Tutorials: Painting

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Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic
Short Description: Everything you want to know about painting miniatures and building scale models.
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Jay Adan – Miniature Painting
Short Description: This is a terrific Youtube channel for those that print terrain, miniatures, and paint them. He has a playlist that is called the 3D Printed Gamer, and also has a number of miniature how-to’s plus other videos on other miniature topics
YouTube Channel: : Jay Adan on Youtube
More Information: The 3D Printed Gamer
Open Forge Painting Tutorials
Short Description: A number of printing tutorials for Tiles and Terrain by Open Forge
Sorastro’s Painting
Short Description: This channel is currently focused on delivering high-quality miniature painting tutorials designed to help beginner to intermediate painters. I am currently producing a set of painting tutorials for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Imperial Assault along with some Descent 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Black Plague, and Blood Rage.
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Warhammer TV Terrain Painting Tutorials (list by Terrain 4 Print)
Short Description: Markus Kruse from Terrain 4 Print put together this great painting playlist from Warhammer TV
More Information: Terrain 4 Print