Alfawise U20 Preview and Live Build

Container by Warlayer

Containment Container by Warlayer

Gearbest was nice enough to send an Alfawise U20 3D Printer.  This is a Gearbest version of the CR10 3D Printer.  Coming in at a large 300 x 300 x 400 mm build volume.  In many ways it is a direct copy with the same build volume, and external control box with built in power supply.  The biggest difference is a new touch screen interface.  It also has a filament run out sensor and Power outage protection.  

The Alfawise U20 has a quick build time, coming mostly built, but shipped flat.  This is a copy of a CR10 and has one Z rod instead of the twin Z rods found in CR10s. 


  • Out of the box, it has great cooling.  I think the best of any stock 3D Printer I have used. 
  • Inexpensive.
  • Touch Screen Interface is really nice.  
  • Glass on bed adheres well, and releases the print well.
  • Firmware is updated regularly.
  • Firmware is very easy to update.
  • Decent rubber feet under the printer.
  • Decent sized roll of filament.
  • Large Build area.


  • Problem: the bed warps.  That means you need to do something to fix it.  Considering most of my bargain 3D Printers have this issue, I don’t consider it a show stopper, but it is a problem.
    • I put an Ultrabase on top of it, and it works GREAT with an ultrabase.  I do want to put another bed type on it, later, and I really liked the material on the original bed.  But, you need a flat bed.  
  • LOUD – Seriously, the part cooling fan is so loud.  (this is the only con I consider a problem)
  • Did not print out of the box, needed firmware update.
  • Touch interface is flush mounted to the top of the control box, I wish it was angled up.
  • The wrapping around the cables is stiff, makes moving them more difficult.
  • MicroSD card needed to be formatted to work right.
  • Not the best filament.  Needs flow multiplier increased to print well.
Wasteland Shooting Range Piece by Haywood Terrain

Wasteland Shooting Range Piece by Haywood Terrain

I had to find minor quibbles as cons.  It really has blown me away.  Most of the cons are easily overcome (format the micro SD card, update firmware).  I do think the pros outweigh the cons quite a bit.  The loudness could be an issue for people.  

If you looking for this 3D Printer, you can order it on Gearbest



Alfawise U20 Live Build