The Creality Ender 2 – Itty Bitty Power

The Creality Ender 2 is a budget conscious 3D printer with a small build size but reportedly, high quality output. This printer was sent by Gearbest for an honest review.   This printer comes in a quasi-kit form that should not take a lot of time to assemble.  In my review, I am planning on printing a couple of upgrades that I have read are very good to add, including leveling knobs and a part cooling fan.  I’ve read how those are pretty much must-have items that make the Creality Ender 2 function much better.

In putting together the Ender 2, it took me about an hour, and I didn’t watch any build videos.  (I meant to… ran out of time).  It went together pretty straight forward and comes partially assembled.  I received the EU version (the US version was out of stock) so I need to modify a power plug for a US plug to put on it.  I ended up using this power brick cover instead of modifying a plug.  It allows me to turn the power supply on/off and allows me to use any computer style plug in and now, the brick is easy to fully unplug.  I had planned on using this on my Tevo but never got around to printing it out.  I’ve already started putting together a collection of upgrades.  So far, I have printed the cover mentioned above, A couple of leveling knobs, hot bed strain relief, and a Tool Tray.  I plan to print a fang here shortly for part cooling.  Usually, I don’t do many upgrades before I review a printer.  Since I received an EU version, that upgrade was based on what arrived and I ordered.  Leveling knobs seem to be a must-have for most printers.  The Tool tray isn’t needed, but it works well to use up dead space.  Strain Relief and part cooling is kind of cheating, I will admit.  But, with these more inexpensive Chinese printers, upgrading is part of the draw to them.  

My ultimate plan is to convert this into a small prints, printer, eventually.  I want to try and make a good FDM printer, for printing miniatures.  To do that, I plan to convert this over to a .2mm nozzle from the .4mm nozzle.  

So, after messing with it today, I have discovered that bed leveling kind of sucks, even with new knobs.  So far, that seems to be my biggest complaint.  It’s cool how compact it is.  I am curious to see what terrain will fit on it, and what won’t fit.  

Since Twitch disconnected and wiped the last 20 minutes of my build stream, I ended up doing a 2nd video featuring my thoughts and plans like I had done the night before.