Video Channels: 3D printing Terrain

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3 Mates Games
Short Description: 3 Mates Game is starting out with a 3D Printable dice Tower
Website: 3 Mates Games
DM Dojo
Short Description: DM Dojo is all about 3D Printing and Crafting for your miniatures games. Stop by and check out this new channel by a great personality.
Facebook Page: DM Dojo on Facebook
Good Nuff Painting
Short Description: He is printing and painting some terrain on the channel.
Jay Adan – Miniature Painting
Short Description: This is a terrific Youtube channel for those that print terrain, miniatures, and paint them. He has a playlist that is called the 3D Printed Gamer, and also has a number of miniature how-to’s plus other videos on other miniature topics
YouTube Channel: : Jay Adan on Youtube
More Information: The 3D Printed Gamer
Nemoriko 3D Design – Dennis Graf
Short Description: Creates STL files for wargames. Hist first Kickstarter features a sci-fi tile set.
Long Description:

Nillabean – Youtube Channel
Short Description: Everything from 3d Printing to Lock Picking, Online and Retro Console Gaming and Mods, Table Top Gaming, Opinion Pieces and Product Reviews.
Panhandle 3d Printing / Greg_FL’s Youtube Channel
Short Description: Hobby Related talk and projects including: 3d Printing, 3d Dungeon Tiles, Printer and .Stl file reveiws. Plus Hirst Arts, Warmachine, Flames of War, board game reviews and terrain building
Slice, Print Roleplay
Short Description: A channel for 3D printers that focus on printing for tabletop games.
Here you’ll find tutorials on everything involved with printing minis and terrain as well as reviews on popular and budget friendly printers and printing supplies.
I’ll also be covering other cool tech to help bring your tabletop game to the next level!
Short Description: Kind of a cool channel that covers 3D Printing. Lots of DIY projects. So far, the 3D Printed floor plan and 3d scanning/Photogrammetry are gaming related. It’s a BIT of a stretch to put it in this section, but I hope he does more like the 3D Printed floorplan.
West Side
Short Description: He has a general hobby channel but his recent videos have been more 3D Printing orienting.
YouTube Channel: : West Side