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Tabletop Gaming:

  • Demeo: Awesome Virtual Tabletop game that just keeps getting better and better.

Rhythm Games:

  • Ragnarock:  Rock out with some awesome metal songs. One of my favorites.
  • Pistol Whip:  Another Favorite. I was on the fence and took a long time to buy this one because of the visual style. It works well, it plays even better.
  • Beat Saber: This one comes with the Quest 2 now. It’s a terrific game, and probably the poster child for VR Gaming.
  • Synth Riders: Good rhythm game. Good break from Beat Saber.

Wave Shooters:

  • Gun Club VR: You are on a gun range and shooting targets.
  • Space Pirate Trainer DX: One of the first games I picked up. I really enjoy this wave shooter. I have never played the multiplayer / room sized version.
  • Mothergunship: Another Wave shooter. This one is newer and quite a bit of fun. Even has multiplayer.
  • Elven Assassin: This is a lot of fun. You use a bow instead of a gun. My brother-in-law and I play this together and it is a lot of fun in multi-player.

Shooters: I’m going from standard FPS games to other types of shooters.

  • Zero Caliber: Great FPS game.
  • Population One: Another great FPS game.
  • Zombieland: Run around, shooting Zombies. What’s not to love?
  • Blaston: This one just recently went free to play. You face another player on a pedestal and duel. It is a very interesting and fun game. WELL worth picking up.
  • Resist: This is the closest to Spiderman you can really get. It’s a fun game, with the interesting swinging mechanic.
  • Stride: This one reminds me of Mirror’s Edge. It is a Parkour running game. In VR it is awesome.
  • Robo Recall: The robots are rioting. You are sent out to “recall” them. They don’t WANT to be recalled, so it is down to you to violently “recall” them. Shoot them, grab them, throw them, pull them apart. It’s all up to how you feel. Had a rough/frustrating day? Play this. You will feel better.
  • Swarm: This is another swinging game, but you are in a small area. It is enjoyable, but I don’t find it has the staying power of some, like Resist.

Hack n Slash (and Magic):

  • Fruit Ninja: You played it on a phone, now play it in VR. It is SO much better in VR. 🙂
  • Wands: Basically, a FPS with wands and magic.
  • Gorn: Hack and Slash and Dismember. Very violent, and gory… and well, fun.
  • In Death – Unchained: VERY good, very well supported archery game. This is a really good one.
  • Until You Fall: Rogue Like dungeon crawler. This one is a lot of fun. Good workout, as well.
  • The Wizards: Use gestures to cast spells. This one is VERY well done.
  • Ironlights: Dueling, with swords and other hand-weapons. Interesting attack/defense style. Not my favorite, but it does have multiplayer which makes it great. It’s a lot of fun, and I do recommend it, but I think Until you Fall is more enjoyable.

Multi-Player Party Games: All of these require 1 headset.

Acron: This is my favorite of the bunch. You are a tree. You have nuts. You have to defend your nuts from the forest animals. It is a lot of fun. The tree is in VR, and the animals use cell phones/tablets to play. There are 4 classes of animals with various “powers”. You need enough animals vs tree, else the tree wins every time. We have had a ton of fun on this.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: This is an older one. I got it for my Gear VR several years ago. It was fun then, and a lot more fun now. The person with the VR Goggles is disarming the bomb, and relaying information to their team that has a printed (or virtual) book to look through. (I find a printed version much easier to use).

Traffic Jams: You are directing traffic. It’s kind of a fun, low-impact game. Your friends can grab their cell phones and mess with your game. I’ve only played it single player, but the multi-player aspect seems interesting.

“Sports”: I am being very generous with sports here.

  • Rush:  This is an awesome experience. You have a wingsuit and jump off a mountain. You use your arms to help you fly and direct your suite. Be careful, I’ve had to catch my mom and dad when they tried this one out.
  • The Climb 2: I never played the first one, but this one is great. It’s like climbing but safe. 🙂 Reaching up all the time is a good workout for the shoulders, as well. The visuals when you look around are terrific as well.
  • Racket – NX: This is 360 degree racket ball. It is fun, and a good work out.
  • Walkabout Mini-Golf: This one may ruin you for mini-golf in real life. It “feels” terrific. Like you expect in “meat space”. The programmers have updated it numerous times with additional awesome levels, and some of the new ones are based on other properties like MYST and Labyrinth.
  • Premium Bowling: Good bowling simulator. My wife picked this one up. I am not much of a bowler.
  • Totally Baseball: Another sports one my wife picked up. I don’t know a whole lot about this one.

