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Cross Lances
Short Description: Makes Miniatures and board games for 3D Printing. They have recently branched out into scenery as well.
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Detestable Games
Short Description: We’re The Test Table, a large group of game designers whose games are published under the brand of Detestable Games. Games go through a Board Game Incubation process. We have a game design course which lasts 5 months. Only the best games make it to the 2nd phase: Professional Testing. Regular customers in La Caravana Gamelab (our Board Game Cafe partners) try the games under development and provide intensive feedback. After 3 months, the games are ready to be published. With the help of William Burgos, Mexico’s first successful Kickstarter creator and board game publisher, the games are launched on Kickstarter to finish the cycle, thus fulfilling the designer’s dreams to create a board game of high quality. But for us, that’s where our journey starts and it only ends when backers have received their games and share the fun with us.
YouTube Channel: : Detestable Games on Youtube
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Florian H. Azar
Short Description: A creative nerd. I work as a commercial filmmaker, CG artist, and photographer in Germany. My heart beats fast for comics, animation, and board games. I love playing board games not only with some other nerds but also with my kids and people who are less nerdy them me. So I invented Dungeon Madness a simple but not easy board game for everyone.

Gozer Games
Active Kickstarter: : Gozer Games on Kickstarter
Short Description: Gozer Games, was founded in 2007 on the idea that games should be funny as well as fun. Gozer Games has published several games since then, including the award winning Zombie Ninja Pirates, Vampire Werewolf Fairies, and Titans of Industry.
Website: Gozer Games
Ill Gotten Games
Short Description: We’re making tabletop gaming inclusive, creative, and fun. How? By innovating our own games and incorporating accessible 3D printing technology.
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Thingiverse Profile: Arian Croft on Thingiverse
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Severed Books
Short Description: The one 3D Printed Kickstarter has been for a dice.
Website: Severed Books
Short Description: Tabletop game enthusiast