3D Printable Terrain & Miniature Kickstarters – March 2019

One of the great things about our 3D printers, is the 3D terrain and miniatures we can print.  This is one of the primary reasons I personally purchased my 3D printer.  Please let me know if I am missing any campaigns.  You can find these companies and more in the 3D Terrain directory. Click here for last month’s KickstartersClick Here for April 2019 Kickstarters.

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Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

This Kickstarter has 2 days to go.  This is an extensive Kickstarter full of a ton of terrain for your Post Apocalyptic or Sci-Fi game board.  This one really does cover a ton of gaming needs and can fill up your table quickly with very unique models.  

Lootgames Interview – Learn more!

LOOTgames in the directory

3D Printable Fantasy TowersThis Kickstarter has 65 hours to go.  This is a very focused Kickstarter.  He has 3 tower variations : The Clase Tower, the Iron Tower, and the Dragon Tower.  These are in 28mm scale. You can also back his previous offering at one of the tiers.  

Fabio in the directory


Historical Scenery - 3d printing sceneryThis Kickstarter has 68 hours to go.  Thenainblanc is creating a line of historical buildings that are optimized for 8 mm to 15 mm wargames.  The initial range includes China, North America, and Spain.  

Thenainblanc in the directory


Townsfolke 2: The Free Folke

This Kickstarter has 7 days to go.  This is a fantasy based miniature set from the demented minds at Ill Gotten Games.  This large set of miniatures are all meant to be printed without supports making them easy to print.  They even have a funding level to add the previously funded Townsfolke 1 if you were not able to get in on it when it was available.  

Ill Gotten Games in the directory


This Kickstarter has 7 days to go.  This is a set of modern/Cyberpunk city terrain in 28mm scale for your gaming table.  There are numerous buildings to build your cityscape with and this pairs perfectly with his previous mall Kickstarter.  


Archangel Design in the directory

PuzzleLock Playsets

This Kickstarter has 11 days to go.  This is a new tile style for dungeons.  Puzzlelock is Zandoria’s answer to keep dungeon tiles connected.  These print as part of the tiles instead of being connectors that you print seperately.  The preliminary set covers dungeons and caverns with a number of new sets that will unlock as stretch goals.  

Zandoria in the directory

3D Printable 28mm Fantasy Scenery #2 - STL Files

This Kickstarter has 14 days to go.  Hayland Terrain is back with their second fantasy Kickstarter.  This one has been in development for some time, and looks really good.  This one features an extensive graveyard, a yak, tannery and more.  He’s painted it up and it looks really good.  Check it out and see what you think.

Hayland Terrain in the directory

Omicron - Industrial sector

This Kickstarter has 15 days to go.  This is an industrial, sci-fi set of terrain for your gameboard.  It also features rails to add LED lights as you want as well, which is pretty cool.  This kickstarter also features a few vehicles.  As it funds, there are a large number of possible stretch goals as well.  

Eskice Miniature in the directory

HeresyLab - Heresy Girls 2.0 resin Scifi miniatures & STLThis Kickstarter has 19 days to go.  It features more great miniatures from HeresyLab. These have been pretty popular and come in resin and STL format.  They are highly detailed, so I would recommend a resin printer for these particular files.  HeresyLab creates great looking  models that print well.  

HeresyLab in the directory

Modurail - 3D printable Future Monorail for 28mm Wargames

This Kickstarter has 21 days to go.  This is a 28mm terrain Kickstarter that features a modular monorail.  This is the train, terrain, and the cars to go with it.  

Watcorp Designs in the directory


Medieval, 3d printable terrain for tabletop and modeling

This Kickstarter has 22 days to go.  3D Print Terrina is back with their 19th Kickstarter.  This one features Medieval terrain from a keep to several buildings and some other terrain pieces.  He has conversions for printing in 15mm and 28mm sizes as well.  

3D Print terrain in the Directory

DungeonWorks - Monstrous Encounters - Undead Rising

This Kickstarter has 27 days to go.  This Kickstarter features a number of support less undead miniatures to print for your games.  It also features some crypt dungeon tiles and walls as an addon for ther infinity lock system. If you want to check it out, they even have 2 free minis to check out.  Check out this huge assortment of undead miniatures for yourself.  

Dungeon Works in the directory




Stormguard - 3D printable Terrain for RPG and Wargames

Stormguard Ruins

Ruins right off the printer.

This Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  RM Studios Terrain has been working on this one for some time.  We started talking on the first of September when he had some drawings and a grand idea.  Five months later, and Stormguard has arrived.  Now, I have printed a couple of pieces (and currently have one on the bed).  These look awesome, and print really well.  This is a broken city that is very Tolkienesque.  I’ve recently been playing Shadow of War and some of these pieces look like they would fit right into the ruins in there.  If you need a fantasy themed table, this is probably one of best starting points out there.

Interview with Marc Chabot from RM Studios Terrain

RM Studios Terrain in the Directory

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2nddynasty/starship-iii-fully-3d-printable-28mm-spaceships?This Kickstarter will be in LATE PLEDGE soon.  As the title says, this is the third Starship Kickstarter that 2nd Dynasty has done.  This one features fully printable ships with full interiors for Roleplaying games or as scenery for a war game. They would also make some pretty amazing objective markers for a war game. I’ll admit, I am seriously thinking about firing up a Starfinder game, to use this ship in. 

