Since they are similar, I am now linking my Patreon List to this page.  Along with Kickstarter, we have a number of great community members that post great new content regularly.  

One of the great things about our 3D printers, is the 3D terrain we can create.  This is one of the primary reasons I purchased a 3D printer.  Without high-quality files with which to print, the printers are kind of useless.   I’m going to be listing Kickstarters by the time left in their campaigns.  If I missed any, please let me know.  You can find these companies and more in our 3D Terrain directory. Finally, if you are looking at getting into printing terrain, check out this guide on getting your first 3D Printer.  Click here for November’s KickstartersClick here for January’s Kickstarters.

Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

This Kickstarter has 4 days to go.  This is a Kickstarter for 1 miniature, the Cage Troll.  I have to admit, it looks like a pretty nice, stylized miniature.  

Goblin Toe Games in the directory



28mm Modular Buildings & Scenery - OpenLOCK 3D Printable #2

This Kickstarter has 12 days to go.  This is the second modular building Kickstarter from Hayland Terrain.  This features industrial, western, and other types of buildings in a modular format.  This is a pretty ambitious Kickstarter and features a number of good looking buildings and some great scatter terrain.  

Hayland Terrain in the directory

Sci-fi terrain for tabletop games

This Kickstarter has 31 days to go.  This is a relatively simple Kickstarter that features stairs, wlakways and some scatter terrain for your Sci-fi (and honestly modern) tabletop game.  When I say simple, I mean it in the best way possible.  It is one themeatic piece, at a low price point.

Tainted Brush Studio in the directory

Road to collapse - Modern & post apo scenery

This Kickstarter has 42 days to go.  This is a Kickstarter for 20mm scenery.  He has the conversion in the Kickstarter, and it can be scaled down to 15mm and up to 28mm.  This is both fully built, and destroyed versions of the terrain.  There is also an “empty”, non furnished version of the terrain.  Through Christmas you can get it on sale, as well. 

Eskice Miniature in the directory



Riders Of The Storm: Elves, Dwarfs Miniatures and Dragons

This was all printed at once on the Anycubic Chiron. I still need to clean up the printing profile.

This Kickstarter is in Late Pledging.    This is another very ambitious project by Lovecraft Design & Manufacture.  You probably saw some of his recent work in either All Roads Lead to Rome or the Lost Dragons Kickstarters.  This time, he has turned his eye to Dragon Riders, Heroes, and a game coming up in the future and the minis for it.  Oh yea, and it has terrain, too.  ‘Bridgeton’ modular Bridge village looks simply amazing.  I’ve even printed one of the samples on the Anycubic Chiron I am testing. 

Interview with Iain Lovecraft about Riders of the Storm

Lovecraft Design and Manufacture in the directory

Dwarves, Elves and DemonsThis Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  This latest epic Kickstarter from Printable Scenery.  It features fantasy themed scatter terrain for Dwarves, Elves, and of course, demons.  This is a huge kickstarter and you can pledge for several earlier Kickstarters they have done and save some money there, as well. 

Printable Scenery in the directory


WOR EPIC ENCOUNTERSThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is the latest idea from Worlds Over Run.  It is an epic creature and terrain and other pieces that go with it.  This first one has a hill giant and swamp creature.  As an add-on, you can purchase a full encounter for these as well.  

Worlds Over Run in the directory


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND - £2 RPG & Wargame Scenery Printables

This Kickstarter has finished.  Ever want a 3D Printable Advent Calendar?  Well, today is your lucky day, since it is BACK!  Featuring a TON of fantasy and science fiction scenery, with new pieces going up daily for the month of December.  He’s also offering his modeling books as upgrades to this Kickstarter.  

Day 1 / Steve Hampson in the directory

MAV3RICK - Modular 3D Printable Tank Kit in 28mm ScaleThis Kickstarter has finished.  Mav3rick is a tank kit that features full customization for your needs.  It features a number of tops, sides and front armors that feature different weapons load-outs or looks.  It’s actually a pretty cool looking tank from the renders.  

Treadhead Rad in the directory


Magnificity: Guido's Shipping Yard - Printable STL files

This Kickstater has finished.  This is the latest Kickstarter rom Kieran.  This is first modern Kickstarter.  Kieran is the master of the small, inexpensive Kickstarter. 

Kieran Billings Terrain in the directory


3D printable Sci- Fi and Apocalyptic SceneryThis Kickstarter has finished.  This new one by Eslo features a ton of scifi and apocalyptic terrain.  There are a ton of different pieces that are part of this Kickstarter and obviously, multiple genres.

Eslo Terrain in the directory


The World at War part III printable terrain

This Kickstarter has finished.  3D Print Terrain is back for a whopping 17th Kickstarter.  This is his 3rd set of terrain featuring World War 2 terrain.  Building, Trolleys and many more items are up on this one.  

3D Print Terrain in the directory


3D Printable Dungeon Prop Models Tabletop Gaming 28/32mmThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is a smaller Kickstarter featuring a number of items to use for dungeon dressings.  From fires to crystals, skulls, and many more.  There is even an added level that features the tombstones from his previous Kickstarter.  

Michael Novelo in the directory



This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a simple kickstarter featuring a cool looking alter and some miniatures.  This would be terrific in a scifi game as well as a fantasy game.  

Fabio in the directory



Space Battles with WOW Factor 3D print STL files

This Kickstarter has finished.  3D Printable SPACESHIPS!  Ok, I’ll admit, I think this is pretty cool.  It’s a spaceship you could have your players use in an RPG like Starfinder or other things.  It could be used as sci-fi terrain.  Lots of uses pop to mind.  

WOW Buildings in the directory


Antenociti's Workshop stl files for 3D Printing

This Kickstarter has finished.  These are some cool looking vehicles for games like Infinity and other sci-fi games.  I’m really not sure what else to say about this one.  The models look good. 

Antenociti’s Workshop in the directory


Medieval Scenery - 3D Printable Terrain and Props

This Kickstarter has finished.  It features a collection of Medieval or fantasy town.  It features a wide range of props from buildings to interiors, to road and riverway tiles.  This is a pretty complete Kickstarter.  

Dark Realms Forge in the directory


28 mm Warplanes

This Kickstarter has finished.  3D Wargaming is back with their second selection of 3D Printable WWII models.  This time, it is aircraft from the era.  So, between the two Kickstarters, you now have the vehicles for the land and air of WWII.  I’ll admit the B-29 Super Fortress looks awesome.  It’s always been one of my favorite WWII era planes.  

Due to anti-consumer behavior, I am not linking to his Kickstarter.



For those of you in this boat, I created a guide on how to get prints done if you don’t own one, plus a selection of printers that would be great for this kind of work.