3D Printable Terrain & Miniature Kickstarters – September 2019

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Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

Cochin Industrial District - 3d Printable World Building

This Kickstarter has 14 days to go.  This is Imperial Terrain’s first Foray into the world of Kickstarter.  Their terrain has been wildly successful making terrain for Star Wars Legion and other sci-fi properties.  Imperial Terrain has been a great friend to this site and you will find references to their models all over the site and I have printed a ton.  This Kickstarter is all about a sci-fi shipping yard, though most pieces could easily fit into a more modern setting as well.  This is heroic scale terrain and is meant to print supportless.  As I said above, I have printed a TON of Imperial Terrain terrain and it all prints terrific.  This Kickstarter also features several sculpts from the talented Skull Forge Miniatures.

Imperial Terrain in the directory

Tribes, Garax the Goblin Set. 3D Printable Miniatures

Alug - Goblin Bear Rider - Garax the GoblinsThis Kickstarter has 17 days to go.  This Kickstarter features some terrific looking miniatures for a more civilized Goblin tribe.  These are large, well-developed, strong social creatures that have evolved to be dominate in their wild lands haunts.  These are very detailed, good-looking sculpts.  

Madcap Miniatures in the directory

They were nice enough to send some models over to print.  Check out Alug the Bear Rider (also to the right).  There is also Bazl the Assassin.  These JUST came off my printer, I wanted to show them off, because they look so good.  

Epic EnemiesThis Kickstarter has 69 hours.  The talented William Charles Chamberlin is back again.  This is a list of enemies of epic proportions and stats to match.  If you want some new, unique critters to throw at your players, pick this one up.  It also features some information on what other creatures these can be used for to give your players pause, especially those that know what every creature looks like. 

William Charles Chamberlin in the directory

Eldritch Century - 5e RPG Dual System

This Kickstarter has 4 days to go.  This is a Kickstarter for a new 5e rules set.  It also features monsters and heroes made by Axolote Gaming.  This seems to be a new standard for Kickstarters, combinging RPG systems with STL files.  

Draco Studios in the directory

Wargamer Tree Set

This Kickstarter has 6 days to go.  This Kickstarter has a number of trees that are ready for your wargames.  There are a ton of terrain pieces for a variety of terrain and a variety of wargames.  

Quickplay in the directory


Dungeon PegsThis Kickstarter has 9 days to go.  This Kickstarter features a new Dungeon Tile system that is 3D Printable.  He also has fully 3D printed versions of the files.  

Tom Perrett in the directory


Culverin Models-Formidable Fortress for 28mm Wargaming

This Kickstarter has 10 days to go.  This Kickstarter is a a fortress wall for a Sci-Fi game.  It is a meant to be an emplacement to keep the bad guys out.  

Culverin Models in the directory


Medieval 3 3d printable terrain for tabletop and modeling

This Kickstarter has 14 days to go.  This the latest Kikcstarter from 3D Print Terrain.  It features Medieval scenery from the crusades era.  This is a middle eastern based Kickstarter.  This has a number of stretch goals as well that will expand it quite a bit.  

3D Print Terrain in the directory


the catastrophes of blightmoor

This Kickstarter has 17 days to go.  This Kickstarter is based in a swamp setting with dragons and monsters.  The Kickstarter is for two Dragons and as time goes on more may be unlocked as stretch goals.  They are 28mm sized models.  These are pretty impressive looking dragons. 

Bear Clan Creative in the directory

The Wilds of Wintertide - 3D Printable Tabletop Models

This Kickstarter has 20 days to go.  This is the latest brain child of Evan Carothers.  This features creatures and terrain found in the frozen north lands.  From huts, to terrain, to monsters and heroes.  The miniatures and terrain are designed to be support-less, making them easier to print.  I can’t wait to print the Wooly Mammoth, myself.  

EC3D Designs in the directory

Vacant Realms – Steam Punk VS Dark ELves – Miniatures & STL

Vacant Realms - Steam Punk VS Dark ELves - Miniatures & STLThis Kickstarter has 20 days to go.  This is a miniatures campaign featuring a number of characters.  This Kickstarter features 2 factions with 18 total figures before stretch goals are reached.  

