Alfawise 3D Printers.  U10, U20, and U30

Alfawise is the in-house brand for Gearbest is well known in the community for their low prices shipping 3D Printers from China.  These are clone printers, or copies of other 3D Printers.  They are iterative designs that learn from the predecessors.  Right now, they have 3 printers in the line.  The U10 is equivalent to an Anycubic Chiron or Creality 3D CR10-S4.  The U20 is a Creality CR-10 equivalent.  Finally, the U30 is equivalent to the Ender 3.  These equivalnices are all based on build volume. One thing I like about these 3D Printers, is the update schedules.  They actually releaes regular firmware updates.  That is a bit of a double-edged sword since some releases introduce bugs.  Keep an eye on the Facebook groups.  

Lets have a closer look at these 3D Printers.  I am going to go from U30 to U10 based on build volume small to large. 

Alfawise U30 3D PrinterAlfawise U30 3D Printer

The U30 is a relatively new, low cost 3D Printer from Gearbest.  It has a 220 x 220 x 250 build volume.  It includes their touch screen interface on a 2.8″ display. This is the smallest of their line right now, but it is still a pretty hefty size. 

U30 livebuild by 3DMN:–wzgVE 

Offical Alfawise U30 Guide:



Alfawise U20 3D PrinterAlfawise U20 3D Printer

The U20 is the Alfawise equvalent of a CR10.  The CR10 is a known workhorse 3D Printer and this printer is making in-road to unseat the 300 x 300 x  400mm build size 3D Printers.  This one was actually sent to me.  It’s a nice 3D Printer with a few design flaws that are easy to overcome (I’ll expand on this in my review, when it is finished).

Check out my Final Review of the Alfawise U20:

Check out my unboxing and preview:

U20 review by 3DMN:


Alfawise U10 3D PrinterAlfawise U10 3D Printer

The U10 is the monster sized version of the line.  This one is equivalent to an Anycubic Chiron or Creality CR-10 S4.  This monster has a 400 x 400 x 50mm build volume.  I don’t have this one, but I do have Chiron, and I can honestly say, these things are MASSIVE.  This print volume is insane, but if you needed it, it is there.  This one has a standard Marlin control instead of the touch screens of the smaller two, which is a shame.

U10 Unboxing by Nerys:

CR10 vs Alfawise U10:

Unboxing and Test print by 3DMN: