All Roads Lead to Rome – Kickstarter by Iain Lovecraft

All Roads Lead to RomeIf you are active in any of the Facebook groups, you have probably seen posts about All Roads Lead to Rome.  This is a terrific looking Kickstarter from Iain Lovecraft.  This is his 3rd Kickstarter.  I’ve been talking with Iain for a bit, and he sent me over some pieces to print. From miniatures to terrain pieces, this is an extremely extensive Kickstarter that gives you and your players a world to live in.


All Roads Lead to Rome – Miniatures

All Roads Lead to Rome-MiniaturesThe first pieces I received were some of the miniatures.  These are exquisite looking and very thematic.  They are Roman, and would make terrific bystanders to give a table a lot more flavor.  I printed these out on my Anycubic Photon to really get a feeling for the exquisite detail involved.  The three he sent over were the Vox Populi, the Veteran, and the Buccina player (Don’t do what I did, and snip the piece off his shoulder thinking it was a support).  As you can see, these minis look terrific.  The top ones were right off the 3D Printer, and the 2nd set of photos was after I had primed them.  

Today, Iain released a free miniature.  This new miniature is “Lotricis – the Washer Woman”.  This was just released today, and I have not had the opportunity to put it on my 3D Printer yet.  

As you can see, these models are pretty spectacular.  And, so far, I’ve only covered 1/3 of the Kickstarter materials!  

All Roads Lead to Rome – City Pack

All Roads Lead to Rome-Modular buildingThe city pack features a number of buildings and roads to build up your city.  You have numerous roads to choose from, as well as a multi-level building that is very modular.  From there, there are terrain pieces like statues, fountains, trees and shrubs.  Using the modular terrain, you can build all kinds of homes, businesses, and public spaces.  I highly recommend heading over to the Kickstarter and checking these out.  I could list them all out, but that would be kind of boring.  

All Roads Lead to Rome – Underworld

All Roads Lead to Rome-walkwayIn the underworld you will find the sewers (lovingly recreated from actual real-world examples), pipes, walls, The Oculus, and many more.  You will find nefarious dealings, cellars, and storage in this section of the Kickstarter.  There are numerous items here, as well to flesh out a table. With this Kickstarter, you can easily flesh out a town, or several towns with the people, the places, and the unseen places for your players to traverse.

All Roads Lead to Rome – Where we are going

All Roads Lead to Rome-HippodromeThis Kickstarter has already unlocked 17 stretch goals.  The Arena, the Baths, the Hippodrome, war elephant, and even a Roman War Galley are all within reach.  Those are the ones I am personally most interested in putting on my 3D Printer.  There are only 9 more stretch goals, and I think they are all very reachable.  

All Roads Lead to Rome - StatueThis is the base of one of the stretch goals, to show how good they look.  Unfortunately, the whole model failed to print.  (This is a valuable lesson, when I looked at the .gcode file, I saw that the whole model wasn’t there… so check before you print).  I am including this to show how good they look on FDM.  These are clean, good looking terrain pieces that work great for historic, and fantasy games, giving you a more thematic location than the generic Medieval Europe most are built on.  

You can find out more about Iain Lovecraft, and the scope of this incredible Kickstarter, in this interview I did when the Kickstarter first arrived.

Finally, if you missed out on his previous Kickstarter for “Jungle Fever” it too is available as part of a pledge.  

This Kickstarter is down to its final week, so now is the time to jump in and help it be wildly successful and unlock all of the awesome stretch goals!