This is the home page for my Gaslands series of articles for 3D Printing.  My first article covers some terrain and weapon prints, along with some game mat recommendations.  I’ll be updating this further as I write more articles.  


This page is the overview page for 3D Printed terrain for Gaslands.  You can purchase the rules on Amazon print everything else can be 3D Printed (or the Hot Wheels purchased if you don’t have some old ones laying around).  As I add more guides  I’ll be linking them here to make them easy to find and have a location to link to.  Gaslands has been exploding in popularity.  Guide 1 goes through the game some, and where to purchase a number of hobby supplies, as well as some GREAT videos to get inspiration from.  

The second guide is more just about 3D Printing terrain and weapons upgrades as well as some ways to custom print vehicles.  



The Gaslands Guides

  1. Gaslands Terrain and Mods: This is my first guide on using 3D Printing with Gaslands terrain and also the hobby aspect of modifying Hot Wheels cars. 
  2. GASLANDS TERRAIN 2 – RETURN OF THE CANSThis is my second guide that concentrates more on Printable Terrain and mods from Corvus Games Terrain, Hayland Terrain, Duncan Louca, and several others.