Heresy Lab in the directory


Modutruck - 3d Printable trucks

This Kickstarter has 21 days to go.  This Kickstarter is for a modular truck that can be created in a number of configurations.  It would be good for modern/post apocolyptic and even scifi games. 

Watcorp Designs in the directory

3D Printable Tabletop Gaming Terrain – Volume 1

3D Printable Tabletop Terrain - The Land of Fel'haven

This Kickstarter has 21 days to go.  This Kickstarter features a number of fantasy ruins and other scatter terrain for your gaming table.  If you need more natural scenery it also features outcropping and other large rock formations to block line of sight.  If you need some more “generic” terrain for your table, check this one out.  

Snake Eye Gaming in the directory

Welcome to Atom City – The Atompunk printable terrain set

Welcome to Atom City - The Atompunk printable terrain set

This Kickstarter has 28 days to go.  This Kickstarter is for a post apocalyptic miniatures game, say like Fallout.  Though, it fits with modern themes as well.  He’s even got some cool looking posters to print and add to your terrain.  This one actually seems like a pretty good deal for the amount of terrain you get.  Check it out. 

M3 Studios in the directory



Clorehaven & the Goblin Grotto

This Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  Printable Scenery brings us the town of Clorehaven above and the Goblin Grotto below.  The hamlet of Clorehaven is built from modular building blocks to create a number of distinct buildings.  The Grotto below is built up of differing pieces of terrain to create a massive underground lair.  

Printable Scenery in the directory


10days ReRun: Post-Apocalyptic 3d printable terrain playsets

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a re-run of LOOTgames recent Kickstarter.  It features a number of terrain pieces for your sci-fi based game.  You can see the pieces fully painted and what it can look like. 

LOOTgames in the directory

3D Printable Alien Space Elf Scenery for Tabletop Wargames

This Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter is all about the “Space Elves” for 40K.  This is a pretty nice looking set of terrain from Sean, much like his previous sets.  It has clean, Eldar like lines that you would expect to see in the grimdark battles. 

Sean H Bullough in the directory

3D Printable Fantasy Dwarven Mine RPG Dungeon Tiles

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a modular dungeon tile.  This one features a detailed dwarven mine.  It is cool in that it is lit with LED lights as well.  It also features some miniatures to populate it.

Tomb Guardians in the directory

This Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter features a TON of NPC miniatures.  These are tons of different sets of miniatures for different NPCs needed in a village setting.  This is a great way to populate your world.  

Evocatus Miniature in the directory


This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a set of beautifully sculpted models that can be scaled for miniatures use.  This is a pretty amazing couple of models to print.  I’ve known about this one for a little while and have been really looking forward to it.  This is one where they normally make resin based models but are expanding to the STL market as well.  

Bold Miniatures in the directory


The 3D printable Roman Gothic TempleThis Kickstarter has ended.  This is a Modular, OpenLOCK based Roman temple.  This is a modest Kickstarter with a well defined temp.  

Dobbel Dragon in the directory


Kordran Conflict - The 3D Printable Miniatures Game

This Kickstarter has been canceled — While the game is mostly virtual, the physical pledge side has caused some problems.  They are redoing that part.  I don’t believe this will have an impact on the 3d printed version beyond pushing the release date back.  Kordran Conflict is a fully printable board game.  I’ve been talking to Josh behind it for close to a year now and have been excited to see this arrive.  It is a small, tactical board game that you choose a mission to accomplish, buy your troops within unit cost, and then play.  It even has a world map section that lets you play an ongoing campaign.  The miniatures are created by renowned model designer Fotis Mint.  This is a fully 3D Printable board game or can be purchased as a complete physical product.  

Plastic Alchemy in the directory

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What if I don’t have a 3D Printer?

I created a guide for those that don’t own a 3D Printer. It goes through several places that you can get prints done.  I plan to expand it as new ideas come my way.

If you are looking to pick up a 3D Printer, check out my 3D Printer Buying Guide.  If you want the bare-bones, quick recommendation, check out my quick guide to what 3D Printer to buy.