Orange 30 – SLA – DLP 3D Resin Printer – Order now on Kickstarter! 

Longer 3D - Orange 30The Orange 30 is a new 3D Printer from Longer 3D.  This is a relatively unknown company here in the US, but if you have purchased an Alfawise FDM 3D Printer, you have one of their 3D Printers. The Orange 30 is now live on Kickstarter.  It is starting at $199, which is one heck of a buy for a 3D Printer like this.  August 2019 is their target ship date for this printer.  This is not their first SLA printer either, so I would think they have a handle on lead times.

I generally don’t pay much attention to Kickstarter 3D Printers, but after having owned 2 Alfawise 3D Printers, I am inclined to give Longer 3D the benefit of the doubt.  (Much like if another major Chinese brand did this).  This is not a fly-by-night operation.  They actually build for both the hobby and professional market.  From a gaming perspective, they seem very interested in the gaming market, and getting their 3D Printers to be used by gamers for miniatures and other fine-quality prints.

Specifications for the Orange 30: 

Orange 30 by Longer 3DPrint size: 120 mm x 68 mm x 170 mm.  This is a bit larger than the Photon build volume.  

LCD Resolution : 2560 x 1440, 47.24 um

Temperature Failsafe: It has a temperature failsafe to keep the resin in the proper temperature levels.  

Upgrades: If this is anything like the two 3D Printers I own, we will see regular firmware updates, and they are REALLY easy to install.  You put the update on the card, and boot the printer with it in there, and it automatically updates.  

Hardware/Software: They are developing their own firmware, and they tell me their own slicer.  I have asked if another slicer will work.  

Drive: It uses a USB drive to print models from. 

Find out more on the Facebook Launch Page.

With the Kickstarter running full-tilt, they have started to take down Stretch goals.  Already it includes several parts you need more of, like gloves, funnels, and release film.  They are also including an additional resin tank.  They are getting close to an upgrade of an additional LCD screen as well.  

Longer 3D - Orange 30 - Stretch Goals









You can check out their announcement video here: