Star Wars Terrain for the Legion Miniatures Game

After my first article has seen a lot of interest, I thought I would create a follow up.  In the initial videos, the Terrain 4 Print desert terrain came to mind, but I have been looking around for more terrain.  Here is a very non-exhaustive list that I have come up with that I think fits with the Star Wars Universe.  

Natural Terrain 

Deep Jungle Pack from Hobgoblin 3D

First, lets look at more natural scenery, and start with some craters.  The first one is a Blast/Meteor crater and the other one is a lava crater.  Next, we have gnarly trees that can be easily adjusted in your slicer to represent a ton of different sized trees.    The Deep Jungle Pack has some nice overgrown walls that would be good in a tropical setting and some cool pitcher plants and other plants that would work well for cover. The “Ice Crystal” could be used as any kind of crystal to add some fun looks to a table.  And, even Space Slugs start out as babies, right?  

Artificial Terrain

Shield Generator from Warlayer

Next, let’s look at man (or alien made) terrain.  I’m going to start with a simple one, a Jersey Barrier (Free).  This particular combo has 3, and the metal one I think fits the Star Wars theme.  The Alien Void Generator has a very exotic alien look that would fit in with a number of races.  Warlayer has a number of terrain pieces that fit the Star wars universe pretty well.  From the Anti Air Encampment to the orbital navy heavy lifters and of course the ever popular shipping containers that go with them and the generator to keep them going.  Finally, there is Imperial Terrain. They have some great Star Wars 3D Printed Terrain. There are a large number of other terrain makers out there, as well.  These are a sample of terrain makers I know of, off-hand that make some great terrain that would fit into the Star Wars Universe. 

Free Star Wars Terrain from Thingiverse

Finally, I have put together a number of collections on Thingiverse.  I created this collection full of Star Wars Legion and Star Wars Imperial Assault terrain.  You will want to look at the scale of the terrain to adjust it for your needs since Imperial Assault and Legion are slightly different scales.

The 3D Terrain Printing Guide

If you don’t own a printer, I have created a Gamer’s Guide for 3D printing. There are a number of resources to get prints done, and printers themselves are pretty inexpensive.  The guide will instruct you about those choices.   If you are looking for more 3D terrain makers, guides, 3D Printed Miniatures and more on this subject, we also have a great directory to help you find the resources you are looking for.