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Ben Komets
Short Description: My name is Ben Komets and I am a professional miniature artist based in Berlin, Germany.
YouTube Channel: : Ben Komets on Youtube
Patreon Site: Ben Komets on Patreon
Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic
Short Description: Everything you want to know about painting miniatures and building scale models.
Patreon Site: Patreon Page
Goobertown Hobbies – Painting Tutorials – Has a great starting point video
Short Description: He’s a painter and a chemist. Teaching and showing techniques for painting miniatures. He is also a chemist (Cool) and will help us understand what different things do, and how they work (thinners, glues, etc).
Jack of Clubs Painting
Short Description: Painting tutorials and hobby guides for painting your wargame figures.
Jay Adan – Miniature Painting
Short Description: This is a terrific Youtube channel for those that print terrain, miniatures, and paint them. He has a playlist that is called the 3D Printed Gamer, and also has a number of miniature how-to’s plus other videos on other miniature topics
YouTube Channel: : Jay Adan on Youtube
More Information: The 3D Printed Gamer
Short Description: My channel is concentrated miniature figure fanaticism. Everything from educational content to humorous skits, expect everything to be linked by one thread: a deep love and excitement for minis. The videos are a window into my journey in the miniature figurine world, so come along with me and enjoy!
Facebook Page: Miniac on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : Miniac Tutorials on YouTube
Patreon Site: Miniac on Patreon
Miniwargamer Jay
Short Description: Creating painting Tutorials as well as other aspects of the gaming hobby.
YouTube Channel: : Miniwargamer Jay on YouTube
Next Level Painting
Short Description: Next Level Painting specializes in “do it your self tutorials” for hobbyists, role players, table top strategy gamers, & miniature war gamers. We focus on products like Warhammer 40, Infinity, Vallejo, Iwata, & Hobby Supplies. The host “Kenny Boucher” has a unique and laid-back approach to teaching both airbrush & paint brush techniques as well as general hobby tricks.
Open Forge Painting Tutorials
Short Description: A number of printing tutorials for Tiles and Terrain by Open Forge
Sorastro’s Painting
Short Description: This channel is currently focused on delivering high-quality miniature painting tutorials designed to help beginner to intermediate painters. I am currently producing a set of painting tutorials for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Imperial Assault along with some Descent 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Black Plague, and Blood Rage.
Patreon Site: Support on Patreon
Tabletop Minions
Short Description: Tabletop wargaming and miniatures hobby. This encompass pretty much everything. From awesome painting tutorials, to awesome scratch builds, to awesome 3D Printing builds. Everything he does is just Awesome. If you can’t tell, he is one of my favorite Youtube Gaming personalities.
YouTube Channel: : Tabletop Minons on YouTube
Warhammer TV Terrain Painting Tutorials (list by Terrain 4 Print)
Short Description: Markus Kruse from Terrain 4 Print put together this great painting playlist from Warhammer TV
More Information: Terrain 4 Print