Star Wars Legion – Desert buildings by Terrain 4 Print

If you are excited like me about Fantasy Flight Games’ announcement of Star Wars Legion then maybe you saw the awesome teaser video.  The terrain they used for Endor and Tatooine was great.  That brings me to terrain for these. 

 Terrain 4 Print has created an awesome series of modular arabic buildings that would be a natural fit for a Star Wars Legion battle in the desert.  Seriously, go to Wargame Vault and check these out. 

Now that the game has come out, I would recommend scaling this up a bit.  They are a bit small for the 32mm Star Wars Legion scale.  

I’ve created another post with more terrain that I think would would great for Star Wars Legion.  Down below, you can see what I printed from this terrain set.

If you don’t own a printer, I have created a Gamer’s Guide for 3D printing terrain. There are a number of resources on where to get prints made, and printers themselves are pretty inexpensive, and great for wargamers.  The guide will instruct you about those choices.


Here are a couple of photos, raw off the printer: 

Terrain 4 Print - Two story with Domed roof Terrain 4 Print - Two story with Domed roof disassembled