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The Anycubic Vyper has big features at a low price

Anycubic is known for making great 3D Printers.  The Anycubic Vyper is gearing up to be another one.  One of my all-time favorite 3D Printers comes from Anycubic, the venerable Kossel Linear Plus.  For a MASSIVE print size, there is the Anycubic Chiron which is another terrific 3D Printer.  And honestly the Anycubic Photon is the first resin 3D Printer that made major in-roads into the gamer/miniature market. So, we are all on the same page, Anycubic is known for making great 3D Printers across a number of sizes.  The Vyper is the latest from them.

What is the Anycubic Vyper?

You may be asking yourself, what sets this 3D printer apart?  

  • Smart Leveling system to automatically adjust bed leveling.  This takes away one of the biggest headaches in the 3D Printing world
  • Spring Steel magnetic bed. Easily remove prints.  No need for tape, glue, or other adhesives.  
  • Large, 4.3″ touch screen.  
  • Dual-fan print cooling to remove heat more evenly and faster.
  • Faster print speed (with better cooling, you see higher speeds — up to 100mm/s — with the same print quality)
  • Larger standard sized printing.  I usually see printers as small, medium, large, and huge beds.  This bed is larger than a medium bed but smaller than a large bed at 245 mm x 245 mm x 260 mm.  That is a lot more print area than smaller beds that come on the Ender 3 or Prusa i3 MKS3.
  • Filament sensor – resume your print if you run out of filament or you have a break in the filament.  Save those long prints from failure.
  • 32 bit motherboard based on Cortex M3 architecture.   I don’t know a lot about these boards, but I know the Cortex M3 is an ARM based board, and upgrading to 32 bit board should give us more precision in prints.
  • Simple, modular design for assembly.  This should make building it easier and less prone to user induced failures.
  • Modular print head to easily replace the print head, fan, etc. 
  • Built-in print lighting – very cool idea to add by default.
  • Integrated tool box – Cool addition, I won’t have to 3D Print one for this printer.  🙂 

That is a lot of features and accessories out of the box.  And for a standard $359 price, that is terrific.  

Anycubic Vyper Pre-Release Sale 

Anycubic is releasing 3000 units on June 10th for a special sale price of $299.  The launch will be at 7:00 AM PT / 4:00 PM CEST. (For those in America / Europe).  

The regular price on these will be $359 I am told.  So that is a decent savings off the retail price.

Anycubic Vyper Garden Contest – With Cults 3D

Anycubic is also partnering with Cults 3Dfor the #ANYCUBICGARDEN contest. It runs from June 5, 2021 to August 5, 2021.  You can find out more about the contest here: 

To participate, you will need to publish a model (or more than one) on Cults 3D related to the garden theme.  It has to be submitted for free with the Creative Common CC-BY License.  The  winners will be chosen by a panel of judges based on 4 criteria (check the website above for more information on this).  

There will be 3 winners: 

  • 1st prize : An Anycubic Vyper 3D printer worth $359 – more info on this 3D printer here and six 1kg spools of PLA Anycubic filament worth $174.
  • 2nd prize : An Anycubic Vyper 3D printer worth $359 – more info on this 3D printer here and two 1kg spools of PLA Anycubic filament worth $58.
  • 3rd prize : An Anycubic Vyper 3D printer worth $359.

The Anycubic Vyper Release

The Anycubic Vyper should start shipping at the end of June. Right now, it’s still a little early, but the specs sound great.  It’s got some cool features you don’t find at this price point, so we continue to see innovation on the lower end 3D Printers that are inexpensive enough to be accessible to new people looking to start 3D Printing as well as those that are looking to upgrade from an Ender 3 or some other older 3D Printer with newer technology.

Where to buy the Anycubic Vyper

Right now, there are not a lot of options, but as the Vyper is released to more retail outlets, it will have further availability.  


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