Since they are similar, I am now linking my Patreon List to this page.  Along with Kickstarter, we have a number of great community members that post great new content regularly.  

One of the great things about our 3D printers, is the 3D terrain we can create.  This is one of the primary reasons I purchased a 3D printer.  Without high-quality files with which to print, the printers are kind of useless.   I’m going to be listing Kickstarters by the time left in their campaigns.  If I missed any, please let me know.  You can find these companies and more in our 3D Terrain directory. Finally, if you are looking at getting into printing terrain, check out this guide on getting your first 3D Printer.  Click here for September’s Kickstarters. Click here for November’s Kickstarters.

Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.


Future Worlds Landscapes - modular war game terrain

Future Worlds: LandscapesThis Kickstarter has 7 days to go.  Arid Hills Gaming is back with their latest Kickstarter.  This is a series of terrain that you can 3D Print and use to cover your board in hills, trenches, rivers, and more.  He’s sent a few pieces over to me, and they print beautifully and look really good.  With a little paint they look spectacular as you can see in the Kickstarter.  Check out this Kickstarter to build a beautiful table to play on.  

Arid Hills Gaming in the directory.

Wargames Sci Fi Cars STL Files

This Kickstarter has 10 days to go.  This is the latest Kickstarter from Kore.  Featuring some awesome looking sci-fi vehicles for your games.  I’m thinking these would rock for Gaslands (if you sized them down).  This Kickstarter features 13 new vehicles and you can pledge more for their earlier Kickstarters as well. 

Kore Aeronautics in the directory

Miniatures for 3D players

This Kickstarter has 11 days to go.  Cross Lances is back with a TON of miniatures models.  They pretty much run the gamut from sci-fi to fantasy, from cars to tokens.   This Kickstarter has multiple funding levels to get what you want, or juts get everything. 

Cross Lances in the directory


Tavern-Born™: Pintsized Realms - 3D Printable Kingdoms This Kickstarter has 14 days to go.  This is an interesting new addition from Hobgoblin 3D.   Really, this Kickstarter is about creating a kick-butt 3D map for your characters in your game.  I do have a friend that is contemplating up sizing it a bit for Warmaster as well.  But, the campaign map, really is where it’s at, in my opinion.  And, it would be pretty incredible to have a fully realized campaign map for your characters instead of a picture from a book. 

Hobgoblin 3D in the directory

STL & OBJ FILES FOR GERMAN TANKS & VEHICLESThis Kickstarter has 14 days to go.  This Kickstarter features a number of german vehicles and tanks from WWII.  

Tommy in the directory


Ancient Worldship corridors

This Kickstarter has 24 days to go.  This one has a bunch of sci-fi terrain.  It features a number of walls and terrain for sci fi, as well as a number of bases.  This looks like he is going for an Eldar vibe.

Laser Shark Designs in the directory


Warlayer Bridge

The Bridge from the current KS. This is made up of 4 pieces.

WarLayer- Zone OneThis Kickstarter has finished. You can late pledge. This is Andrew’s 3rd Kickstarter.  His previous two Warlayer kickstarters have been wildly successful and he has been teasing us with these for some time.  I’ve even started printing some to show off how good and far along this set is. This features a Gothic architecture that would fit in a Batman/DC game or any grimdark miniatures sci-fi game. 

Warlayer / Andrew Askedall in the directory

Interview with Andrew Askedall, the brains (and artist) behind WarLayer.

The Lost Dragons: 3D Printable Fantasy Dragons

Dragon Twin

The Dragon Twin

This Kickstarter has finished. You can late pledge still. This is a pretty incredible Kickstarter, created by the 3D Printing  Tabletop man himself, Danny Herrero.  It features a number of beautifully sculpted dragons from many of the top modelers in the community.  It’s proven, already, to be wildly popular having crushed all of its stretch goals in under 2 days.  Check it out. 

