Eryone Filament Windings

Unboxing Of The Black Eryone Filament


     Eryone asked me to review there PLA, and upon receipt of some black Eryone filament, I immediately got to testing. However… after opening the filament it was an instant disappointment, the packaging was perfect, lovely box and nice heat shrink sealed roll with the usual silica pouch to keep it “fresh”.

    The roll looked “messy”. The winding’s looked terrible and to be honest I was instantly put off by even attempting to use this. All my prints are a good few meters each let’s say, and I didn’t want the risk of snagged or snapping of filament mid print.

     Luckily after further inspection, it was only the first several winding’s so I put this down to the roll maybe springing back upon packaging. Once I had rewound the first few winding’s I loaded up my usual settings for this type of material, loaded the filament and hit go!



   Soon after I hit go I was hitting stop! there was no layer adhesion at all – by this, I mean layer to layer, the adhesion to the bed was pretty much perfect on both my Anet A8 (borosilicate glass) and my Geeetech A30’s Super plate.

    But at 195 degrees on the hot end wasn’t enough, neither was 200 or 205. 210 however – wow! now the filaments showing me something special. The layers once finally adhering to each other was smooth, consistent and upon a few various strength tests after held up pretty well indeed. I chose to print a calibration cube to start as its a quick print file just big enough to see how it’s going to perform and not too big to waste filament dialing in.

Eryone Filament Label

     To be fair to Eryone, the filaments label does state 190-220 and each printers hot-end runs different so do not take my results regarding temperature to literal, besides each filament you get it is always worth trying before committing to any large projects.

     After finally dialing in the settings so to speak I set of printing a few items I had lined up for various little tests which as you can see from the pictures – they did pretty well, so far Eryone filament is doing good.


Pure White Eryone Filament

     Eryone then sent me a white roll to test. I generally just use black and white filaments for my type of projects because I’ll either just leave it black/white or if I plan on making something that involves color – I know post-processing is usually involved including painting. So keeping a flat white base prior makes things a whole lot easier/cheaper.

     Anyway… after I loaded up my usual settings and calibration cube again and after a few little tests I was again running at 210ish on the hotend and producing nice clean prints. The white is a nice clean white and has no fading or marks upon printing which I have found some whites to do in the past.

     I Tested a variety of printing projects with both black and white filament in order to test various properties of the Eryone filament.



Eryone Filament Review by Chris Conway - Screw-Tubs

     I Printed a few Basic “Screw Trays” – This object does not require precision or aesthetics and as this object is mainly straight lines with a slight bottom curve raising from the bed it gave me chance to speed things up and test general speed.

    While printing objects like this with mainly straight lines. I managed to achieve speeds in excess of 100mms on the Geeetech A30. While still maintaining a great quality of print and great layer adhesion.

Eryone Filament Adhesion

Eryone Filament Review by Chris Conway - BustI Tried Printing a “Bust of a lady” using the “Spiralize Contour Feature”.

This enabled me to test the layer adhesion more as the print would effectively be 1 line thick walls (0.4mm) along with some complexity and as you can see from the results. WOW! Impressive stuff – there was a little sagging but this is expected as some areas I would have usually used supports but chose not too.



     I Designed and Printed a “Wiring Switch Board” and took advantage of both black and white Eryone Filament.

    The design of the front face plate flat, was made with the intention of folding it into place. This will test the bending strength of the plastic. It took a few attempts to get it to work but I got there and the folds held up lovely, bending angles up to 90 degrees.

    Bending area was 0.5mm thick and bent perfectly. I did try 1mm thick and bent along the folds, but not as clean and did snap on the 2nd/3rd bend. Not only did the 0.5mm material hold up to the folding but on folding gave more rigidity to my design.

Biqu Thunder
Eryone Filament Review by Chris Conway - Electrics-Box
Eryone Filament Review by Chris Conway - Bust


Eryone Filament Review by Chris Conway - Pennywise     After being suggested to try printing “Pennywise”. I Changed my settings to suit the object’s style more. The Object was 10cm tall with a lot of detail. I set my printer to 0.2mm layer height as a first test. I also set the speed to 50mm/s with the intention of maybe slowing/speeding up the feed rate.

    Once starting the print, I only adjusted the speed once. That was for the facial features to which I slowed it down 20%, with the amount of detail and small overhangs, I didn’t use support. I’m very impressed with the result of 0.2mm layer height as you can see. It handles the complexity of the object under that speed well.


     I now understand what Eryone’s been talking about. The filament is so effective for a variety of uses. Upon measuring in various stages of the roll, it seems consistent in its diameter.

     If you need something 3D printed quick while still maintaining the quality and precision (obviously the 3D printer affects this also) but… Eryone If you need to prototype a part with strength and at a reasonable cost… Well at around £15 per KG Eryone. If you need to make silky looking complex prints… Eryone. What I’m saying is this Eryone filament is well worth the time to try at least, and I must say I’m swayed! My new go to filament is now Eryone.

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       From Wild3D – Inov3D Author

This Eryone PLA prints comparable to other more expensive PLA’s that I have printed with in the past,I made no changes to my PLA profile on S3D. I then moved onto a 5 hour print as I was happy with the initial results from my test print. Check out his honest opinion on the white Eryone PLA Filament.

       From 3D Printing Bird – Inov3D Author

Eryone filament is an excellent filament to print with. It has good quality, packaged well as to avoid any snags/moisture and has a very competitive price.

       From Ewan Hutchinson – Eryone Customer

Eryone Filliment is a superb spool both in neatness of the spool and actually plastic quality. It is the best Filament I have tried yet including some more expensive plastics, Eryone leaves the competition far behind with it’s combination of affordable price and superior quality.


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