Be Wary When Adjusting Potentiometers

In recent days, people have been saying to increase voltage to potentiometers, or pots, to get the stepper motors to work better.  First… don’t.  This can fry your motor.  

By increasing the power through the pot, you can fix a number of things, but, if you don’t REALLY know what you are doing, you can also destroy parts.  Add to the fact that turning counter clockwise on these increases power in a non-intuitive manner, and you have the start to frieatrd parts.  

To do this right, you probably should understand it thoroughly (which I do not) and have a high quality multi meter.  You should probably exhaust all other possibilities… probably a few times over, before looking up how to do this.

So, there is a great post that goes more in-depth about this topic on the Facebook group.  It goes with the following image: 

Stop Stepper Motor Abuse

Rui Raptor also did a video about adjusting the Pots: