description: Recently released their first dungeon tile set that features an Egyptian theme. They produce other figurines fully printed and/or painted as well.
Facebook Page: Squid-Inc on Facebook
Star Crusader / Michael G. Thomas
Short Description: Based on the Star Legions series of books, is the spaceship combat game Star Legions.
Short Description: This small application creates thumbnails of the 3D Models in your directory
Website: STL Thumbnail
Stone Skull Studios
Short Description: Stone Skull Studios was officially established in January 2016 after its first successful Kickstarter campaign that same month. What began as small project to create gaming miniatures and supplements, has now grown to be one of the best miniature producers in the world.
Studio Daviuss
Short Description: Has created 2 Kickstarters. One featuring 3D Printable Terrain and one featuring a multitude of bases for wargames. He also does custom design work.
Tabletop Fabrications
Short Description: Creating hex grid for gaming tables.
Tabletop Minions
Short Description: Tabletop wargaming and miniatures hobby. This encompass pretty much everything. From awesome painting tutorials, to awesome scratch builds, to awesome 3D Printing builds. Everything he does is just Awesome. If you can't tell, he is one of my favorite Youtube Gaming personalities.
YouTube Channel: : Tabletop Minons on YouTube
Tainted Brush Studio
Short Description: Tainted Brush Studio has released one set of terrain, a series of walkways and steps along with some scatter terrain to go with it.
Terrain 4 Print – Active Kickstarter!
Active Kickstarter: : Check out Ulvheim Kickstarter
Short Description: Terrain 4 Print has a wide selection of scatter terrain for both science fiction and fantasy.
Patreon Site: Support on Patreon
Thingiverse Profile: Terrain 4 Print on Thingiverse
YouTube Channel: : Terrain 4 Print on Youtube
Short Description: He has several rock outcroppings in his store, as well as a few on Thingiverse. He goes a step further, and shows how he finishes them in some terrific video tutorials.
Website: Terrainify
Thingiverse Profile: Terrainify on Thingiverse
Terratop Workshop
Short Description: Terratop Workshop creates a line of different kinds of scifi terrain and rocks. They make resin cast and STL files for sale.
Website: Tevo Printers
Long Description:

Tevo makes low-cost 3D printers for DIY kits.  

The DM’s Craft – DM Scotty
Short Description: Videos to help Gamers make (inexpensive) tiles, set pieces and terrain for their table top games.
Patreon Site: DM Scotty's Patreon
YouTube Channel: : DM Scotty's Videos
The Dragon’s Rest
Short Description: Great looking models based for both Sci fi and fantasy genres. Covers modular tiles and scatter terrain.
The Exotic Greeble
Short Description: The first Kickstarter features some great, modular trees for your gaming table. As the name suggests, they also make other greebles as well.
The Horde (3D Printable Miniatures)
Short Description: This group has been created by Hobgoblin-3D with the purpose of updates, community feedback and more. However, we also want to promote community growth and support so feel free to share anything else that is related to 3D Printable Minis.
The Immortal Realms
Short Description: Scatter terrain with a dark theme and floating islands
The Smiths of Urth
Short Description: The smiths of Urth are creating fantasy and some sci-fi miniatures as well as monster miniatures.
The Tabletop Crafters Guild
Short Description: The Tabletop Crafters Guild is the heart of Terrain making on Facebook. This page pertains more to conventional hobby craft and less to 3D printing. The 3D Printed Terrain Guild is the sister site to this one.
The Terrain Tutor
Short Description: I'm Mel, I'm a life long wargamer with a passion for making terrain. Whether it's deep jungle tables or eldar cities, I just love it. I'm hoping to share my passion with you and get you building better battlefields!
Patreon Site: Patreon Page
YouTube Channel: : The Terrain Tutor on Youtube
The Terrain Tutor’s Terrainiacs
Short Description: This is a support group for followers of TheTerrainTutor (on Youtube) to show off their builds and get help. One simple rule, only post your own terrain build folks.
Short Description: Historical Scenery: 3d Printing Scenery aims to develop a simple and followed range of sceneries for historical wargame for many different periods.
Historical Scenery : 3d printing scenery
Thingiverse Collection for Painting
Short Description: This is my Thingiverse collection that houses 3D Printable goodies for Painting.
Throne Down Games
Short Description: Throne Down Games creates fantasy miniatures for RPGs.
Thunder Chrome – Sci-Fi Printable Scenery
Short Description: Thunder Chrome has a number of buildings available for your post apocalyptic or Sci-Fi setting.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Thunder Chrome on Wargaming Vault
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Long Description:

