As it is now November, let’s see if we can start a challenge – Minivember!

Minivember is a challenge where, every week, a challenge character will be issued, and anyone who wants to participate can try to sculpt a miniature for the challenge character. The challenge character will be a race, class, background, armor, and primary weapon.

The following rules would apply:

  1. No copyrighted characters, meshes, or parts of meshes may be used – everything must be from your own efforts. Geometry intended as a base to sculpt from is allowable in these sculpt.
  2. As long as the character fits the challenge, creativity is a plus.
  3. At the end of each week, a poll will be held, and you can vote for whoever you think sculpted the best, most entertaining, or even funniest version of the character – basically, whichever one you like the most.

So, with the basic rules out of the way, this week’s challenge, and the inaugural challenge of the first Minivember is:

Week 1: A High Elf Monk!
Weapon: Unarmed or Short sword
Armor: None. However you would picture a monk to be dressed.
Background: Folk Hero!

Week 2: A Human Warlock – Great Old One patron!
None – clothes of your style choice! 

Week 3: A Human Barbarian!
Weapon: Battle Axe
Armor: None or clothing
Background: … GUILD ARTISAN (TINKERER) !!!

Week 4: A Hill Dwarf Fighter… Eldritch Knight path!
Weapon: Longsword
Armor: Half Plate.
Background: Folk Hero!

Yes, this means “piecemail” can substitute for “half plate”. But let’s see if you can capture the essence of a magic using, armored dwarf folk hero!

The talented Valandar is the host of this fun competition.  You can find him on Patreon.  It would also be a good time to check out his Youtube channel to watch his work.