Modelers: Printable Painting & Terrain Building Gadgets

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Amadeu Aldavert
Short Description: Over the years I entered the world of 3d and worked as a Concept artist, Character artist and Art director. Although my work has given me a lot of satisfaction, there are few occasions in which I have been able to have absolute creative freedom since the projects have production obligations that condition this freedom. But the truth is that the search for creative freedom is inherent to the soul of the artist and I think that Kickstarter is the perfect environment to achieve it. Here I can make a proposal and leave in your hands the possibility that it exists or not, it is a fair situation from which I will learn regardless of the result. So I have decided to dedicate my free time to what I love, create monsters and do it with total creative freedom, if you like my work I will greatly appreciate your help.
Ars Moriendi 3D
Short Description: Ars Moriendi 3D is formed by Søren Berg Pedersen, Founder and Lead Modeller alongside with Co-Founder and Webdesigner Maria Fahrion. We focus on making 3D-printable accessories. Designing and creating models and props that can add to people’s game experience truly brings us joy, as we hope they will do for everyone else!

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B&B Nozzle
Short Description: Their first project is 3D Printed rollers
Fat Dragon Games
Short Description: From their Website: Fat Dragon Games has been in business since 2005, delivering the highest quality ‘print-and-play’ terrain for gamers for more than a decade. In addition to the tile system, they have recently branched out and created a terrific miniatures game, World War Tesla with all parts printable.

Tile Connection Method: Dragon Lock
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Fat Dragon Games on DriveThru RPG
Historic Origins Studios
Short Description: 3D Printable Painting supplies.
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
YouTube Channel: : YouTube Channel
Patreon Site: Support on Patreon
Mark Geoghegan
Short Description: Mark’s first Kickstarter features a number of 3D Printable dice boxes.
Kickstarter: Mark on Kickstarter
Reaper’s Grimm Miniatures – Autumn
Short Description: Maker of 3D Printable terrain
Spencer Olsen 3D
Short Description: His first Kickstarter features a number of dice boxes that can be printed.
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Thingiverse Collection for Painting
Short Description: This is my Thingiverse collection that houses 3D Printable goodies for Painting.
Wartorn Studios
Short Description: 3D printable tools designed to speed up building wargames terrain, using unique tools designed for XPS foam and polymer clays.