Resin Curing from Sovol 3D – The Sovol 3D SL-1 Review

Sovol SL1 - Lights OnSovol SL1 - Top offSovol 3D has made great strides in creating pieces and parts for resin printing.  From the SL1 for curing to the SL2 for washing, and even vats and even a magnetic flex bed to get your prints off easier. This review is for the SL1, their Resin Curing machine.  This has a solar powered turn table in the base and and an enclosure that has UV LED lights up the side and a window in it.  It is a very simply built machine.  It has a power switch, Go button, reset button, and you can toggle between 2, 4, and 6 minutes.  While the UV is on the turntable will move, giving even curing on all sides of the model.  

It is not a large curing machine, but it is big enough for what I print on my Elegoo Mars, Photon or Phrozen Sonic Mini.  Though, only the largest models printing on my Saturn would not fit.  There is quite a bit of vertical space available, but horizontal space is at a premium.  If your primary use case is smaller items like miniatures, this should not be a problem.  Since I received this I’ve only used my old “breadbox” curing box once.  It works really well and does a good job curing the prints.  The other great part is that it is small and light.  There is a good seal between the base and the hood as well.  

I have had one issue with it.  The power connector has come loose on me.  I had to unscrew the screws in the top to get inside the electronics.  It’s just a simple nut type item that came loose.  I tightened it and that fixed the problem.  VERY minor issue, super simple to solve, but I want to point out everything I have run into with this.  The nice thing about the turn table, is they are inexpensive and easy to replace it it were to break.  I’ve purchased 2 previously, so I know they are inexpensive.  

If you are looking for an alternative to a nail curing station, $39.99 is not a lot to spend on a unit like this ( SovolAmazon | AliExpress ).  This has also been featured in my resin printer toolbox.

Here are a couple of videos of the Sovol 3D SL1 in action: