JGMaker Magic Preview and Unboxing

JGMaker Magic FDM 3D PrinterJGMaker (Formerly JGAurora) has created a number of 3D Printers over the past several years.  The Magic is the latest and they will be coming out with a Kickstarter for a new unit in the near future.  This 3D printer features a 220 x 220 x 250 mm build area on a heated bed.  Like other JGMaker printers, it has a very clean look that helps to hide the more utilitarian look of most other FDM 3D Printers.  It has an integrated filament holder as well as filament run out sensing and even SD Card hot plugin so you can replace the SD card if you accidentally eject it during use.  The 3D Printer uses an SD card for printing.  

Purchasing this printer:

You can purchase these on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3dawVvw (Affiliate link) — If you use code SHAPHHB4, you get an additional $14 off the purchase price as well. This offer is good through June 30th.  You can also order it direct through the JGMaker/JGAurora Store).


JGMaker Magic Features at a glance

  • Marlin Firmware
  • Flexible build plate 
  • Inexpensive price (near $200)
  • Power Outage recovery
  • SD Card removal recovery
  • Filament run-out recovery
  • Full-sized SD card interface

JGMaker Downloads and Source Code

JGMaker has released the source code for the Magic (per Marlin Licensing) on their website.  You can also find the manual and the latest firmware for the printer there.  

JGMaker Download Page

JGMaker Magic Impressions

As I use the JGMaker Magic, I’ll add photos and impressions here.

JGMaker Magic unboxing