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2nd Dynasty
Short Description: This is a 3D Modeler turned terrain maker. He has now launched 3 Kickstarters. Follow the Drivethru Link below to purchase his models.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): 2nd Dynasty on DriveThru RPG
My Mini Factory Profile: 2nd Dynasty on My Mini Factory
More Information: 2nd Dynasty Discord Server
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3D Printing Tabletop / Danny Herrero
Active Kickstarter: : The Lost Adventures Kickstarter
Short Description: 3D Printing Tabletop’s first foray into the modeling world is the Lost Dragon’s set of beautifully sculpted dragons for your fantasy games. Danny is also known as the 3D Printing DM.
3D Wargaming
Short Description: 3DWargaming specialize in 3D printable vehicle miniatures. All our models are designed to reach a quality similar to injection molding even when printed a on low end 3D printer. A good design makes all the difference.
Website: 3D Wargaming
YouTube Channel: : 3D Wargaming on YouTube
Short Description: 3D-Printcraft is the partnership of Iain Lovecraft, Matt Finch, and Zach Glazar. All of us have years of experience in the gaming and miniatures business, and we’re excited to be working together to make the best possible models for tabletop games.

Website: 3D Printcraft
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3DBreed Miniatures
Short Description: Digital sculptors with several years of experience, specialized in miniatures for board games and wargames.
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Short Description: Newer miniatures maker. He has a few cool looking designs.
More Information: 3DeezNuts on Etsy
Short Description: Abrakadavra Dark Arts Creations, a multidisciplinary art studio where; games, illustrations, tattoos, magic and dreams coexist within the thinnest layers of reality
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Alloy Models
Short Description: Specializing in 3d modeling and design for CNC and 3d Printing related activities.
More Information: Alloy Models on Instagram
Apocalypse In Plastic / Andi Gordon
Short Description: Andi Gordon is a phenomenal miniature modeler. Check out her models for Star Wars Legion
Thingiverse Profile: Andi Gordon on Thingiverse
More Information: Andi Gordon on CGTrader
Art of Mike
Short Description: Art of Mike is a Patreon that specializes in terrific looking sci-fi terrain, miniatures, and vehicles.
Artisan Guild
Short Description: Hello there, we are Andrea Tarabella and Francesca Musumeci! We are passionate about sculpting fantastical creatures from other universes. We are creating 3d printable extraordinary Miniatures for your favourite rpg/wargame/boardgame to print at you home, paint and collect. Print and play, or scale up our miniatures if you need fantastical big figures!
YouTube Channel: : Artisan Guild on YouTube
My Mini Factory Profile: Artisan Guild on My Mini Factory
Short Description: The designs focus on wargaming models, creatures, terrain packs, and characters. There is absolutely something for everyone with an interest in 3D printable miniatures.
Bear Clan Creative
Short Description: Bear Clan Creative designs and manufactures toys, model kits, and gaming miniatures using 3D printing technology.
Black Omen
Short Description: Creating nice looking fantasy miniatures for the community.
Website: Black Omen
Patreon Site: Black Omen on Patreon
More Information: Black Omen Discord
More Information 2: Black Omen on Instagram
Black Scroll Games
Active Kickstarter: : City of Tarok
Short Description: My mission is creating scenic accessories for every Game Master and gamer.
Patreon Site: BSG on Patreon
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): BSG on DriveThru RPG
Facebook Page: BSG on Facebook