Modelers: Printable Board Games and pieces

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Cross Lances
Short Description: Makes Miniatures and board games for 3D Printing. They have recently branched out into scenery as well.
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Gozer Games
Active Kickstarter: : Gozer Games on Kickstarter
Short Description: Gozer Games, was founded in 2007 on the idea that games should be funny as well as fun. Gozer Games has published several games since then, including the award winning Zombie Ninja Pirates, Vampire Werewolf Fairies, and Titans of Industry.
Website: Gozer Games
Ill Gotten Games
Short Description: We’re making tabletop gaming inclusive, creative, and fun. How? By innovating our own games and incorporating accessible 3D printing technology.
Thingiverse Profile: Arian Croft on Thingiverse
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
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Plastic Alchemy
Short Description: Creating tabletop board games, digitally. Fully 3D printable. Their first game is Kordran Conflict