3D Printable Terrain & Miniature Kickstarters – January 2019

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One of the great things about our 3D printers, is the 3D terrain we can create.  This is one of the primary reasons I purchased a 3D printer.  Without high-quality files with which to print, the printers are kind of useless.   I’m going to be listing Kickstarters by the time left in their campaigns.  If I missed any, please let me know.  You can find these companies and more in our 3D Terrain directory. Finally, if you are looking at getting into printing terrain, check out this guide on getting your first 3D Printer.  Click here for December’s KickstartersClick Here for February’s Kickstarters.

Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

Savage Realms CitadelThis Kickstarter has 8 days to go.  This Kickstarter features beautifully crafted modular walls and buildings to create a custom citadel.  Whether your PCs need a base of operation, you need a custom wall for your wargame or even a centerpiece for your gaming terrain, this Kickstarter has it all.  You can even get his previous Kickstarters at a great deal that are all compatible with his OpenPeg system.  He’s sent a few pieces over for me to check out.  They print really well.  

Gamescape 3D / Jeremy Gosser in the directory

Check out the Mini-Keep Sample on Thingiverse

The Makerfun3D Interview with Jeremy Gosser of Gamescape 3D

Haldane Creations interview with Jeremy Gosser

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2nddynasty/starship-iii-fully-3d-printable-28mm-spaceships?This Kickstarter has 15 days to go.  As the title says, this is the third Starship Kickstarter that 2nd Dynasty has done.  This one features fully printable ships with full interiors for Roleplaying games or as scenery for a war game. They would also make some pretty amazing objective markers for a war game. I’ll admit, I am seriously thinking about firing up a Starfinder game, to use this ship in. 

2nd Dynasty in the directory

Beasts of War Weekender Interview with Ben Mowbray

Check out the Kickstarter Live Stream

Sci-fi terrain for tabletop games

This Kickstarter has 37 hours to go.  This is a relatively simple Kickstarter that features stairs, walkways and some scatter terrain for your Sci-fi (and honestly modern) tabletop game.  When I say simple, I mean it in the best way possible.  It is one thematic piece, at a low price point.

Tainted Brush Studio in the directory

The Skyless Realms - 3D Printable Tabletop ModelsThis Kickstarter has 3 days to go.  This is a fantasy niche that has not been tackled before, it’s Dark Elf terrain.  This is a beautifully created world he has designed and features a new piece called “Dungeon Sticks”.  It reminds me of scatter blocks, with a touch of tiles without the tiles.  This is a different concept that combines a battlemat with scatter terrain to build the dungeon instead of straight up dungeon tiles.  Lots of innovation, and collaboration in this Kickstarter

EC3D / Evan Carothers in the directory

The Fallen Titans Terrain and Miniatures

This Kickstarter has 4 days to go.  He has taken a “Titan Skeleton” and used it to base several terrain pieces off of.  He then uses those models and places them in different “areas” like overgrown, and cold regions.  

Omegames Miniatures in the directory


Kingdoms of HellThis Kickstarter has 7 days to go.  Kingdoms of Hell is something different.  First of all, it is a lot of awesome looking miniatures and gaming terrain.  Next, it is a Role Playing Game using Ill Gotten Games’ D6 Modular Engine.  Finally, it is ALSO a skirmish war game using the miniatures you print, or have laying around to form bands of demons to duke it out.  It’s also cross-compatible with the RPG system.  This is quite a bit of content for one Kickstarter.  

Ill Gotten Games in the directory

Primeval Forest - 3D Printed Trees for Miniature Wargaming

This Kickstarter has 7 days to go.  This is a fairly straight forward campaign.  It’s all about trees.  So far, 2 stretch goals have been released.  It’s only $10 to jump into.  I have high hopes for more Greebles coming from a guy that bills himself as “The Exotic Greeble”.

The Exotic Greeble in the directory

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1419392625/3d-printable-scifi-structures-for-tabletop-gaming-1This Kickstarter has  8 days to go.  Project Mobius brings us another set of terrain for your Sci-Fi gaming table.  This campaign features armaments, tiles, scatter terrain and walls for your game. He has a very thematic look to his pieces bringing them all together.  There are also add-ons for his previous 3 Sci-Fi structure campaigns to be added.  

Project Mobius in the directory


WOWBuildings further Space Adventures 3D print STL files

This Kickstarter has 11 days to go. This is WOW’s 3rd Sci-Fi / Space themed Kickstarter (and 7th overall).  This one features all kinds of terrain and items for your Sci-fi based gaming table.  From tanks and walkers, to gun emplacements, roads, buildings and more, this has pretty much everything you would want.  If you need further Sci-fi terrain, check this one out.  

