Terrain fit for Fantasy Flight Games : Star Wars Legion

It’s been a while since I have put together a post about terrain that would be great for  Star Wars Legion. Here is the latest terrain from Imperial Terrain, Terrain 4 Print, Hayland Terrain, Printable Scenery, and Ill Gotten Games that would fit for Star Wars Legion.

Terrain 4 Print

This week, we saw the release of six new buildings on Thingiverse from Terrain 4 Print. These were shown in the preview post I did a few weeks ago.  Along with the 6 buildings, Terrain 4 Print has moved to Patreon to fund his work.  With enough support, he will release all new models on Thingiverse for everyone to enjoy.  I’ve been a big fan of his work since I first found it on Kickstarter, and his original desert terrain was what inspired me to start this series. 

Here are some photos of his latest work (Click on the image for a larger view): 

Terrain 4 Print - Desert sci-fi buildings -1 Terrain 4 Print - Desert sci-fi buildings -2 Terrain 4 Print - Desert sci-fi buildings -3 Terrain 4 Print - Desert sci-fi buildings -4 Terrain 4 Print - Desert sci-fi buildings -5

Imperial Terrain

Not to be outdone, Imperial Terrain has been really busy making Star Wars Legion Terrain.  He has designed several buildings and homes fit for a desert dwelling in Star Wars Legion as well.  Currently released, he has a Desert Dwelling, Desert Tower, Vaporators, Laser Turret, and Cargo Pallets.  He has officially released the Small Desert Home as well.  Imperial Terrain also sells pre-printed terrain, not just the STL files, though, he is a bit backlogged as of this writing.  People are loving his work, and the amount of sales shows.  In the coming soon department, is the Modular Star Port.  This is a large, awesome looking building that will be the perfect center piece to a table.

Here are some photos of these models (Click on the image for a larger view):

Imperial Terrain - Urban Dwelling Imperial Terrain - Laser Tower Imperial Terrain - Desert Tower Imperial Terrain - Vaperators Imperial Terrain - Bundle

Other Terrain

While Imperial Terrain and Terrain 4 Print have been the most prolific, they are not the only ones to be making terrain, let alone terrain that fits.  Hayland Terrain currently has finished a Kickstarter that they are taking Pre-Orders through.  From the Crystals to the crates to the terrain itself, there is a ton of options that you can print for your table.  Another example of a Kickstarter that has some interesting terrain for Star Wars Legion is Z.O.D. by the masters at Ill Gotten Games. Last, this evening, Printable Scenery has released their new Sand Worms piece.  This would make a great baby Sarlacc or if scaled up enough, the Sarlacc pit itself.   

Keeping Up with Star Wars Legion Terrain

If you want to keep up with posts about Star Wars Legion terrain, you can bookmark my “Guide to Star Wars Legion Terrain“.  The guide links to new articles that I create as time goes on.  This article is the 4th one featuring terrain for Fantasy Flight Games forthcoming miniatures game.  If you are looking for the latest Kickstarters to get a discount on the terrain before it is widely available, post a monthly list of Kickstarters available, and keep it updated throughout the month as new ones are added and older ones end.  This is the current (October) version.  Another place to find new releases, is my Collections on Thingiverse.  I try to put any Terrain that may work for Legion  in a specific Scatter Terrain Collection.

If you are new to printing terrain, I put together a primer guide to get you started.  From free resources like libraries and schools to buying your own printer, and a list of makers, this is a great guide to help you get started.  This was written for a presentation I gave at a local game convention earlier this year.  It is kind of the catalyst that started the terrain section on this website.  Printing terrain and dungeon tiles were the primary reasons I picked up my 3D Printer.

Finally, when I post new articles (And Amazon sales) I post them on Twitter.  If you follow me there, you can see when I release new content on my page.