Thanks to Gearbest (Coupon Code: GeeetechE180), I received this Geeetech E180 for review a couple of days ago.  This is not a paid review, but the printer was sent free of charge.

I created a video the other night, showing me putting together this printer (Well, pulling out of the box).  I’ll post it at the end of this article.  It took me less than 30 minutes to build this, start to finish.  The E180 was originally funded by Kickstarter.

This printer as a 130mm x 130mm x 130mm build area, built in wifi, and is a cantilever design.  

This is a simple, small printer that could be a good starter printer.  If it had a heated bed, it would probably be a no-brainer.  Without a heated bed it becomes a harder sell. 

This printer basically comes out of box ready to print.   I was impressed that I pulled the printer out of the box, plugged it in, and it was ready to print.  The bed was even leveled well. The bed comes covered in tape and ready to print on.  Though, I did find it did not do a good job holding the print down.  

I’m still trying to get this printer dialed in.  I have been having problems with the software, getting it to connect.  I’ll be working on that in the coming days.  What has printed, printed clean, but there were a few burned spots.  I mainly think this is something I will have to dial in. 

It seems like a solid printer.  The build seems very good.  Once I get it to reliably to stick the prints down, I think this printer will be a great little 3D Printer.  The built in wifi is pretty cool, but I am still fighting with getting their app to connect to it.  

There is a lot of good with the 3D Printer, but there are a few cons, as well.  The lack of heated bed is painful.  The software is also not quite there, either.  

I never completed a review for this printer.  Quite honestly, it is a piece of junk.  It has some redeeming features.  Like the firmware is VERY easy to update.  But that is pretty much where it ends.  Once the firmware was updated, the print head crashed into the bed and wouldn’t quit trying to go through the print bed.  Finally backed the firmware update out. I gave it to a friend, since I don’t have the time to mess with it.  He got it to work, and it works… ok.  It’s not great.  But seriously, for the price, get an Ender 3.  There is really no reason for this 3D Printer to exist, especially at this price point.  If it was $100, I could consider it.  It’s really one redeeming feature, is you pull it out of the box, plug it in, and print… as long as it works.  But even that can be problematic.