3D Printable Tanks

3D Tanks KickstarterWe’ve been seeing previews for this Kickstarter for quite a while now.  3D Wargaming‘s ZhiLin Yang has been showing off the tanks for their Kickstarter building interest in the amazing designs.  These are 3D printable tank its natively scaled to 28mm.  He has optimized the external faces of the models to come out great right off the print bed.  These models look amazing, and the paint jobs show just great these printable tanks can be.

In Greg_FL’s video, he has printed a few of the model kits off and shows how they go together.  The tolerances that ZhiLin Yang holds for these models and how readily they snap together really needs to be seen.  

With 24 days to go, there are 24 printable kits available and more to be unlocked in the coming weeks.  You can pledge for between 2 to all of the kits.  These tanks have some incredible, scale detail to them just waiting to be painted for your gaming table. 

This is truly one of those Kickstarters that I am trying to find an excuse to fund, because of how great the models look. 

UPDATE: This is kind of cool, ZhiLin released an update explaining how they get such good fits over a multitude of printers and print materials.  This Tolerance Proofing concept is used to get the turrets to not only fit, but also rotate.  This gives them more modularity if you want to play around some, and makes things just fit well.  Anyone interested in 3D Design really should read this update.

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