Purchasing your Tevo Tarantula

When you order your Tevo Tarantula ( AliExpress | GearBest | Amazon3D Printer Universe (US Warehouse)) you will be met with an array of upgrade options.  For most people, they think more is better/easier.  That is not really the case here.  People have different preferences for who they shop with, so I try to cover as many resources as possible.

If you follow this link, you can go to the Tevo Store and find the latest version of the Tevo Tarantula.  If you are interested in the Black Widow or Little Monster, follow this link.  If you want to order from the US, 3D Printer Universe ships from the U.S.  You can also get the lower Chinese price by having it shipped from China.

Most people on the Facebook Page suggest purchasing the Large Build Area.  It is relatively inexpensive.  

All other options, you are generally better off purchasing in the aftermarket.  The automatic leveling, is derided by most people.  The BLTouch is considered the top sensor.  Same goes for the Extruders.  Not to mention, dual extruders add a lot more difficulty, especially for new users.  I have a run down of multi-filament options here.

Along with ordering the printer, I suggest several other items to look at purchasing in this post.  

Start with the base printer, or Base printer with a large print area, and then upgrade it from there.  This is a hobby printer.  It is not the best out of the gate, but it works.  From there, you can upgrade it and make it awesome… though, there are many that run it stock and can get it to create great prints.  


You can print parts ahead of time, after you have ordered your printer.  Check out your local library or Makerspace.  It may seem silly, but it will save time, and you will only need to upgrade once. If you have someone else print parts, I would get them printed in ABS or PETG, if possible (they are more resistant to heat).  PLA is fine, but if you want to put your printer in a heated box down the road, PLA parts could potentially warp.  That being said, almost ALL of my printed upgrades are in PLA and have worked great for many months now.  You can find more about upgrades, including printable ones, here

Aftermarket Alternatives

  • Auto Platform Leveling – BL Touch:  Amazon | AliExpress — This one is generally considered the best.  
    • If you want to go with something more inexpensive: Amazon | AliExpress   — With this one, you may not have as good of results.
  • Flex Extruder: Amazon | AliExpress
  • J-Head V6 Extruder: Amazon | AliExpress
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