Elegoo Neptune 2 – Low cost – Quiet – Great printer

The Elegoo Neptune 2 is one of those surprising deals in 3D Printing.  Like the Ender 3 a few years ago, this 3D Printer produces surprisingly good results for such a low price.  This is a $160 printer (If you can actually find it in stock) that works really well.  As 3D Printers slowly increase in size, this one remains a little on the smaller side, but it is still a generous bed.  I recently got an Oculus VR headset and have been 3D Printing items for that, as well as my new Joystick/HOTAS configuration.  From battery holders, to better padding on the head on the VR headset.  To a “gunstock” magnetic controller holder (it uses magnets to hold your two VR controllers in place) to a new slider for the Thrustmaster TWCS throttle, this little printer has been busy being tested.  It’s so quiet, I actually took it to work to be able to 3D Print in my office.  This is the first I have done this.  I am able to 3D Print for my department if needed.  I can hold Zoom meetings with it just a little ways behind me, and it isn’t picked up on my mic.  

Out of the box, this is a great 3D Printer.  I have not really even looked into any upgrades, since it really doesn’t need them.  

Elegoo Neptune 2 Specifications

  • Printer Style: Cartesian
  • Printer Build Volume: 220mm x 220 mm x 250 mm
  • Heated bed and hot end that can print standard filaments like PLA and PETG.  (it says it can reach 260 C on the Hot end and 100 C on the heat bed)
  • Filament Run-Out sensors (I kind of have a love hate with these.  It seems about 1/2 don’t work, but this one – So far – works like a champ). 
  • Touch Screen Interface 

Elegoo Neptune 2 observations

Overall, this 3d Printer is one I really like.  I think it will be difficult to beat at its price point.  Remember, I took this to my work to be able to test it in my office and have access to a 3D Printer there.  I have a number of 3D Printers to choose from, and chose this one.  It’s very quiet.  Surprisingly so, out of the box.  It prints very well.  It could be better (cooling is rather weak), but it does print nice and clean.  For newbies, it also is really easy to build.  It’s got one of the best (if not best) manuals I have used to put together a 3D Printer.  The prints are clean, as well.  Much like the Ender 3, it performs MUCH better than the price tag would suggest.  It’s even got a 3D filament run out sensor that works!  

The Neptune 2 has been a solid 3D Printer for me.  I do find it has a couple of unfortunate (though minor) decisions made.  The touchscreen interface/display is completely covered when the print bed is all the way forward.  It’s also glitched out on me once so far, between 3D Prints.  Not a huge deal to reboot it, but it is something I want to report on.  I think it could use a better build plate (I have a preference for glass, but a removeable metal one would also be a terrific upgrade).  That’s not much to add to a super low price.  It could use better part cooling.  I honestly think that is the greatest weakness of this 3D Printer.  I’ll be watching for a decent upgrade to there.

Elegoo Neptune 2 Final Thoughts for this first look

Usually, I do my first look much earlier in the testing process.  So, this one has a lot of observations.  I’m also in the same room as the printer most of the time it is running.  I’m really happy so far.  I even started a print without being around to see if it started right.  That is a lot of trust there.  At this stage, I’d recommend this 3D Printer to those people that price is a MAJOR consideration.  I don’t think you can get close to this quality near this price.  I do have a different suggestion if you have a some more money to spend. 

Some Print jobs off the Elegoo Neptune 2

Elegoo Neptune 2 - Crate Elegoo Neptune 2 - Soap Dish

Elegoo Neptune 2 - Tyrion

Even my cat could sleep through it printing.

Elegoo Neptune 2 Unboxing video 

I believe I had the first video showing this 3D Printer off to the world.