3D Printable Terrain & Miniature Kickstarters – October 2019

Please let me know if I am missing any campaigns.  You can find these companies and more in the 3D Terrain directory. Click here for last month’s Kickstarters.

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Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

Sector Corvus Prime: Modular 3D Printable Sci-fi Terrain

Sector Corvus Prime Modular 3D Printable Sci-fi TerrainSector Corvus Prime Modular BuildingThis Kickstarter has 11 days to go.  This is a Sci-fi terrain Kickstarter from Corvus Games Terrain.  They were one of the early modelers for Star Wars Legion and have since gone on to make a huge diverse set of terrain.  (Trust me, if you like this, check out their catalog, they have a ton of awesome terrain, and you can find examples all over this site).  This is an awesome build out for games like Kill Team and Necromunda.  Like a number of Kickstarters, this one is pretty low cost for a TON of terrain pieces.  I’ve been lucky enough to have him send some samples over.  They print really well, and look awesome.  This Kickstarter has recently announced Warlayer 4.0 compatibility.  With Dustan’s latest Kickstarter there will be a ton of options to work with Warlayer 4.0’s modular terrain system.  

Corvus Games terrain in the directory

Panhandle 3D Printing’s video on this great Kickstarter 

Thingiverse Examples for this Kickstarter

Bestiary Vol #2 – 3D Printable Models

Bestiary Vol #2 - 3D Printable ModelsThis Kickstarter has 16 days to go.  Brayan Nafarrate is back again with another awesome collection of fantasy beasts for your gaming table.  I’ve been needing to print a bunch of elementals for my summoner.  There seem to be a lot of great models for elementals in this one.  As an added bonus, you can pick up Bestiary 1 and his fantasy building Kickstarter as well as higher tier add-ons.  I’ll admit, I am a fan of his work, and like how they look.  

Brayan Nafarrate in the directory

3D Printable SciFi OpenLOCK Compatible Tiles for Gaming Vol3

3D Printable SciFi OpenLOCK Compatible Tiles for Gaming Vol3This Kickstarter has 14 hours to go. Project Mobius has released their 3rd set of sci-fi tiles with this Kickstarter.  Like their previous releases, these look really good and are OpenLOCK compatible.  

Project Mobius in the directory


Welcome to Atom City – The Atompunk printable terrain set

Welcome to Atom City - The Atompunk printable terrain setThis Kickstarter has 64 hours to go.  This Kickstarter is for a post apocalyptic miniatures game, say like Fallout.  Though, it fits with modern themes as well.  He’s even got some cool looking posters to print and add to your terrain.  This one actually seems like a pretty good deal for the amount of terrain you get.  Check it out. 

M3 Studios in the directory

WOW Urban Warfare 3D printable STL files for World War 2

WOW Urban Warfare 3D printable STL files for World War 2This Kickstarter has 3 days to go.  These are Urban World War 2 buildings for your wargame table designed for 28mm. He has designed them to be able to print well at 6mm scale as well.  From “modern” villages to industrial complexes to more rustic structures, this Kickstarter will add more diversity to your wargaming table.

WOW Buildings in the directory

3D Printable Spooky Tabletop Miniatures

Edit Post ‹ Maker Fun 3D - 3D Printing and Terrain — WordPress.htmlThis Kickstarter has 5 days to go.  It features a number of “Halloween” themed figures and their terrain pieces. Initially, that means there are 5 miniatures with matching terrain.  If it is anything like last time, there will be a large number of stretch goals added as well.  There are an additional 10 possible miniatures that can unlocked during the campaign and each one has a corresponding terrain piece.  

Mia Kay in the directory

Apocalypse Fortress – 3D Printable Fortification and Terrain

Apocalypse Fortress - 3D Printable Fortification and TerrainThis Kickstarter has 4 days to go.  This features a a large amount of scenery that would look good on many types of tables.  From Warhammer 40K to post apocalyptic games to Star Wars Legion with the bunkers.  Heck, several bunkers would look good with modern/historic as well with a little work.  This is a good looking Kickstarter that has a ton of featured terrain.  He also has add-on bundles from his previous Kickstarters.  

War Scenery in the directory

The Road to Hell – 3D Print-Ready Models

The Road to Hell - 3D Print-Ready ModelsThis Kickstarter has 6 days to go.  This is an interesting one.  It has terrain and miniatures like others I have seen featuring hellscape pieces.  This one has some cool looking vehicles to go with it, as well.  It also has a number of tiles and it looks like it uses a new tile system. 

