One of the great things about our 3D printers, is the 3D terrain we can create.  This is one of the primary reasons I purchased a 3D printer.  Without high-quality files with which to print, the printers are kind of useless.   I’m going to be listing Kickstarters by the time left in their campaigns.  If I missed any, please let me know.  You can find these companies and more in our 3D Terrain directory. Finally, if you are looking at getting into printing terrain, check out this guide on getting your first 3D Printer.  Click here for last month’s Kickstarters. Click here for next month’s Kickstarters.

Note: FINISHED Kickstarters are at the bottom of the list.

Eslo in the Directory

Tavern-Born-Raghaven Hamlet

This Kickstarter has 12 days to go. This is the latest Kickstarter from Hobgoblin 3D.  At the base level, you get a tavern.  Through different addons and upgrades you can end up with a fully outfitted tavern as well as a full hamlet.  Finally, they are including some previous work as Add-Ons.

Hobgoblin-3D in the Directory

Late medieval to Napoleonic wargame scenery

This Kickstarter has 12 days to go.  This is historical terrain set that is optimized for different size ranges from 6mm to 28mm.  Along with the STL files, he is also releasing ready-made scenery for those without a 3D Printer.

Eskice Miniature in the directory


Warlayer - Orbital DropThis Kickstarter has 17 days to go.  Warlayer was the first terrain Kickstarter I backed, thanks to a video by Greg_FL.  Well, Andrew has gone above and beyond with this new Kickstarter featuring more terrain that interfaces together.  This terrain would be perfect for your new Necromunda game or any Sci-Fi wargame.  It’s been up for less than a day and has already blown through 2 stretch goals.

Warlayer in the directory

Interview with Andrew Askedall from Warlayer: Orbital Drop

Greg FL Video Preview for Warlayer: Orbital Drop

Check out this Video and see what is in store for Warlayer.

Beasts of War did a writeup about Warlayer: Orbital Drop




HexT KickstarterThis Kickstarter has finished.  HexT is a 3D Printable Hex based board system.  It includes a several terrain types like hills, grasslands, water ways and more.  It is easily expandable and can be printed as is, or with a 1″ Hex Grid embossed on it.  Since I play Battletech a bit, that is what came to mind first in seeing this.

Phoenix Miniatures in the Directory

Greg_FL’s video about HexT 3D Terrain Tiles

RPG-Wargame 3D Printable Items

This Kickstarter has finished.  This Kickstarter is huge, over 500 objects huge.  The flying ship is one of the coolest models I have seen for a while.  He’s also allowing us to print and sell the pieces to others so those without 3D Printers can get these.  (Though, I am proponent of sending authors tips if you sell their goods).   Check this massive Kickstarter out.

Kevin Rau in the Directory


The Path of Osiris Extended : Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is an OpenLOCK compatible tile set based on an Egyptian theme.  This looks to be an extensive Kickstarter featuring not only the tiles but a number of other terrain as well.  This will help you build out a desert theme in your RPG.

Lunesdargent Workshop in the directory

This Kickstarter has finished.  Dungeon Works features a large number of Dungeon Tiles for use in your Role Playing game.  They use the infinity lock to attach tiles together.  There are three “lines” or themes of dungeons: Classic Encounter, Vintage Vault, and Lost Realms.  Each one features its own theme and feel.

Game Decor on the Directory


This Kickstarter has finished.  The ever prolific 3D Print Terrain has new terrain up from the mediterranean region for your Historic and Modern wargames.  Most of the stretch goals have been reached.  These buildings are built to scale between 15mm and 28mm.

3D Print Terrain in the directory

This Kickstarter has finished.  This is Hayland’s 6th Kickstarter and this one features 28mm fantasy terrain.  This includes both tiles and props for fantasy games as well as scatter terrain for miniatures games.  You can even pledge for the previous Kickstarters are part of this.

Hayland Miniatures and Terrain in the directory

EZ 3D Printable custom Base FilesThis Kickstarter has finished. This is Studio Daviuss’s second Kickstarter, and they hae cranked the base way up.  Featuring numerous bases for both fantasy and science fiction and a number of sizes, they have all their bases covered… so to speak.  Along with the bases themselves is also some ornamentation  to mount on them and even rings to indicate different conditions afflicted to the miniature in question.   This is a pretty comprehensive base Kickstarter.

Studio Daviuss in the Directory

Castle Project NEFAST Collection

This Kickstarter has finished. This Castle Project is all about creating a modular castle.  There are two “sets” with this one.  The basic/Classic set and a the Advanced set giving you a lot more new options.  This is a 28mm castle.  It’s already blown past its pledge goal.

NEFAST Collection in the Directory

Teledrom by Ill Gotten Games

This Kickstarter has finished. It is a complete game by Ill Gotten Games that features arena combat.  It’s been an interesting month, with not just one, but two fully 3D printed games and rules coming up on Kickstarter.  It has already funded and I am curious to see how it does overall.  At the very least, the game sounds interesting to play.

Ill Gotten Games in the Directory

13 printable villains - 28mm

This Kickstarter has finished. As the name implies, it has 13 miniatures to 3D Print.  And they are all villain models.  These are good looking miniatures, that would be especially awesome if you had an SLA or DLP 3D Printer.  Check this Kickstarter out if you are looking for Miniatures.

Medusa Miniatures in the directory

3D Printable Dice TowerThis Kickstarter has finished. This is a pretty simplistic Kickstarter featuring the files needed to print their Dice Tower.  

3 Mates Games on the directory



For those of you in this boat, I created a guide on how to get prints done if you don’t own one, plus a selection of printers that would be great for this kind of work.