First Impressions

I am not affiliated with HE3D, but I enjoy creating short reviews on products that I use to print and build my 3D prints with. Ater seeing HE3D post their videos on social media about the moon light diy circuit bored  kit I instantly  became very interested in doing this project. I had a lot of fun with the HE3D battery powered touch dual coloured led circuit board.

First the board comes shipped with the battery pack unplugged, this is for safety reasons, when opening the package I was a bit worried that I was going to break off the LED

diode’s from the circuit board because  the circuit board is not encapsulated, which also sparked my curiosity. I was concerned with touching it and ruining the LED diode’s or the circuit board, It looks very delicate.

But after spending some time messing around with the LED circuit board it was very clear that the LED circuit board was very sturdy and of a very high quality build.

When you plug in the included charger and a red light should came on, once the battery pack was fully charged the red light turned off and your ready to start checking all the function of the circuit board.

Once I unplugged the charger, I touched the charging port with my finger and the soft white light turned on to 100 percent, a quick tap and hold of that same port and the led started to dim. From what i can tell maybe it dim’s to 25 or 30 percent, next i release and tap again and the light turns from soft white to cool white.

Moon Light STL File

One more thing if you contact HE3D they might give you the STL file for the moon light, which i needed for this review, I was not having much success with some models that i downloaded off of thingiverse.

Once i was able to fully print their moon light 3D model, it only took a second to put the circuit board in it’s proper place and glued the bottom of the moon to the top. I whipped up a quick STL file using fusion for a base that closely resembled the wooden base that HE3D is using.


This is a great little night light that i can use to build and print different light fixtures to install this into. I have no complaints with the  HE3D Led Circuit board moon night light, but only one suggestion please make sure to encapsulate the circuit board, It is very small and fragile and is going to be handled at least 2 times maybe more.


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