3D Printable Terrain & Miniature Kickstarters – May 2019

One of the great things about our 3D printers, is the 3D terrain and miniatures we can print.  This is one of the primary reasons I personally purchased my 3D printer.  Please let me know if I am missing any campaigns.  You can find these companies and more in the 3D Terrain directory. Click here for last month’s Kickstarters.

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Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

City of Tarok: 3D printable medieval buildingsThis Kickstarter has 5 days to go.  This is a beautiful medieval village.  It’s just started but it is already blowing through funding and great stretch goals turning this into a real bargain.  This would be a terrific set of terrain for many games from Pathfinder/D&D to Shadespire and other fantasy/medieval wargame systems.  Have a look at these beautifully painted buildings yourself. 

Black Scroll Games in the directory 

Aether Studios - Swamp of SorrowsThis Kickstarter has 26 days to go.  This obviously a swamped based terrain set.  It  features  flora and fauna you would expect to find in this kind of terrain set.  Tons of monster miniatures, boats, docks, rocks, water, and more.  This is a very extensive Kickstarter.  In the first few hours, they have already blown through the first 5 stretch goals.  You can also add-on their extensive back-catalog of terrain pieces as well.  

Aether Studios in the directory

Mystic-Realm's Act2: Undergrowth Birth of the Blight TerrainThis Kickstarter has 50 hours to go.  This is a multi-level dungeon/cave setup using very organic architecture.  The video shows very well printed and well painted terrain.  It is also set up to accept LED lights for certain terrain pieces.  This Kickstarter includes a large number of tiles to create an underground tunnel system for your games. 

Mystic-Realm in the directory

Alienations First Contact

This Kickstarter has 64 hours to go.  This is a collaboration between two seasoned designers from Lovecraft Design and WOW Buildings.  This Kickstarter features miniatures, vehicles and terrain that would fit on a sci-fi alien invasion table.  There are also a number of tile sets that are part of this Kickstarter.  As the stretch-goals fall, there are a ton of great looking goodies there, as well.  

Lovecraft Design in the directory
WOW Buildings in the directory 

TerraScapes: HextilesThis Kickstarter has 6 days to go. These are large format hex tiles for creating a table from.  You can go to his site and download the sample pack if you are interested.  This seems to be a very robust set of hex tiles for creating maps out of.  It is very interesting how he shows different feels for the terrain, depending on how it painted, and how distinctly different it looks.  If you are interested in a hex based map system, this may be for you. 

MiniGrinder Studio in the directory

Thunder Chrome 3 - Highway to Castle PainskullThis Kickstarter has 9 days to go.  This latest development from Thunder Chrome features a Gothic – Alien modular building terrain set.  This is a very stylized set that brings together a fantasy look with sci-fi aesthetics for something truly unique and different for 3D Printing.

Thunder Chrome in the directory

3D Printable Scifi Modular Tiles For Tabletop GamingThis Kickstarter has 10 days to go.  Project Mobius is back  with  a new  sci-fi  based  tile Kickstarter.  It features 45 new tiles to represent the installation you want to build.  These are built for 28 mm miniatures  This will allow you fully flesh out an interior design. 

Project Mobius in the directory


Hyper Miniatures | Chibi Anime Minis| Starter Pack

This Kickstarter has 16 days to go.  This is a miniatures only Kickstarter that features Anime style Chibi miniatures.  He even has a number available on Thingiverse if you want to check them out before buying into it.  This is his first Kickstarter and the Chibi minis look good. 

Hyper Miniatures in the directory

3D Printable Roman FortThis Kickstarter has 20 days to go.  It features all the pieces to create a modular Roman fort.  It has a number of pieces that go together to form the actual fort and being modular you can build it in many different configurations.  It is designed for 10mm figures but can scale up to 15mm and down to 6mm easily.  

Forlorn Hope Soldiers in the directory


Depths of Savage Atoll - 3D Printable Tabletop Model

This Kickstarter has 25 days to go.  This is the latest Kickstarter from Evan Carothers.  It features terrain and miniatures for adventuring under the seas, as well as over them.  Savage Atoll features two major sections: Miniatures and Terrain.  They are both very well represented and even feature pieces from other Kickstarters like the Water Dragon from Lost Dragons and some of his Black Lake stretch Goals from the Skyless Realms.  There are add-on levels for much of Evan’s previous work as well.  

