Do you know why we should prefer the creawsome mod for Cura? When you add a Creality or a custom machine by default, Cura mainly facilitates many characteristics. For instance, it assists in decreasing the duration of printing but also reduces quality. This alteration makes the addition of a new machine definition with massive customisation. Also, it improves the quality of printing in comparison with the bundled descriptions.

Depending on dealing with the custom profiles as well as your need, you may get bored of manually reversing and customising each setting. Finally, you want something streamlined as it is easy to use on computers. Also, monitor the changes that you do appropriate the regular workflow of development.

How Will Creawsome Mod For CURA Enhance The Quality Of My Print?

It is dependent on how have you can tune your printer and profile. For instance, you may have seen the renowned cube printed using the profile CR-10 S Pro Super Quality. You can decide if this mod is worth testing or not. Make sure you will still require adjusting retraction. Moreover, the temperature is also needed with the material. Similarly, you can also change the speed.

Creawsome Mod For CURA’s Actual Modifications:

The actual modifications included in the creawsome mod for Cura are:

Machine Definition:

  • Non-movable default federate
  • Jerk and accel settings
  • Deeply defined device
  • Disabled jerk and accel control
  • Adjusted speed to improve stability. Infill @ 100 % Main Speed. Main Speed @50mm/s. Travel @ 150 -200 mm/s. Walls @ 50 % Main Speed.
  • Adjusted print duration

UI Improvements:

  • Added preview of full machine
  • Selection of nozzle size
  • New Essentials settings clarity

Quality Improvements:

  • Enabled Z-hop at 0.2nm
  • Disabled combining
  • Fixed X/Y resolution
  • Fixed heights of layers
  • Aligned Z-seam in the back
  • Changed width of the line to almost 125 % nozzle size
  • Optimised supports
  • Increased wall
  • Per material cooling and also temperature

Keeping it short, the creawsome mod for Cura usually works best. However, it is involved in improving your quality. Although it makes life easy with the model dimensions. 0.4 mm nozzle will create a line of 0.5 mm.


Cura 4.0

Creawsome Mod For CURA Installation:

Backup User Data:

Before making any changes, use integrated Utimaker cloud backup in Cura.

Install Creawsome Mod For CURA 4:

If you have not installed Cura 4 yet, you can progress with it and run it as a beginner. Running is necessary to go through the OS app signature. You should check at least once.

Reset Cura:

You can find the place for application cache as well as for user settings. Before the modification, you should have backup your settings.

Install Creawsome MOD:

At first, you should typically install the Creawsome Mod package. Furthermore, keep following the instructions according to the operating system. Never download the zip file from the clone button.

Cura Updates:

Usually, creawsomeMod supports Cura 4. The added released in a version of Cura will be published over time. When you use a creawsome mod for Cura, you should never get bored. During retraction, if you bounce into any nozzle clogging, you may generally have a small leakage between the nozzle and PTFE. For more unique products, visit our site.

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