WOW Buildings in the directory

Road to collapse - Modern & post apo scenery

This Kickstarter has 12 days to go.  This is a Kickstarter for 20mm scenery.  He has the conversion in the Kickstarter, and it can be scaled down to 15mm and up to 28mm.  This is both fully built, and destroyed versions of the terrain.  There is also an “empty”, non furnished version of the terrain.  Through Christmas you can get it on sale, as well. 

Eskice Miniature in the directory

Tilescape GOTHIC CITY 3D Printable Modular Building SystemThis Kickstarter has 14 days to go.  As the name says, this is a “Gothic City” and looks beautiful.  This is a VERY ambitious project (like Rocket Pig tends to do).  Tons of buildings, walkways, water features, plus amazing addons that add an airship, steamship (this is something that has been missing in the community) and SO much more.  And by more, I mean tons of monsters even.  

Rocket Pig Games in the directory


BattleFXThis Kickstarter has 15 days to go.  This is an interesting Kickstarter that adds effects to models on the battlefield.  Rockets, fireballs, guns firing.  It enhances your models.  It also features battlefield effects for when when things go BOOM.  Check out this Kickstarter for something new in the 3D Printing realm. 

Deadly Print Studio in the directory


Titans of Legend

This Kickstarter has 22 days to go.  Valendar has been working on this Kickstarter for some time.  I watched him working on minis for it on his live stream and he has been showing them off.  All of that time and effort have come to fruition with this Kickstarter giants of legend.  The Kickstarter also features rules for these characters for D&D 5e.  They are optimized for FDM and Resin printing.  Check out this moderately priced Kickstarter featuring a number of cool models to print and use in your games. 

Valendar / William Charles Chamberlin in the directory

YouTube Live Streams featuring his work on Titans of Legend

Undersea Adventures - NPCs and Scatter

This Kickstarter has 25 days to go.  This is a new Kickstarter that features terrain and NPCs for an underwater adventure.  This includes 8 miniatures and a bunch of small scatter items.



WOR - The World of INFERNO

Worlds Over Run: Inferno - The Reaper

Reaper Model printed at 80% on Anycubic Photon.

This Kickstarter has 27 days to go.  This is the latest Kickstarter from Worlds Over Run and features a hellscape look.  From the incredible Reaper model to terrain tiles that are made to work as scatter terrain as well.  This one even features a Special Buy on Ender 3s that have been upgraded with many of the most important upgrades.  

Worlds Over Run in the directory





Riders Of The Storm: Elves, Dwarfs Miniatures and Dragons

This was all printed at once on the Anycubic Chiron. I still need to clean up the printing profile.

This Kickstarter is in Late Pledging.    This is another very ambitious project by Lovecraft Design & Manufacture.  You probably saw some of his recent work in either All Roads Lead to Rome or the Lost Dragons Kickstarters.  This time, he has turned his eye to Dragon Riders, Heroes, and a game coming up in the future and the minis for it.  Oh yea, and it has terrain, too.  ‘Bridgeton’ modular Bridge village looks simply amazing.  I’ve even printed one of the samples on the Anycubic Chiron I am testing. 

Interview with Iain Lovecraft about Riders of the Storm

Lovecraft Design and Manufacture in the directory

Dwarves, Elves and DemonsThis Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  This latest epic Kickstarter from Printable Scenery.  It features fantasy themed scatter terrain for Dwarves, Elves, and of course, demons.  This is a huge kickstarter and you can pledge for several earlier Kickstarters they have done and save some money there, as well. 

Printable Scenery in the directory


28mm Modular Buildings & Scenery - OpenLOCK 3D Printable #2

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is the second modular building Kickstarter from Hayland Terrain.  This features industrial, western, and other types of buildings in a modular format.  This is a pretty ambitious Kickstarter and features a number of good looking buildings and some great scatter terrain.  

Hayland Terrain in the directory


Steve Hampson By Steve Hampson 8 created Following Modelling Miniatures - Digital modelling for 3D PrintingThis Kickstarter has finished. Steve is back with his book 2 for Modeling Miniatures guide.  The first one is free, and the second one is pledge what you will.  These are two books to get you really started in the realm of modeling miniatures for 3D Printing.  

Day 1 / Steve Hampson

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a Kickstarter for 1 miniature, the Cage Troll.  I have to admit, it looks like a pretty nice, stylized miniature.  

Goblin Toe Games in the directory



For those of you in this boat, I created a guide on how to get prints done if you don’t own one, plus a selection of printers that would be great for this kind of work.