Worlds Over Run – Catalog 3

Worlds Over Run 3 - StrataWorlds Over Run 3 is another ambitious project by Eric Askune.  This time, he is featuring two new worlds.  Strata, is a world of height.  From multi-layer walkways to floating rocks that hold up tiered promenades.  Imagine Kamino, Bespin, and Pandora to get an idea behind this world. Grove is a more fantasy world though it would also fit into a sci-fi board, where great trees are the center of the terrain and ancient stones mark the runes of creatures long forgotten.  Eric released this piece to previous backers from the first two kickstarters.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous two Kickstarters and I think Thorn is my favorite “world” so far.  I am also really looking forward to Strata.  

Seeing the multi-level boards that Strata can make, lends a new dimension to building Wargame boards. Most are designed around a flat board with maybe some buildings, Strata creates a true 3D, fully-realized gaming board.  This current Kickstarter also features levels for the previous Kickstarters, as well.  

Previous Kickstarters

Worlds Over Run - Spiked MawEric has run two previous Kickstarters.  The first, the original Worlds Over Run features the world of Thorn.  Worlds Over Run 2 expanded some on Thorn and introduced us to the world of Scorch. Finally, I did an interview with Eric, on the launch of Worlds Over Run 2.  You can get a good idea of his vision and ambition with this Kickstarter terrain.  

Greg’s Videos

Worlds Over Run - Thorn Prime MiniGreg_FL has released a couple of videos featuring Worlds Over Run – Catalog 1 and Worlds Over Run – Catalog 2. While you are at it, also check out the Mega Maw video, showcasing the Centerpiece for Thorn.

More Videos by Eric

Eric has released a few videos on Youtube talking about his Kickstarters and modeling the terrain for them.  Here is the last one Eric did live. Check out his other videos available on his channel as well.  


Models to print

Eric has released 2 models from previous Kickstarters on Thingiverse.  The first one, is the Thorn Portal.  The second one is the Thorn Spire.  Both of these ar some of my favorite models he has done.