Terrain Discussion

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#1 – The Tabletop 3D Printing Guild
The #1 3D Printing Terrain and Miniatures group on Facebook. Definitely start here.
3D Printed Terrain & Miniatures Group
Page for the 3DP’d aspect of miniature wargaming.
3D Printing For Gaming Terrain
This group is to talk about the use of 3D printers for RPG and wargaming terrain, showing pics of terrain and minis printed, and sharing information about OBJ/STL files and 3D modeling.
3D Printing Miniatures and Terrain
This group is dedicated to all things D&D and Roleplaying games related for the purposes of 3D Printing.
3D Resin Printing for Enthusiasts, Model Makers and Miniature Gaming
3D Resin Printing technologies, Model Making and design for the enthusiast, Miniatures, terrain, jewelry making, industrial prototyping, and more.
3D-printed Board Games
3D-printed Board Games discussion group
Devious Dungeon’s Denizens
A community page for miniature painters, terrain builders, mapmakers and tabletop gamers. Focused on growing the hobby and helping others develop skills and share ideas.
DungeonWorks Architects
A group for sharing DungeonWork prints, tips, and tricks.
Fantasy RPG Terrain
For discussion and sharing of ideas on using, building, and collecting miniature terrain for use in fantasy roleplaying games.
Imperial Terrain Group
Discussion about Imperial Terrain
Necromunda Terrain Makers – Facebook Group
Creating terrain for the game, Necromunda
Welcome to the OpenForge 2.0 discussion forum, where we talk about OpenForge gaming tiles, as well as other gaming tiles and terrain.
OpenLOCK Discussion Facebook Group
Talk about OpenLOCK scenery
3D Printed terrain Reddit