3DRogue in the directory

Mystic Realm’s QCS: Quick Cave System 3d Tabletop Terrain

Mystic Realm's QCS: Quick Cave System 3d Tabletop TerrainThis Kickstarter has 8 days to go.  Mystic Realm is back with their latest terrain pieces.  This is their quick cave system.  They have released several terrific looking Kickstarters featuring amazing looking terrain like this latest one.  Their terrain always looks good and is great for creating a terrific underground cavern. 

Mystic Realm in the directory

Ulvheim – STL-files for a stone city

Ulvheim - STL-files for a stone cityViking TowerThis Kickstarter has 12 days to go.  This is Terrain 4 Print’s great looking stone ruins.  He’s been producing a number of them on his Patreon, and now is the time to get them for a steal.  Check out the two add-on pledge levels.  He has some terrific terrain in his back catalog (I own it all, so I MAY be a bit biased… but have a look at this viking tower.  It is one of the VERY few models I have painted.  I need to get an updated photo, since I have done more work since this example was taken.  The Ulvheim pieces look amazing.  His models always print well.  Check out this Kickstarter.

Terrain 4 Print in the directory

Panhandle 3D Printing’s video overview of Terrain 4 Print’s last Kickstarter that is available as an Add-on. 

Exo castrum – 3d printable terrain

Exo castrum - 3d printable terrainThis Kickstarter has 18 days to go.  This is s a “simple” sci-fi fort system for your tabletop games.  It features a tower, bunkers, a couple of buildings and the wall sections to create the fort itself.  There are also walkways and other scatter terrain.  It’s built very modular so the buildings, walkways, walls and more can be fit together in different ways to effect larger builds or smaller builds.  

Camaleón 3D in the directory


AMAZONS!This Kickstarter has 20 days to go.  This is the brain child of  Francesca Musumeci, from Artisan Guild.  She has released an amazingly thematic Kickstarter full of Amazons and their enemies.  It looks very cool with great looking miniatures to print.  If you want some great miniatures to print and paint, look no further.  

Artisan Guild in the directory

Lands of The Giants

Lands of The GiantsThis Kickstarter has 20 days to go.  This Kickstarter features a handful of large/giant miniatures.  For 28mm scale, these are very large models by design.  

Iron Wolf Art in the directory


Skrap Landz: 3D Printable Terrain

Skrap Landz: 3D Printable TerrainThis Kickstarter has 21 days to go.  This is a terrific looking modular terrain system that is compatible with Warlayer 4.0.  With Corvus also supporting the standard,  that makes for a HUGE array of terrain that can be built together.  Skrap Landz takes the modular system into a Post-Apocalyptic direction, but it would also be perfect for your Ork Boyz to battle over.  I could also see this being used, in a much scaled down manner, for Gaslands.

Dustan James Ross in the directory

Fishing Village

Fishing VillageThis Kickstarter has 21 days to go.  This Kickstater features a pretty extensive fishing village for 3D Printing.  It features several buildings, docks and piers, and more.  These look pretty cool.  He also includes several add-ons from his earlier Kickstarters to add some other of his cool terrain to your collection.  

Fabio in the directory

Dark Opera Space Fleet

Dark Opera Space FleetThis Kickstarter has 23 days to go.  This is a Grimdark Space battle game.  Basically, this is alternate ships for Battlefleet Gothic.  The game is all but abandoned  so this gives you a way to continue playing it.  If you like the game, this is one you will want to look at. 

Wargames 3D Print in the directory


41th century wargame building STL 3D printable files

41th century wargame building STL 3D printable filesThis Kickstarter has 31 days to go.  This is a terrain Kickstarter featuring terrain for Warhammer 40K.  This has a number of sci-fi pieces for your grimdark games.

La boîte à rabiots in the directory




Clorehaven & the Goblin GrottoThis Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  Printable Scenery brings us the town of Clorehaven above and the Goblin Grotto below.  The hamlet of Clorehaven is built from modular building blocks to create a number of distinct buildings.  The Grotto below is built up of differing pieces of terrain to create a massive underground lair.  

