Getting Rid of Salmon Skin with 8 Diode Smoothers

UPDATE: As of March 2018, Tevo Tornados are shipping with a new board that is supposed to remove the salmon skin problem.  There are a number of printers still in the retail pipeline that do not have the new board, and can be helped with the smoothers.

One of the issues found with the Tevo Tornado, is that it suffers from Salmon Skin when printing.  Rui Raptor jumped in and created a terrific video showing us how to fix the issue quickly and easily… use an 8 diode smoother board.  You need to confirm that the wires are correct for this to work right, and the video shows how to build the proper wire. He explains why you want to use 8 over 4, giving us examples.  If you have a Tornado, this is a pretty simple upgrade that will help the quality of your prints.  If you have a Tevo Tornado, this video series is a must watch.

If you want to find out even more about the Tevo Tornado, check out this article.

These smoothers can be obtained at AliExpress, or Amazon-US(3) / Amazon-US (1)Amazon – UK.