Thunder Chrome - Sci-Fi Printable Scenery

Thunderhead Studio
Short Description: So far, Thunderhead Studio seems to be working on Battletech. From maps and Terrain pieces to model variants.
Tokamak Studio
Short Description: 3D printable detail sets for wargaming, terrain and other tabletop games. STL files. 28-32mm scale ready.
Tom Perrett
Short Description: I live and work in the UK, and in my free time (when I have any free time with a 1 year old daughter) I have a real passion for creating good stories and adventures.
Tomb Guardians
Short Description: Tomb Guardains makes several different sets of terrain and miniatures.
Short Description: Thomas Bauer has created his first Kickstarter featuring German Tanks.
Topo Solitario Crafts
Short Description: They have released a cool looking sci-fi vehicle and some terrain to go with it.
Touret William
Short Description: He is creating a large amount of miniature bases based on the same look and feel.
Tracey Henry
Short Description: Tracy has released their first Kickstarter featuring underwater miniatures and terrain.

Undersea Adventures - NPCs and Scatter
Treadhead Rad
Short Description: Their first Kickstarter is MAV3RICK – Modular Armored Vehicle 3D prIntable Customizable Kit – is a 28mm scale sci-fi tank design that you can print at home on a 3D printer
Troublemaker Games
Short Description: Troublemaker Games creates resin kits. Their latest Kickstarter has branched out to offer STL files.
Txarli Factory
Short Description: Txarli Factory has a number of items from battlemats to miniatures. Their latest Kickstarter adds STL files for miniatures to the mix.
Short Description: Hello My name is David and I'm a 3d designer and board game enthusiast, mostly miniature games. I love all the elements that can improve the inmersive experience of a game and make looks it even better, so that's why I'm here, to create that stuff and enjoy
Thingiverse Profile: u25 on Thingiverse
Kickstarter: u25 on Kickstarter
Short Description: -- Unethical designer that copies other's designs without crediting them, and doesn't even acknowledge the inspiration. Avoid unethical designers, there are plenty of ethical ones in the community. I won't link to his stuff, since I don't want to promote unethical behavior. I do want the warning in the community.
Valandar  / William Charles Chamberlin
Short Description: Valendar is a prolific modeler of great looking miniatures.
Patreon Site: Valendar on Patreon
YouTube Channel: : Valendar on Yotube
Velrock Art
Short Description: He makes miniatures and characters to 3D Print.
Thingiverse Profile: Velrock Art on Thingiverse
Via Ludibunda
Short Description: Makes a small number of 3D printable terrain for RPG and Wargames.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): DriveThru RPG Page
VIDEO: Lukes Apes – painting 3D Terrain
Short Description: In this video, Lukes Apes gets some 3D printed terrain, talks about it, and paints/models a piece. Great video for fixing up some outdoor scatter terrain.
Short Description: I am working on 3D Printable models for tabletop RPGs and board games! All of my designs are released with a Creative Commons Noncommercial Share Alike license, so you're free to use them as is or to remix them for your own models =)
Thingiverse Profile: VirtuallyJason on Thingiverse
War Gaming Studio, Inc.
Short Description: War Gaming Studio creates a RTS miniatures board game that is 100% digitally distributed. From the rules to the terrain to the miniatures. Their first game is called All Out War : Battlegrounds.
YouTube Channel: : War Game Studios on YouTube
War Scenery
Short Description: Creates a number of sci-fi scatter terrain.
War-Torn Studios
Short Description: He creates all sorts of things. From terrain to miniatures to 3D Printed tools to help your crafting (Texture rollers and stamps).
Wargames 3D Print
Short Description: They create alternate sculpts for various models for tabletop wargames
Short Description: Modern 3D Models (at this time) that feature walls, vehicles, and other terrain features for a modern wargame.