New 3D Printers by Creality 3D 

Creality 3D - LD-001

LD-0001 DLP Resin Printer

Creality 3d has announced two new 3D printers.  The first one, is the LD-001.  This is their first resin 3D printer.  This printer has a 115mm x 65mm x 155 mm build size.  Like other resin printers, the LD-001 is a precision 3D printer.  

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CR-X Dual Extruder

The CR-X is Creality’s latest cartesian FDM printer featuring a 300mm x 300mm x 400mm build plate.  The CR-X is like the super popular CR-10 but features a dual-extruder set up allowing for the printing of 2 colors.  

As more information comes available, I’ll update this with prices and reviews.