Tevo Tarantula PRO

In the very beginning, Tevo had the Tarantula this 3D printer made them what they are to today and now its getting an upgrade. TEVO plans to release a new and improved version of their Tarantula calling it the Tarantula Pro. TEVO printers have always been great quality for the price, and from the looks of it, the Tarantula Pro is no exception.

At A Glance

From the 3D CAD drawings of the Tarantula Pro, you can see the differences between the Pro and the Tarantula. On the old Tarantula, the display was not attached to the mainframe. Whereas on the new pro, the screen is built into the lime green frame. The next significant change for the advantage is the circuit board. The Tarantula Pro appears to have hidden the main board like most printers.

Overall the Tarantula Pro looks good, very minimalistic but very professional. TEVO appears to have gone for a beautiful lime green and black colour scheme which, to be honest, looks charming. The only thing that could make it look better, in my eyes, would be if the lime green panels were a beautiful brushed aluminium finish. From also just looking at the printer I cannot seem to find any IO ports. So I am still unsure if the Tarantula Pro will be using micro SD, SD or even USB 3.0.

Where to PRE-ORDER Tevo Tarantula Pro!


The Specifications

TEVO is currently taking preorders for the Tarantula Pro and has fully released the specifications.

  • Brand Name: TEVO
  • CE Certification: Yes
  • Model Number :Tarantula Pro
  • Color Print Speed: 60mm/s-150mm/s
  • Build volume: 235 x 235 x 250 mm | 9.25 x 9.25 x 9.84 inch
  • Layer resolution: 0.05mm-0.35mm
  • Heat bed type: MK3 Heat Bed
  • Supported materials: PLA, ABS, Flexible PLA, Wood, PVA, HIPS
  • Extruder: Volcano
  • Power Supply: 24V 8.5A 200W/FCC ROSH CE
  • Control board: MKS GenL V1.0 ,MKS MINI12864 LCD Display
  • Support for slicing software: Simplify3D/Cura/Slic3r/Repetier/EasyPrint 3D/CraftWare/TinkerCAD/
  • Assembly model: DIY KITS (Prebuilt Mainboard Wires, rest of kits DIY) NOT PREASEMBLED
  • Upgrade feature: TMC2208/TMC2100/Laser /Wifi APP Printing/Blt…

What Is The Difference

LCD Screen – The LCD screen is integrated into a plate that you can slide into the front of the Tarantula pro. On the old Tarantula, this was not like this at all. The screen was on a plastic bracket with a wire going to the control board.

Metal Plates – On all of the brackets there are green aluminium plates on the Tarantula pro, this will make it more sturdy. The old Tarantula it had black acrylic plastic, that can break easily if you don’t watch what you are doing.

Bed Size – Tarantula Pro 235 by 235 X and Y with a Z of 250, the standard Tarantula had 200 y by 200 x by 200 z.

Volcano HotendThe Tarantula pro comes with a faster printing hotend, it also comes with the TEVO Little Monster and the Tevo Flash. The standard Tarantula comes with Chimera slower printing speeds

Titan Extruder – Tarantula Pro Lightweight made with ejection moulded parts for better performance, The old tarantula is an MK8 extruder not lightweight less performance.


Layer Cooling –  New printer comes with Two-Layer cooling fans which will help allot with overhangs. The Tarantula came with no layer cooling.

Electronics – All of the Electronics is enclosed into the base of the machine, excellent cable management. Unlike the standard Tarantula the control board was attached to the side with transparent acrylic brackets less cable management, messy.

Power Switch – Now there is an on-off switch, In other words, Tarantula you had to switch it on and off from the wall or unplug it.

Upgrade feature – Antclabs BLTouch this sensor is suitable to use on any print surface, glass, plastic, PEI, aluminium or filaprint accurate. For instance, less accurate could not be used on thick glass or plastic, had to be used on a metal print surface because it’s an inductive bed sensor.

Upgrade feature – Wifi app printing. Now, this is something new never heard of TEVO talking about this,

upgrade featureTMC2208/TMC2100 for more accurate prints and quieter.

Upgrade featureLaser engraving more options to what you can do with this machine.

Bed Wheels –  Big turn wheels to adjust your bed, the Tarantula had these small bolts that you had to turn which were annoying.

Above all, the Tevo Tarantula Pro looks to be a much better machine with a lot of options. The hot end assembly to me seems to be precisely like the Tevo Flash excellent cable management. Tevo has had many new printers since the tarantula, and to me, it looks like they have listened to the community. Learned from some of there mistakes this to me seems to be a promising machine, just like the other 3D printers. The information above is only from what we have seen from the render and information on the internet; some of this might not be accurate.

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