Patreon, Kickstarter, Direct Sales, & Kindness

Patreon is one of the 4 major ways for Terrain and Miniature makers to get funding for their work.  The other I see, are Kickstarter , Direct Sales through a website, and donations through Thingiverse.  

Getting the word out is as important as creating great terrain or miniatures.  Patreon is a great way to help promote your work as well as give incentives to your patrons (or customers) to support you and get the word out.  Most of the designers on this list have pieces on multiple sites.  Many host sites where they sell terrain, or sell through another site like drivethrurpg, Gambody, or Wargame Vault.  

You can find direct links to makers in The Directory.

Patreon Roundup 

Here is the list of Patreon campaigns I am aware of.  If any are missing, please email me.  

  • 3D Printed Tabletop : Danny, your friendly neighborhood 3D Printing DM has created his own Patreon.  Featuring the latest videos and content he releases.  Help support the videos and his channel by joining this Patreon.
  • Artisan Guild: This is a fantasy based Kickstarter with highly stylized miniatures for your 3D Printing.  They also have a few terrain pieces available right now.  
  • Black Carrot Design: BCD is creating miniatures for RPGs.  He is also releasing some terrain like the Hangman’s Tree.
  • Black Omen: This is another miniatures Patreon with some very cool looking miniatures being produced.  He produces 1 a week for Patrons. 
  • Black Scrolls GamesThis is another miniatures modeler.  He makes some cool monster miniatures that you can print at home.  
  • Capsule Chibi: Bringing 3D printed Chibi characters to your 3D printer.  This includes dungeon tiles, vehicles as well as the cute Chibi miniatures, as far as I can tell.
  • Cast N Play: This is a group of artists that have come together to create models (Miniatures and Terrain) for the community.
  • Claudio Setti: This artist is a fantasy and Sci-Fi miniatures artist.  He has a number of figures released so far, and continues to create more miniatures. 
  • Comet Lord Miniatures: This artist is creating a number of different miniatures.  He’s been producing tabletop miniatures for some time, and is making the jump to 3D Printable models.  
  • Duncan Shadow Louca: Duncan is well known for his character creations.  He also releases terrain pieces that are spectacular.  I’ve yet to print any of his characters, but I have printed several terrain pieces.  
  • DungeonPrint Studio:  This is both software and terrain files.   The main reason I backed it, was for the terrific mapping capabilities, allowing me to build up dungeons virtually to find out what pieces I need.  They also offer free sets of terrain that the community votes on which is really nice.
  • Endix Nick is creating 3D terrain for use in games.  This is another inexpensive Patreon that can help flesh out your terrain library.  
  • Francesco A. Pizzo: Releasing fantasy and sci-fi miniatures to print, as well as scenic elements and game aids.  
  • FreddyND:  Freddy makes custom Gaming miniatures.  He is making monsters and sets of miniatures like his “Monster Hunter” miniatures.
  • Hayland Terrain: Hayland Terrain is the newest Patreon I am aware of.  Another great modeler, he makes tiles for all genres, terrain, and even parts for Gaslands.
  • Ill Gotten Games:  Ill Gotten Games is well-known and prolific in the modeling terrain and miniatures community.  He has funded numerous Kickstarters and released loads of models for free.  From Miniatures to Terrain, to creating full-blown fully printable games, Ill Gotten Games does it all.
  • Madcap Miniatures: This artist is creating miniatures and terrain for their patreon.  He has several years experience creating custom miniatures and terrain.
  • Manuel Boria: Character artist creating beautiful looking miniatures.  
  • Masterwork Tools: Masterwork tools was the first Patreon I funded.  This is a fantasy friendly Patreon that produces some amazing terrain, that he releases on Thingiverse.  He’s also done some miniatures.  
  • Matt Mason – PRIMEVAL:  Matt is known for his terrific terrain, starting with Star Wars Legion, but has been branching out. This latest project is for his new game, PRIMEVAL that will be releasing in 2019.  It looks like you will get access to minis and terrain as part of this Patreon.
  • Mia Kay’s 3D Models (M3DM):  Mia is creating miniatures in 3D (as well as available printed).  The 3D model tier is very inexpensive for such good looking models.
  • mz4250: Miguel is well known for his character creations as well, though for his, he is making all the monsters in the D&D Monster Manuals.  He’s already released a TON of miniatures and continues to make more awesome models at a breakneck pace.
  • Pinyo – Dark Realms: Pinyo is creating STL files for your tabletop game.  He features terrain as well as miniatures and seems to lean towards fantasy sculpts with some sci-fi tossed in for good measure.
  • Rocket Pig Games: A company that has been around for some time in the 3D Printing market.  They have several Kickstarters under their belt and have now moved over to Patreon.  This one is mainly about miniatures though they have some very large “Miniatures”.
  • Sunday Studios: A husband and wife team bringing a number of different items/models.  3D printed STL files are part of their offering. 
  • The Makers Cult: This is a 3 person team that is bringing their expertise to creating an assortment of miniatures and vehicles.  If you don’t want to join their Patreon, they also have a store.  
  • Terrain 4 Print: I have backed him on Kickstarter in the past, and he has started this Patreon campaign that pretty much covers all kinds of terrain.  He’s done fantasy ruins, hills, sci-fi terrain and Star Wars Legion terrain.  He covers a little bit of everything.
  • Valandar: Creating awesome videos of his great character sculpts.  You can see how the magic is made in real time.  He’s also running Minivember.  
  • Will Walker: Will is a big part of the Dragonbite Community Creator program.  He’s created a great deal of terrain that is available and now has a Patreon to help his releases reach a wider audience.

Patreon Costs

I back a number of these.  They seem to cost from $1 to $10 with added tiers above those for special rewards.  Personally, I have always viewed Patreon as a “low-cost” way to support modelers.  It seems beyond $5 starts to get steep to me.  It’s a site that makes its money based on a high volume at low cost.  With all of these new campaigns, differentiation may become a deciding factor as well as price.