For my recent presentation on 3D printing Terrain Presentation, I scrambled to print terrain to show off what can be done.  In printing them, I had a few items that became my favorite prints to show off.  These look good, print very well, and got a good response from the crowd as well as friends.  Building terrain for my D&D games was the primary purpose for my 3D printer.  As I have learned more, funded some Kickstarters and learned more about 3D Printing I have moved into printing 3D terrain and even pieces and parts for my board games.  What are your favorite pieces of terrain?

My Current Favorite Terrains

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    Sci-Fi base - Terrain 4 Print

    What's not to love. There is a huge amount of customization, they look great, they are easy to paint, they are designed to reduce the filament needed.

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    Shipping boxes - Warlayer

    Such a simple item that works great. They are easily stacked to create higher cover or lower, and there is an open version as well.

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    Watchtower - Terrain 4 Print

    This is one of the more striking pieces I have printed. Many people love the look of it. It prints fully without supports.

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    Ruined Stone Portal - OpenForge

    What's not to love about this one. You can find it on Thingiverse, you put your phone in it, and with the video looping, it looks like a portal to another dimension. Brilliant idea by Devon Jones and it looks great.

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    Jersey Barriers - Printable Scenery

    Sometimes, it is the simple things. Here, we have the sample Jersey barriers from Printable Scenery. These look good, and I have had several friends ask for a print of them.

For more information about the models in this list, follow these links to see the directory items.  

Terrain 4 Print



Printable Scenery