Upgrades to help your CR10 or CR10s family of printers

The number one thing I hear when asking about what upgrades to do, is to print with it for a while, and then you will need to know what to upgrade.  Sometimes, there are brilliant upgrades that you never knew you needed, so I am not a big fan of this advice.  While the CR10 does not suffer from this, some printers really do need upgrades to start seeing how great they are.  

I’ll update this as time goes along with upgrades I use, or have recommended to me. 

  1. Leveling Knobs.  You really need these to make it easier to level the bed.  These made my leveling go way up, since it is SO much easier.
  2. Dampers.  The CR10 is a loud printer.  These help a lot.  (Amazon | AliExpress )
  3. Squash Ball feet.  They help with vibration.  ( Amazon | AliExpress ) This is the mount I used for them ( Thingiverse )
  4. MicroSD to SD card extension cable.  I’ve heard people complain about getting the micro SD card in and out.  This help with that, and lets you use an SD card ( Amazon | AliExpress )  There is an adapter to mount this as well to your CR10.  I use Octopi on my CR10s, so I don’t worry about the micro SD card.  I do have another 3D Printer, that I use this cable with. 
  5. I REALLY like OctoPi.  Running a small print server that lets you tweak settings, upload gcode automatically, and see what is printing is just awesome.
  6. I have a collection of items for a CR10 to print from Thingiverse for the CR10.  This list has a few other non-printer specific upgrades as well.

If you want to learn more about the CR10, and watch me do a live build, check out the CR10S Preview.  It also includes some pros/cons and some build notes.  If you want to see what I think about this printer after using it for several weeks, check out the review I wrote up.  If you need a 3D Printer, I recommend the Creality series of printers.  They work well.  You can do some minor upgrades to make them more personal, and better for you.  I really do recommend the Raspberry Pi server, Octopi and the Dampers.  I have some on order, and waiting for them to arrive.