3D Printing Tabletop / Danny Herrero in the directory

Dungeon architect - Build a dungeon in a day

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a bit of an interesting Kickstarter.  Instead of printing your terrain, this Kickstarter gives you to the tools to take traditional hobby materials and give them texture to be able to be used as terrain.  It says it works on XPS foam and polymer clays.  

Wartorn Studios in the directory

The Wizard's Tower - Expansion Sets - Printable STL files

This Kickstarter has finished and is available on DriveThruRPG.  Kieran is back with another small, inexpensive Kickstarter.  It has almost reached 10 times its funding goals already.  It features a stone bridge with different options for heights and styles as well as a sacrificial set.  This is an expansion of the previous wizards tower (one of the funding levels includes it, as well)

Kieran Billings in the directory

Modelling Miniatures - A Beginners Guide Using FREE SoftwareThis Kickstarter has finished.  You see all this awesome terrain and miniatures, but how do they make it?  Steve Hampson has created some terrific guides on making your own miniatures using freely available software.  You can take that knowledge to create the next big thing out there.  

Steve Hampson / Day 1 in the directory


The World at War II printable scenery

This Kickstarter has finished.  3D Print Terrain is back with another World War 2 terrain bundle.  This one covers buildings from around the different theaters so there are very diverse terrain types in this Kickstarter. 

3D Print Terrain in the directory


3D Printable Scifi Structures for Tabletop Gaming Vol 3

This Kickstarter has finished.  It features a range of Sci-Fi buildings for your tabletop games.  This is more of a town group of sci-fi buildings that would look good in Star Wars Legion and other Sci-Fi games. 

Project Mobius in the directory


Fantasy WOW 3D printable Buildings and Terrain stl files

This Kickstarter has finished.  Wow has moved into medieval / fantasy terrain with their latest set featuring everything from sewers and cobblestone walkways to a multitude of buildings to make your table come alive.  They optimize for 15mm and 28mm printing. 

WOW Buildings in the directory


Derelict Spaceship

This Kickstarter has finished.  It features a number of space ship tiles that connect together to make the inside of a spaceship.  It looks like there is a good number of tiles available and some more have been added.  

Hermann Hillmann in the directory

Epix Haven Medieval RPG Terrain for 3D Printers

This Kickstarter has finished.  Epix Haven has created a keep and houses for a fantasy or medieval game.  This is their second Kickstarter.  

Epix Haven in the directory



Modular printable scenario

This Kickstarter has finished.  Fabio has a new modular hex-grid fantasy system for hex based miniatures games.  These actually look pretty dang good, and his paint job shows them off terrifically.  

Fabio in the directory



Axolote Hex 3d hex dungeonsThis Kickstarter has 23 hours to go.  Axolote Gaming is on their 5th Kickstarter with this one.  It is an OpenLOCK compatible hex based dungeon and terrain set.  This is a fantasy set of hex terrain for your game board. 

Axolote Gaming in the directory


Urban and Industrial 3D Printable Models Sets

This Kickstarter has 30 hours to go.  This set of 3D Printable pieces features terrain set pieces that you find randomly in a home, outside, or in an industrial setting.  It’s highly eclectic but gives you a lot of pieces to choose from.  

Tokamak Studio in the directory


28mm 3D Printable Wasteland #3- OpenLOCK - STL

This Kickstarter has 24 hours to go.  Here we are at the THIRD wasteland terrain Kickstarter from Hayland Terrain.  This one has some awesome terrain that would be perfect for Fallout or any other post apocalyptic board game.  Pick this one up, or pick up all 3.  

Hayland Games Terrain in the directory


Sci-Fi Scenery - 3D Printable Props Vehicles and Terrain

This Kickstarter has 4 days to go.  It features a number of 3D Printable Sci-fi props from vehicles to scatter terrain.  This is the first Kickstarter from War Scenery, and it looks like they have some pretty ambitious stretch goals.  If they are reached, this will be a pretty large amount of terrain for your table. 

War Scenery in the directory



For those of you in this boat, I created a guide on how to get prints done if you don’t own one, plus a selection of printers that would be great for this kind of work.