Music: While the rhythm games have music, these are very music driven.

  • Smash Drums: Play the drums, virtually. This one I had higher hopes for, but I need to jump in again. I know several things have been changed to make it more playable.
  • Unplugged – Air Guitar: So, it’s like playing an air-guitar, but with good fret positioning. It does a surprisingly good job of tracking your hands to play a guitar. This one is a lot of fun. If you are a bigger guy, like myself, the cameras may lose tracking and give you problems though.
  • Electronauts: Make music with weird instruments and put them all together. Trippy visuals. Very cool.
  • Virtuoso: Like Electronauts, you make music. It is different, and there are some cool ways to make tracks for your music.
  • Tribe XR | VR – Virtual DJ: I aspire to spin my own tracks. Not that I have put much time into it, but I try. I also own Fuse and DJ Hero as well. Not that I have played either a ton. This one gives you a better, in-person type experience. They also have regular trainings to help you master it.

Mechs: I have a soft spot in my heart for Giant, crushing robots.

  • Vox Machinae:  This was the first mech game I picked up. It has a good story, very cool hand tracking OR controller support. Now, I play this on PCVR through the Oculus app. I can use my HOTAS set up to pilot the mech, and life is good. It’s also supported by the devs to allow you to purchase on Quest 2 and also have it available in the Oculus app for PC play. (This is part of the Cross-Buy program. Not all games are cross-buy.)
  • World of Mechs: I have not gotten around to playing this one yet. I did buy it early after launch, because it looks awesome. It reminds me of classic Battletech in the feel.
  • Iron Rebellion: This is another mech game where you move faster. It doesn’t have the slow, plodding player of the previous two. It is in early release right now.
  • Ultimechs: This is a Free to play game. Think of it as Rocket League with Mechs. It’s made by Resolution games, which makes some of the best games out there in VR.

Other Games: These are ones that don’t really fit with anything else.

  • Virtual Desktop: One of the super-powers of the Quest 2, is you can play games without being tethered to a computer. That is awesome. BUT, if you want to play PCVR games, you need to tether… unless you use Virtual Desktop to virtually tether. You need a fast network to pull this off. Windows 10 has a Mobile hotspot, which can increase performance. While Quest 2 has Oculus Link, Virtual Desktop is better at it. I consider Virtual Desktop a MUST HAVE utility.
  • Star Wars – Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge:  I’ll admit, This is one of the reasons I got the Quest 2. I love Star Wars. This is a fun Star Wars title. Also, pick up the Vader Immortal series.
  • Tetris Effect: Tetris in VR, what is not to love. It’s basically a 2D screen. It is a fun version.
  • Startenders: This had a lot of hype when it launched. I picked it up shortly after launch and have enjoyed it. It is quirky and fun. You are a bartender that was accidently “hired” (abducted) to be a bartender for a Star Cruiser. It was an accident, but now you are there. You need to do your job to fit in. It’s actually a lot of fun.
  • Angry Birds: This takes Angry Birds up a notch. It’s remake in VR is done really well.
  • Little Cities: I have not played this one yet. It is a city builder, but laid back. I am looking forward to playing it.
  • Pinball FX2 VR:  Who doesn’t enjoy some Pinball? You can create some cool rooms in VR. It is VR. It works well in VR.
  • Death Lap: A Car Wars type game. You race around a level and blow the heck out of your opponents. It’s good, racing combat fun. It plays well.
  • Captain ToonHead vs the Punks from Outer Space: A tower defense game that doesn’t take itself seriously. I enjoy this one quite a bit.
  • Yupitergrad: I’ve heard a lot of good about this one. I have not gotten around to playing it yet. I got it as part of a bundle.
  • Anshar 2: This is another one I got from a bundle. I added it, because I like space combat.
  • VIRTUAL Virtual Reality: A fun/funny game where the computers rule all.
  • Accounting+: This is yet another game I picked up in a bundle. I hear it funny, but I honestly don’t know a lot about it.
  • Gadgeteer: This is one I got in a bundle. It’s not really my style, but it gets GREAT reviews. It’s a physics based VR Puzzle game. There are others I am more interested in, that I have yet to try. If I had unlimited time, I am sure this would be one I played more of.