A Premium CoreXY printer – East 3D Gecko – Unfortunately, this printer is no longer in production

From the designer behind the Tevo Little Monster, comes a new CoreXY based 3D Printer.  This one has some interesting design decisions like a static bed with a belt-driven Z Axis.  There is an upgraded version released to ALL owners that updates the belt from 1 point on both sides to 2 points on both side to increase stability and hold the print head level.  The Tevo Little Monster has a strong following, and is well liked.  From looking at this 3D printer, it looks like a very solid built CoreXY based design.  The early responses seem pretty positive.  Most people seem to really like this solid Core XY printer from East 3D.  The best price I have seen continues to be from AliExpress.

Important Links and Information for the East 3D Gecko CoreXY Printer

Here is my East 3D Gecko Preview, along with my build notes and YouTube Build video series.  The Preview will help new buyers with the printer to get it going properly.  I’d consider this build to be advanced, because it is a CoreXY type printer.  It is backed by a wonderful team that goes out of their way to quickly answer questions.  The community is also building up and steps up to help each other.

Here is a an East 3D Gecko review from Inov3D.  Very good review that covers most of my impressions of the 3D Printer.  If you are curious about this printer, give it a read. 

No auto-level.  It can be added, but since the bed remains mainly fixed, it is not really necessary.

Here is a collection of upgrades from Thingiverse for the East 3D Gecko: https://www.thingiverse.com/3DMakerFun/collections/east-3d-gecko-upgrades

Here is Chay Chen’s Gecko Screen Cover Plate: https://www.facebook.com/groups/east3dgecko/153043715250816/

Here is a writeup from another Gecko user, Ray Evans. He talks briefly about some upgrades he has done.  This is a good resource if you are interested in expanding its capabilities.  

I find the MicroSD card reader to be difficult to get the card in and out of.  I think this MicroSD to SD card extension cable is a great investment.  My computer has an SD card in it, making this easy to use.  They have a micro SD to micro SD version as well, if you prefer that.

Some (including me) have found the throat of the hot end difficult to seat well with the Titan Extruder.  I found that this pair of Vice Grips works really well for seating it properly.

East 3D has been taking new owner feedback on their printer and have come up with a new install guide to help make assembly easier. (Updated 10/30/2017)

East 3D Gecko official Facebook Group : Don’t go on your own to build this printer.  Having videos, photos and suggestions from others really helps with building and getting this printer tuned correctly and quickly.

I discuss this printer in my 3D Printer Buying Guide: http://makerfun3d.com/best-3d-printer-buy.  

For those that are new to 3D printing, you will want to pick up some tools help you with your 3D prints.  Check out the toolbox post.