Printable Scenery in the directory

Cochin Industrial District - 3d Printable World BuildingThis Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  This is Imperial Terrain’s first Foray into the world of Kickstarter.  Their terrain has been wildly successful making terrain for Star Wars Legion and other sci-fi properties.  Imperial Terrain has been a great friend to this site and you will find references to their models all over the site and I have printed a ton.  This Kickstarter is all about a sci-fi shipping yard, though most pieces could easily fit into a more modern setting as well.  This is heroic scale terrain and is meant to print supportless.  As I said above, I have printed a TON of Imperial Terrain terrain and it all prints terrific.  This Kickstarter also features several sculpts from the talented Skull Forge Miniatures.

Imperial Terrain in the directory

The Wilds of Wintertide - 3D Printable Tabletop ModelsThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is the latest brain child of Evan Carothers.  This features creatures and terrain found in the frozen north lands.  From huts, to terrain, to monsters and heroes.  The miniatures and terrain are designed to be support-less, making them easier to print.  I can’t wait to print the Wooly Mammoth, myself.  

EC3D Designs in the directory

Tribes, Garax the Goblin Set. 3D Printable MiniaturesAlug - Goblin Bear Rider - Garax the GoblinsThis Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter features some terrific looking miniatures for a more civilized Goblin tribe.  These are large, well-developed, strong social creatures that have evolved to be dominate in their wild lands haunts.  These are very detailed, good-looking sculpts.  

Madcap Miniatures in the directory

They were nice enough to send some models over to print.  Check out Alug the Bear Rider (also to the right).  There is also Bazl the Assassin.  These JUST came off my printer, I wanted to show them off, because they look so good.

3D printable Multi-race Townsfolke STL files

3D printable Multi-race Townsfolke STL filesThis Kickstarter has finished.  It features a TON of fantasy races as random townsfolke for a city.  Why says all the NPCs need to be Humans and Elves?  It features 13 races total giving us over 40 distinct miniatures.  He sent me a few to print, and I’m printing the Warforged now.  It looks terrific. If you want his earlier Kickstarter, this is the time to do it as well.   

Dark Realms in the directory

the catastrophes of blightmoorThis Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter is based in a swamp setting with dragons and monsters.  The Kickstarter is for two Dragons and as time goes on more may be unlocked as stretch goals.  They are 28mm sized models.  These are pretty impressive looking dragons. As someone mentioned in the comments, if you looked at this early on, check it out again.  They have changed the funding levels and you get a lot more now.  

Bear Clan Creative in the directory

Future Vehicles

Future VehiclesThis Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter features a number of vehicles with a futuristic bent as the name conveys.  Add some guns on them, scale them right, and they would be great for Gaslands.  Kore Aeronautics has created a few Kickstarters with vehicles and they always come out looking good.  

Kore Aeronautics in the directory

Modutruck - 3d Printable trucksThis Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter is for a modular truck that can be created in a number of configurations.  It would be good for modern/post apocolyptic and even scifi games. 

Watcorp Designs in the directory


3D Printable Tabletop Gaming Terrain – Volume 1

3D Printable Tabletop Terrain - The Land of Fel'havenThis Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter features a number of fantasy ruins and other scatter terrain for your gaming table.  If you need more natural scenery it also features outcropping and other large rock formations to block line of sight.  If you need some more “generic” terrain for your table, check this one out.  

Snake Eye Gaming in the directory

“Citizens of the Old World” – Resin and STL by HeresyLab

Citizens of the Old World - Resin and STL by HeresyLabThis Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter features 10 miniatures that you may be able to find in a village.  There are a couple more planned as stretch goals.  Check the funding level to make sure you choose one that has those stretch goals  

Heresy Labs in the directory

3D Printable Space Elf Buildings

3D Printable Space Elf BuildingsThis Kickstarter has finished to go.  This features Space Elf buildings thta you don’t see a lot of in Kickstarters.  These are very stylized and would look great on any 40K or Grimdark warboard as well as many others.  

Aus30K in the directory


Vacant Realms – Steam Punk VS Dark Elves – Miniatures & STL

Vacant Realms - Steam Punk VS Dark ELves - Miniatures & STLThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is a miniatures campaign featuring a number of characters.  This Kickstarter features 2 factions with 18 total figures before stretch goals are reached.  

Heresy Lab in the directory

What if I don’t have a 3D Printer?

I created a guide for those that don’t own a 3D Printer. It goes through several places that you can get prints done.  I plan to expand it as new ideas come my way.

If you are looking to pick up a 3D Printer, check out my 3D Printer Buying Guide.  If you want the bare-bones, quick recommendation, check out my quick guide to what 3D Printer to buy.