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LOOTgames has released their first Kickstarter featuring Sci-Fi and PostApocalyptic 3D Printable Terrain for Wargames.  This could easily be used on a Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Star Wars: Legion, and more.  I sent some questions over to find out more about this Kickstarter.  Check out some photos they have of the models.  (They also sent a couple over for me to try out, and they print really well).  

  • What miniatures games do you play?InstituteLab
    • We have been heavy gamers for two decades now, and started playing miniatures games during the past three years. We have logged a lot of hours in Descent second edition, quite some time playing Shadespire and have really been investing time in Fallout Wasteland Warfare since its release.
  • How long have you owned a 3D Printer and been making terrain?
    • Our first 3d printer was a cheap i3 clone about three years ago. We upgraded to a Prusa MK2 about a year ago and now also have an Ender 3. Due to our background -our lead designer being an architect- we decided to go into terrain as it is so much fun to make your own terrain.
  • Do you have a favorite model you have created?
    • Our favorite model is probably the Sandwich Shop from our latest kickstarter campaign. We simply love its retro vibes and how well it integrates into a Fallout game.
  • Tell us about the vision this Kickstarter?  How did you come up with this idea?
    • Post Apocalypse ShacksAlthough Kickstarter (as far as other industries are concerned) is more of a platform to launch an idea and find funding, in the board/wargame industry it has become a great way to showcase a new product and get some hype going around it. Since we are a newly founded studio and this is our first attempt at entering the industry we really wanted to test the waters and see how we can move on from there. The vision behind LOOTgames is to provide unique and original scenic playsets for wargamers (we will delve into fantasy too, we are planning something truly epic for that so stay tuned), not only for 3d printing enthusiasts since we will be launching ready to paint sets in the near future too.
  • How long has this Kickstarter been in development? What is your workflow for creating a piece of this terrain set?
    • We started planning it out around December and hit the drawing boards during Christmas holidays. Since our games are themed either SciFi or PostApocalyptic we knew we wanted some cool pieces fitting into those themes.  

Consoles-SafeOnce we had gathered some inspiration material (external references) we made a list of what we want to draw and immediately opened Rhino3D and started having fun with it . Usually when things are planned we start on each model individually until we have it right but as in all creative processes there is a lot of back and forth as well as some failures or things turn out a way you had not expected them initially. For example our Hangars set from our latest Kickstarter was initially intended to be a set of junkyard walls, but ended up as you see the hangars now (fully modular in size, many wall alternatives)… Way cooler in our opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • What are some of the challenges you run into, starting your first Kickstarter?
    • Well, the biggest challenge is for sure to find a way to stand out from the rest of the studios, or even highly talented individuals, which are doing some excellent work too in the field. Our approach to that was to try and create pieces people have not yet seen anywhere, one that comes to mind is the Institute Laboratory from our latest KS, and giving emphasis on playability from the inside of our playsets. Them being modular is , or should be according to us, the industry standard too.

I want to thank LOOTgames for taking time out to respond to this interview.  It’s always interesting to see where their inspiration comes from and what the genesis of their Kickstarters are.  I hope you take a second to check it out