Sovol 3D SV02 Preview and Live Build Video

My main workhorse 3D Printer is the Sovol 3D SV01.  This 3D Printer can print miniatures with a .08 mm layer height and can also print terrain with the generous 280 x 240 x 300 mm build area.  I was very excited when Sovol 3D offered me a SV02 to review, which I am thankful to them for sending it to me.  The Sovol 3D SV02 is very much like the SV01.  It has the same build area of 280 x 240 x 300 mm (though, in dual color printing, it is reduced to 240 x 220 x 300mm).  It has an ultrabase like glass bed, and a full, square base for added stability.  Also, like its predecessor it has a Meanwell power supply which is a step up over the inexpensive power supplies you find in most 3D Printers at this price point.  It has a number of additional features I’ll talk about in just a bit.  This 3D Printer also has a 2 in 1 out print head to allow for dual color printing.

Sovol 3D SV02 Features

  • Dual filament printing : 2-in-1-out hot end allows for printing with 2 colors of filament.
  • Silent Board : with TMC2208 drivers
  • Meanwell Power Supply : Higher quality power supply to print safely. 
  • Dual Z-Axis motors : This helps to keep the gantry even while printing.  
  • Resume printing : Allows you to resume from your last layer printed. 
  • Textured glass plate : This is an Ultrabase like glass surface that holds your print while warm, but releases as it cools. 
  • Color touch screen : This is a nice, smooth display.  No buttons/knobs. 
  • Rubber Feet : This may seem like a nonsensical item, but this unit has nice, rubber feet.  It gets the base off of the surface you have printer on and helps reduce jitters.
  • Yellow Bed Springs and Large Level Knobs :  The yellow springs help hold the bed level longer and the large level knobs make leveling the bed so much easier.  Great Quality of Life additions.
  • Fully built, Square base : Some printers save money by not building a full-square base.  Those H-style bases are not as stable (in my opinion).  This uses more material and works better. 
  • Optional: BL Touch ready : If you want to add a BL touch, you can, easily.    

This printer has a number premium features that usually cost quite a bit extra to update your printer with.  And this is done at pretty inexpensive $349.00 price tag.

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Sovol 3D SV02 Upgrades

Y Rail ProtectorMuch like my SV01 I don’t see a lot of need to update this 3D Printer.  That being said, I have added one modification on my SV01 and now the SV02.  It is a Rail cover for the Y Pully.  It’s a free print from Thingiverse and I like how it protects the roller.  



Sovol 3D SV02 Prints

The first print I have printed on this, came off the MicroSD card.  It is a butterfly that prints in place and is fully articulate and each panel alternates color.  It prints on a raft and once it came off the raft, it was fully articulating.  To say that I was impressed is a bit of an understatement.  It was fully articulated and looks great. As time goes on, I’ll add to this to show what the printer is capable of.  

Butterfly Fully Articulated - Dual filament

Butterfly Fully Articulated - Dual filament









Sovol 3D SV02 Unboxing Video