2nd Dynasty in the directory

Beasts of War Weekender Interview with Ben Mowbray

Ben is active on his Discord server  

Savage Realms CitadelThis Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  This Kickstarter features beautifully crafted modular walls and buildings to create a custom citadel.  Whether your PCs need a base of operation, you need a custom wall for your wargame or even a centerpiece for your gaming terrain, this Kickstarter has it all.  You can even get his previous Kickstarters at a great deal that are all compatible with his OpenPeg system.  He’s sent a few pieces over for me to check out.  They print really well.  

Gamescape 3D / Jeremy Gosser in the directory

Check out the Mini-Keep Sample on Thingiverse

The Makerfun3D Interview with Jeremy Gosser of Gamescape 3D

Haldane Creations interview with Jeremy Gosser

3D Printable Sci-fi Terrain, Scenery and Vehicles

This Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter has a very definite Star Wars Legion feel to it.  It also has some nifty looking terrain that would fit for Kill Team.  It’s a cross section of Sci-Fi genres for a multitude of tables.  This is a quick, economical Kickstarter from the prolific Hayland Terrain at about $20.  head over and check it out.  

Hayland Terrain in the directory


Sci-Fi Desert Trading Post - 3D Printable Terrain

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is the second Kickstarter from War Scenery.  This one features a very Star Wars/Future Modern design.  This would be great for Legion as well as other sci-fi games that lack that grimdark aesthetic like Infinity.

War Scenery in the directory


3d Printable Sci-fi Buildings for Tabletop Wargames

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is a new Sci-Fi Kickstarter that features 15mm scaled terrain.  It is a very large selection of terrain at this scale.  There are not a lot of Sci-Fi terrain sets at 15mm out there for 3D Printing.  If you are in need of this, check it out.  

Sean H Bullough in the directory 

Fantasy / Medieval 3D Printable Terrain

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is an interesting Kickstarter with some conventional medieval terrain pieces as well as some fantastical pieces like the fort on the turtle.  Have a look at this unique Kickstarter.

Brayan Nafarrate in the directory

The Cemetery Gate

This Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter is all about a cemetery.  From the bell tower to the cathedral monuments, and more.  And as it says, you can’t have a cemetery without undead.  This Kickstarter has a bunch of undead miniatures as well.  This Kickstarter even includes a thematic dice tower.  

Cross Lances in the directory

Predators Occulte 3D miniatures for your printer

This Kickstarter has finished.  GamesMiniatures is branching into the 3D Printed miniatures market.  This is a fantasy football team for your favorite rule set out there.  There are levels from a few models to the full set that looks to be about 30 models.  

GamesMiniatures in the directory

Dark Ages, 3d printable terrain for tabletop

This Kickstarter has finished.  The ever super prolific 3D Print Terrain is back with their 18th Kickstarter.  This features a selection of Dark Ages / Medieval time frame terrain.  It’s modeled at 20mm and has conversions for 15 and 28mm.

3D Print Terrain in the directory

Black Hallows Townsfolk II

This Kickstarter has finished.  To say this is part of a VERY ambitious goal is kind of an understatement.  Terrain, miniatures, RPG Scenerios, a novel, a miniatures game in the future.  It’s all there.  This is also brought in both physical and STL files, so watch what you pledge.  This look like the groundwork for a very ambitious project and the models look terrific. 

Z1 Design in the directory

City of the Hobgoblin King- 3D Printable Fantasy RPG Terrain

This Kickstarter has finished.  This campaign features terrain inspired by Japanese architecture.  This uniquely Asian themed Kickstarter brings a lot of new terrain looks to the 3D Printing terrain market.  This is a collaboration between well known artist Iain Lovecraft and Matt Finch and Zach Glazar from Frog God Games.  

3D-Printcraft.com in the directory

Sir Cireneg's Castle - Border Fort

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is the latest release from Kieran Billings.  This is a Castle/Fortress for your gaming table at a low price.  Kieran has been releasing a number of low cost, smaller Kickstarters and has been successful with them.  This looks to be another success with it already reaching 68 backers.

Kieran Billings in the directory

3D Printable Airplanes

This Kickstarter has 13 days to go.  It features various WWII 3D Printable airplanes.  



HeresyLab - Chrono Titan resin model and STL filesThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is the latest “miniature” from HeresyLab, standing at over 10.3″ at the top of the wings.  HeresyLab has released a number of previous Kickstarters that are also their previous Kickstarters as part of this Kickstarter. They produce incredibly detailed models.  

HereseyLab in the directory


EASYHEX- NATURAL LANDSCAPES Low poly 3D printableThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is a kickstarter that offers a range of hex based tiles that can be printed to represent a wide range of ground materials depending on the color as they show.  It also includes a number of low-poly terrain for it, and resin molds for the hexes themselves to speed up production. 

Eternalverse in the directory




What if I don’t have a 3D Printer?

I created a guide for those that don’t own a 3D Printer. It goes through several places that you can get prints done.  I plan to expand it as new ideas come my way.

If you are looking to pick up a 3D Printer, check out my 3D Printer Buying Guide.  If you want the bare-bones, quick recommendation, check out my quick guide to what 3D Printer to buy.