SK1 from TwoTrees

The SK1 is the new CoreXY 3D Printer from TwoTrees (Affiliate Link). This is a terrific, fast, workhorse of a 3D printer. Let’s have a quick look at what set this 3D Printer apart.

  • Speed: Boasting a speed of up to 700 MM/S, the TwoTrees SK1 is impressively fast. Note: Opting for slower speeds can yield higher-quality prints.
  • CoreXY: The CoreXY system is robust and sturdy, ensuring stability and reliability.
  • Build Size: Generous build volume of 256 mm x 256 mm x 256 mm.
  • Klipper Firmware: Outfitted with Klipper firmware, the SK1 streamlines the printing process, eliminating the need for the outdated Merlin interface. This upgrade enables remote printing and monitoring capabilities (webcam required).
  • Mesh leveling: A standout feature is its mesh leveling, complemented by three Z-axis screws for advanced bed leveling and offset control, achieving near-perfect print foundations.
  • Linear Rails: Constructed with linear rails, the SK1 enhances the precision of your 3D prints.
  • All metal hot end: Features an all-metal hot end for rapid heating.
  • Direct Drive: Equipped with a direct drive print head, the SK-1 expands your material printing options.
  • PEI magnetic bed: Its PEI magnetic bed simplifies print removal.
  • LED Light Bar: An integrated LED light bar ensures visibility of your prints in any lighting condition.

This is a quick, first look at the new Tw-Trees Core XY 3D printer. Check out my Unboxing and first impressions on this printer (Spoiler Alert – HOLY COW!).

Drop in on their Jingle All the Way: SK1’s Merry Live Broadcast: Tune in at 9AM EST on 12/16. (2:00 PM GMT).

Check out the SK 1 on the TwoTrees website: Up to 700mm/s; Printer Size:256256256mm; Z-Tilt Leveling+36 Points Bed Mesh