EC3D Designs /Evan Carothers in the directory



Hell Hath No Fury - 3D Printable Table Top Miniatures

This Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  Printed Obsession has come out with an awesome new Kickstarter featuring the denizens of hell.  Anti-Paladins, demons, monsters, and more.  This Kickstarter has tons of beautifully sculpted miniatures.  Along with that it has a number of great looking scatter terrain pieces that compliment the look.  There is also a free STL to download from the page and try it out.  The best part, is the price.  You get a serious amount of files for a low price on this Kickstarter.  

Printed Obsession in the directory

Printed Obsession Kickstarter Interview for Hell Hath No Fury

10days Re-run: Sci-fi/PostApocalyptic 3d printable TerrainThis Kickstarter has finished.  This is a late pledge opportunity for LOOTgame’s latest Kickstarter that features terrain for SciFi and Post Apocalyptic game boards.  The Diner in the image is pretty dang awesome and he has painted it great for a game like Fallout.  

Lootgames Interview – Learn more!

LOOTgames in the directory

Stormguard - 3D printable Terrain for RPG and Wargames

Stormguard Ruins

Ruins right off the printer.

This Kickstarter is in LATE PLEDGE.  RM Studios Terrain has been working on this one for some time.  We started talking on the first of September when he had some drawings and a grand idea.  Five months later, and Stormguard has arrived.  Now, I have printed a couple of pieces (and currently have one on the bed).  These look awesome, and print really well.  This is a broken city that is very Tolkienesque.  I’ve recently been playing Shadow of War and some of these pieces look like they would fit right into the ruins in there.  If you need a fantasy themed table, this is probably one of best starting points out there.

Interview with Marc Chabot from RM Studios Terrain

RM Studios Terrain in the Directory

The Green Tide

This Kickstarter has 4 hours to go.  Do you need Orcs?  I mean A LOT of Orcs?  Well, this is the Kickstarter for you.  This Kickstarter features Orc parts.  So you have a massive number of permutations to build your custom Orcs.  Heads, torsos, Arms, legs and a lot more.  Mix and match to your heart’s content.  This is Valandar’s latest so you know it will look good. 

Valandar in the directory

3D STL Japanese village files. Assets

This Kickstarter has 11 hours to go.  This is a fairly simple Kickstarter with 5 Japanese houses and some other assets inspired by a Japanese village.  

Gustavo Saavedra in the directory


Hangar and Bulwark - Wargaming & Skirmish Printable Terrain

This Kickstarter has 4 hours to go.  As the tittle says, this Kickstarter has two major aspects.  A modular hanger that you can adjust the size of, and Bulwark defensive lines.  There is also a radar dish in this line.  

M3 Studios in the directory


Modular metal dwarfs in 15/28mm and a 3D (STL) outpost

This Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter has physical minis AND an STL outpost, so make sure you choose the right piece if you are interested.  The outpost will be scaled for 28mm and 15mm miniatures.  It looks like much of what he has is 15mm already.  If you are looking for something in that range, this may be a good opportunity to grab some terrain in that scale. 

 Falkenwelt Modellbau in the directory

Nightmare Creatures

This Kickstarter has  finished to go.  This is a miniatures Kickstarter that is about highly detailed miniatures in the 75mm range.  These are all inspired by popular horror characters.  Along with the STL files for the 4 creatures you can also order the creatures in resin.  

Txarli factory in the directory

Basic Nature 3D printing files for Wargaming

This Kickstarter has finished to go.  This Kickstarter features, as it says, basic nature terrain pieces for your gaming table.  An assortment of mushrooms, trees, crystals and tree stumps are all included in this very inexpensive terrain pack.  

Mean Gummy Lizard Production in the directory 

What if I don’t have a 3D Printer?

I created a guide for those that don’t own a 3D Printer. It goes through several places that you can get prints done.  I plan to expand it as new ideas come my way.

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