Tevo Tarantula Pro

Tevo Tarantula ProMy first 3D Printer, many years ago, was a Tevo Tarantula.  After many hours of assembly, I finally got my first, partial print before it failed.  A few tweaks and eventually, I got my first cube.  The Tevo Tarantula Pro  ($200 with coupon code: BGTarantula) is the updated design of their venerable Kit build 3D Printer.  Instead of fragile, inexpensive acrylic, this new one uses metal components.  Instead of a basic hot end, that you have to print a part cooler for, this one comes with part cooling integrated.  The board is placed under the printer in this new model and not hanging off the side.  It’s just a much nicer, upgraded look overall.

Like its predecessor, it is a kit build.  You get a box of parts, and get to put it together.  This is both good and bad.  It lets you intimately understand what goes where and how your 3D Printer is built.  It also intrudes more chances for user induced errors, much longer build times, and frustrations by those that are less mechanically inclined.  Honestly, I think putting together at least one kit printer is a good exercise for everyone.  You really do learn a lot. 

Tevo Tarantula Pro Specifications:

Hot End: Volcano

Extruder: Titan

Print Volume: 235 mm x 235 mm x 250 mm

Print Tech: FDM/FFF

Can’t wait to try the Tevo Tarantula Pro

I’m looking forward to trying this printer out.  I’ve been seeing that it takes about 3 – 4 hours to build it.  So, I’ll have to dedicate a good chunk of a day to build it.  I think it will be interesting to see how Tevo has changed over the intervening years.  I’ve had a Tevo Tornado along with that original Tarantula.  I can’t wait to get back “to my roots” in 3D Printing.