Anycubic Chrion – Live build and Preview

Anycubic ChironAnycubic was kind enough to send over an Anycubic Chiron for review.  I put it together on a live stream last night.  The first thing you will notice about this printer, is its SIZE.  With a 400mm x 400mm x 450mm build volume, this thing is massive. It is in the same size range as the Creality 3D CR-10s S4.  The Anycubic Chiron beats it on prce and build volume.  It also weighs a ton.  (The box was 51 lbs).  I really can’t wait to get some large pieces of terrain on this.  One of the features that really excites me, is the auto-level.  Like my Anycubic Kossel, they have a small probe that attaches to the hot end and you can measure the bed.  You put in a Z offset (the probe goes below the nozzle, so it is not a fully automated bed leveling), and you have the right distance to the bed.  They call it matrix leveling.  

When unboxing it, something else kind of blew me away.  All the additional parts.  From 5 nozzle cleaning pins to spare nozzles, extra wheels and even a full roll (1 KG) of filament.  Oh yea, it also came with a spare hot end!   One thing that really stood out when building it, was the modularity .  The hot end plugs in, so you can swap it easy.  This is something I’d love to see in more 3D Printers.

It runs a little high on power consumption, but this is a huge 400x400mm build surface that needs heated.  It would run over 500w of power heating up the hot end and plate.  I hope over time that power draw goes down.  

All in all, the build quality on the Anycubic Chiron is very solid.  I thought for the size, it would take a while to put together.  While, it would be a lot easier with two people because of the size and awkwardness, it actually went together in around 30 minutes.  It comes mostly assembled and assembled well. 

The touch screen interface is really nice.  It is a major upgrade from the standard Marlin interfaces you see on most other budget priced 3D Printers.

If you are interested in one of these 3D Printers, I received mine from Amazon with 2 day prime shipping.

Here is my Live Build of the Anycubic Chiron: